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  1. Can confirm it will be prior-service only. I believe the board is next month.
  2. We are submitting forms to the Guard Bureau this week for training dates. Anyone have a recent timeline for Guard Bureau to TFOT and TFOT to UPT? Any suggestions for speeding up the process given where I am? Guard/Fighter - Non-Prior Hired: March '19 MEPS/Enlistment: June '19 FC1: October '19 (Failed) FC1 Re-Test: December '19 (Passed) FC1 Stamped Approved: December '19 FC1 Received by Unit: January '19 TFOT: UPT: SERE:
  3. It took me two years, 16 fighter boards (applied to some twice, one of them three times), and quite a few visits to get hired. A couple of things from my personal experience: Make friends with the other applicants you meet I only got interviews from places I had visited at least twice I never got an interview from a place I didn't visit When I was tight on money I skipped the hotel and did a same day round trip to visit the unit, especially if the unit only did a "during the day meet and greet." Another option is the good ole' 20$/night air bnb's you can find almost anywhere. In Fresno - my 20$ airbnb was a bedroom next to their kids room in the ghetto - it was weird - but I had a place to sleep. I had about the same scores as you for AFOQT but you had a better GPA than me (2.6 in Marketing) I can't say if you will get hired or not - but I can tell you the ones who don't get hired are the ones who quit.
  4. Cleared hot! I got a re-test and passed my FC1 yesterday without a waiver and without glasses. I wouldnt have had the opportunity to do this again without the help and advice of folks on this forum, the docs at Wright Pat, and the flight docs at the 104th FW, 143rd AW, and 56th MDG. My situation was a little strange, but if anyone has any questions or runs into this issue please DM me and reach out!
  5. A bud just got his dates: FC1 done in Sept/Oct Package sent to NGB in October OCS date he got yesterday is for June
  6. So heres the deal: I didnt pass my FC1 today. The docs in Dayton worked with me as much as they could. Gave me glasses. Kept me 3 extra days. Tried to get me a waiver. But I couldnt pass the damn tests. I've been doing the magic eye tests and I can do them fine. My problem is stereopsis at a distance. I've been at this now for four years and I'm definitely not going to stop - if anyone has some advice or tips other than what's been shared on this forum already it would be awesome. Cheers, -mm
  7. Thanks @stuckindayton I'm hoping it's just a fluke
  8. I just went through Day 1 of my FC1 and failed DP Line A with the terrible circles. I couldnt believe it when she said it because I went through MEPs no problem - all the way through the chart. I went slow and took my time and I've never had issues with this. I've heard that there are additional tests they will do - but what do those other tests involve? Trying to get ahead of this for tomorrow. -mm
  9. mightymighty

    F1 Thread

    I should have taken a closer look at the calendar - cant wait for that race!
  10. mightymighty

    F1 Thread

    @SurelySerious they need to bring back tracks like Imola, Zandvoort, and Adelaide. I agree the Tilke tracks are just outrageously boring.
  11. Just saw all these planes at OQU 2 weeks ago. Hope everyone is okay.
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