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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    Pollen waivers?

    Hello, by chance is there a pollen allergy waivers to be a Navy aviator?
  2. Sorry if this has been covered before, but my prior search of the forums did not reveal much of what I'm about to ask. I'm a Navy Jet student who is facing a possible attrition down the road. Still in training, but seems probable as I'm just not getting carrier landings down cold and have grades on the verge as a result. I'm 28, had decent primary grades, and am interested in still flying for the military in some capacity if things don't work out here. Has anyone heard of any protocol regarding a Naval Aviator attrite or a DOR applying to the guard? Does attrition or DOR pretty much nuke a
  3. The unit is picking up a Navy O-3, now AF O-3, with prior Army enlisted time. AF major board this year. No AF OPR or training reports, won't have either before board. Their options?
  4. I'm currently a sophomore in college. I've wanted to be a pilot in the military since forever. I just want to here from you guys on how I've been able to set myself up so far. GPA: 3.52 Major: Aviation Flight Management PPL carrier and almost done with my instrument rating
  5. Hello All, Looking for some career advice. I'm a Midshipmen in Naval ROTC getting close to service selection. I need to choose between submarines and aviation. I am drawn to aviation because I want to be a fighter pilot--I love flying and it is hard to imagine a more interesting or exciting job than flying fighters in the US military. I have liked the personalities of most of the aviators I've met and I think I would enjoy and excel at aviation. Of course, there's no guarantee of fighters, and while the navy has other cool planes and helicopters, 10 years (flight school + 8) is a big par
  6. 3 of 5 crew listed as "stable" http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/09/22/navy-helicopter-crashes-in-red-sea-5-onboard/
  7. So what is it? A UFO? The Russians? The Chinese? NOOOOPE. Buddy finishes our normal AR with the TACAMO's and they drop into STL for transition. Hilarity ensues. ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -A mysterious white plane drew plenty of attention Tuesday afternoon near Lambert Airport and nearby Maryland Heights. The low flying four engine plane came low over ranch style homes in Edmundson and prompted some to take photographs. Janice Marienau of the 43-hundred block of Beauty in Edmundson started to photograph the plane after it flew over her family’s home three times. Then she calle
  8. Hi there, I was wondering what the chances are for a Marine Corps Aviator to get a jet / tailhook slot during Primary Flight Training in Naval Flight School. Does anyone know how exactly Marine Corps / Navy select their slots. I know the Air Force has one drop night where everyone gets T-38 or T-1, but I'm unsure how Naval Flight School works. I found so much info about AFROTC and how exactly flight school works in the AF, but there isin't that much information about Naval Flight School, especially about how selection works. I know that with every UPT class there are at least a few T-3
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