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  1. As far as I'm aware, that's pretty much the whole purpose of FID missions. Getting an actual squadron of A-29s or AT-6 is obviously really hard, though. Although, I went digging into the NDAA FY2020 and found this: With Gen Brown being up for CSAF next, I'd say chances are looking good
  2. Well it's really not surprising that they can't get what they need, considering they're such a small community, but I'm surprised that it's still taking this long for a mission that's so necessary. By all metrics this should've already been a done deal, but methinks the fighter mafia in upper leadership feels threatened by a VERY SMALL SOF community wanting planes that aren't priced in the hundreds of millions of dollars I can't imagine how all the advisors feel looking at all of this
  3. Certainly seems like Advisory forces are the future, but I just don't see how getting extra A-29s helps the OADs' missions. Sure, the 2 they have right now will be used for training the CAAs, but unless we start exporting Tucanos to Niger and other PNs that don't already have an Air Force, we won't be able to use them in support of any Advisory mission. The whole idea is to assist existing military forces, not bring our own military in under the pretense of advising, like we did in Viet Nam. I mean, Army SF can get away with operating in PNs, but it's a lot harder to hide what you're doing when you've got your roundel on a gray aircraft. The A-29 is for the 6th SOS. Currently, there are fourteen Air Forces that use the A-29. Considering how the 6th is doubling in size, and how they have acquired the aircraft that at least 6 friendly Air Forces currently operate, and PNs are literally asking for help with the A-29, it's blatantly obvious that there's ALREADY 'mass customer demand' for Tucanos.
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