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  1. No, i believe only Verbal and Quant scores.
  2. The Super Score started this summer. If you take it a second time it will take all your higher scores as the score, not the lastest test taken score. It will benefit all.
  3. the Air National Guard is fully involved and standing side by side the Army National Guard.
  4. Has anyone read the updated 48-123. I am a RPA pilot select, according the AFI I am only required a IFCIII and MFS (phycological). All IFCIII items can be processed as all FOMC and BOMC locations. I have completed all IFCIII requirements and they are packaging my stuff to send to Wright Patt for a 2808 to get signed. Wright Patts response is that the Regulation is wrong and RPA pilots need an IFCII and that everything will need to be done at location Wright-Patt. DAFMAN date 8 December 2020, so anyones educated thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Has anyone had to provide their LASIK documents from 8-9 years ago? I had surgery in 2012 and now am required a FCIII for RPA. I have already made one call, but it appears that the civilian clinic that i got it done with, has changed names...and my records are in their cold storage. Anyone familiar with needing to provide info for that far back and for an FCIII??
  6. Hey everyone, looking for guesses and educated answers on what the updated pipeline will look like with the implementation of RPA Pilot Next training.
  7. I would like some input from anyone currently going through the RPA pipeline and what the discussion is for RPA Next pilot training.
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