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  1. Cyril Figgus

    F-16 Students skip Phase III

    I'll pipe in on the T-1 students we've seen at my MAF schoolhouse... They can't talk on the radio and generally lack SA. This has been most noticeable from Laughlin grads, where they did all their mission (tanker/airdrop) rides in the sim. This leads to them running over taxi lights and overspeeding things, and generally taking longer in our FTU syllabus than they would otherwise. It's a nuisance for us in a dual-pilot airplane... Can't imagine it's a good thing to teach UPT skills in an F-16.
  2. Cyril Figgus

    FY 14 Force Management Program (RIF, VSP, TERA)

    11M and 08 commission / 09 TAFCSD (w/6 years by 31 Jan 15) UPT ADSC with 5.5 years left at requested DOS Denied VSP today... received robot email that said I'm denied because my year group/AFSC was closed and I am ineligible for any voluntary or involuntary FY14 programs. Originally denied with first batch and reapplied in Mar. Not sure whether I was considered as an '08er (58 overage in Jan matrix) or '09er (no 11M overage) for VSP due to 8 month post-ROTC furlough in lieu of casual status. Good luck to everyone else!
  3. Cyril Figgus

    FY 14 Force Management Program (RIF, VSP, TERA)

    I applied and my SQ/CC checked "yes" to the excess to the mission question... I think the SQ/CC approval is only to show that (1) you're not ineligible because you're under investigation or in trouble, and (2) the mission won't grind to a screeching halt if you leave suddenly (i.e. at least one other person can fly the plane). My wing CC just said he supported my request (he just has a text box to type in). The SQ/CC has been very supportive so far. Status is waiting at BPO. FWIW, the rumint I've heard is that UPT ADSC waivers must be approved by the SECAF, and AFPC hasn't submitted a set of VSP applications to her for approval yet. But it is expected that she's on board with the "master plan" (if there is such a thing) and when it comes time in a few weeks, she'll sign off on waiving UPT ADSCs to fix the overages and not RIF people without giving them a voluntary option first.
  4. Cyril Figgus

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    This list should be pretty close... don't know who was Guard/Reserve (if any). Vance 10-08 (T-1 only) C-12 Yokota C-21 Scott C-5 Dover KC-10 McGuire KC-135 McConnell KC-135 Seymour-Johnson C-130H x2 Little Rock C-17 Charleston UAV x3 Creech