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Brutally honest, what are my chances?

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Hello all,


I am looking for y’alls honest opinion for me getting a shot at a pilot slot. I appreciate any input that y’all have for me.

Age: 23

Flight experience: 200+ hours PPL in a C172 and currently working on Instrument rating (about to complete the written)

Education: Just graduated from a State school with a BS Aviation degree and 3.0 GPA

AFOQT scores: 86 pilot, 20 nav, 50 academic app, 40 verbal, 70 quantitative

PCSM score: 80 

(also I've only taken my tests once)

Work Experience: 2 jobs working the ramp in aviation, been working in it for over a year now

Leadership experience: In college, President of my Fraternity and VP of the Hockey Team

Volunteer experience:  A couple of mission trips to Jamaica and Nicaragua

Looking at heavy units on the west coast

Thank you, any input helps


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Hiring will start getting tight due to everything going on. Your credentials are good, but I recommending enlisting with a guard unit. That'll separate you from the pack since you are in the inner circle. Personally for me, enlisting has given me the edge because I was familiar with the military and their faces.

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Check out the reserves unsponsored boards and possibly trying to improve the AFOQT. It's not a bad score at all, but it wouldn't hurt due to how tight things are right now. Keep at it though!

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