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  1. So does this mean they'll finally do something about this? or are we just focusing on race, religion, etc.? Asking for a friend.
  2. https://data.ntsb.gov/Docket?ProjectID=100356 The NTSB released a docket on the accident a few days ago. Credit to the CT ANG crew chief. He saved 3 or 4 lives according to his statement and the others. A true hero. The PAX statements are damning - the Collings Foundation will cease to exist when this is all over. They'll have to liquidate everything and I don't think they'll come close to paying the lawsuits they are going to face.
  3. If anyone can help this guy out he is 100% deserving. We've tried multiple different routes to try and get a re-test and have gotten no where. He has now passed the DP test at his home unit and at others and yet for some reason they will not get back to @Notamig for a re-test at Wright-Pat. Can anyone shed light on what would happen if he just showed up to optometry at WP and sat in the waiting room until a doc was available? I debated doing this myself, but I was offered a re-test and didn't need to.
  4. @JabroniWizard The other hire on my board went back to work at our squadron for 5 or 6 months after she was cross-commissioned. It's worth asking your POC after you successfully pass MEPs and do your FC1. Congrats on the hire!
  5. @TotableMink Negative. I haven't heard of anyone who has gotten OTS/UPT dates before getting an approved FC1. I believe @FOX3 is correct by saying you need an appointment letter to request an FC1 though, or something along those lines.
  6. @ryleypav To apply for an OTS school date my package had to be approved by NGB.
  7. Completed Timeline: 2 years and 4 months from hire to UPT Most of my guard buddies at TFOT were tracking 8 to 9 months between graduation of TFOT and start of UPT, with some exceptions. Guard/Fighter - Non-Prior Hired: March '19 MEPS/Enlistment: June/July '19 FC1: October '19 (Failed) FC1 Re-Test: December '19 (Passed) FC1 Stamped Approved: December '19 Package sent to NGB: February '20 TFOT: August 25th UPT: June 2021 (Vance)
  8. @Yeeyee I had my FC1 3 months after my MEPs physical, however, I'm sure that that timeline isn't realistic anymore due to Covid. I would expect 4-5 like you mentioned. I would definitely stay on top of your recruiter, so to speak.
  9. mightymighty


    I hate to sound like a commercial here but seeing this post peaked my interested and got me to call Geico - and now I'm switching. I had some bad experiences with USAA, most recently with my car buying experience last February - and the insurance policy I just got with Geico is $80/month cheaper with all coverage's remaining the same as I had with USAA. I've been with USAA for over a decade - feels weird to change things up.
  10. they didn't show it to us officially which is sad - in fact - we got guidance from multiple instructors that we weren't aloud to watch any movies at all when we asked to show it. I just put it up on my computer in the flight room when they were gone. 🤙 We had so much freaking down time here.
  11. Not "latest movie" but definitely a greatest: Just made my flight watch 12 O'clock High as a part of mandatory fun before graduation at OTS and they really enjoyed it. Had to keep the tradition going. Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me, til I come marching home!
  12. At TFOT now and we graduate Oct 17. A few have begun to drop UPT dates in my class this is what I have so far: 6 T-1 track dudes have gotten dates between June and August of next year. 3 T-38 track dudes have been getting dates in February and March.
  13. @Yeeyee yes. In the guard you can go back to your civilian job between OTS and UPT... if you have one. I got laid off due to covid before TFOT so I will need to find a new gig, especially if the gap is going to be longer than 3 months. I might try to find a way to go to SERE school before UPT if the gap is long enough. edit for buffoonery
  14. Been a while - anyone have a current gauge on Guard/fighter track timelines from graduation of TFOT to start of UPT? Some of the Guard/Heavy track dude's I've talked to recently are saying their gaps between graduation of TFOT and start of UPT are close to 7 months.
  15. The end of the fiscal year for the military is September 30th. I would expect that most units have hired for the year and will receive more slots at the beginning of the new fiscal year after October 1st and then schedule their boards when it's convenient to them.
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