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  1. Do you have anymore info to expand on this? I'm a few months out from my FC1 and haven't heard anything other than I'd passed it and waiting for the stamp.
  2. Ah this doesn't give me hope...I'm sure my 368 has expired by now..
  3. I've a buddy who got hired in Sept 2017, our Naval IRR unit didn't get his 369 submitted until Dec after they released that Navadmin saying Navy wouldn't release anyone. He finally got his FC1 done late April '19....keep pressing.
  4. Any idea why it took 8 months post FC1 and 6 months from the stamp for your dates? I'm 3.5 months out from FC1, unofficially told I passed 2.5 months ago and now radio silence. I don't need TFOT, so hoping to get IFT dates that start in Nov or Dec..
  5. I'm gettin ahead of myself as I'm waiting for UPT orders, not sure if I would want go airlines yet but it's nice to look into options. There's a lot between now and then of course. But, out of curiosity, does the 750 hours mark mean nothing for the airlines? And you mention the amount of new hires being brought in. How long do you industry guys foresee the hiring going on for? Another 5 years, say? A lot can change in that time, I'm just trying to form an idea of what my future may look like as a future part time guard guy.
  6. You could try pushing for an etp? Standards may have changed. If need raised the age to 33 maybe an etp is possible. Something to look into if you wanted.
  7. As someone heading to UPT for the guard at some point soon, if I decide to change from my engineering career...this is what I would want haha. Heh, not the best place for this comment to drop in given the current discussion
  8. You're going to fill out a new DD2807 and send it in a week or so before you arrive. Just stay congruent is my advice. I believe the folks at WP will have access your Tricare and MEPS (ime in the reserves they had some stuff but not everything since I'd commissioned into another branch so I'm really not sure) but they're only going to pull the applicable ones. My suggestion is obviously to not outright hide anything, but some things aren't necessary to share and to be honest, they don't want to deal with more paperwork for something minor if they don't have to. If they have found something they're interested in then they will ask you about it during your med background interview while you're there. But they're not going to grill you over it and nothing you said seems disqualifying. Don't overthink it. They want you to succeed.
  9. Take a look at what I attached. All testing locations and their numbers. Maybe it would open up opportunities. Testing Locations.pdf
  10. Anyone know the wait time for for a lat transfer, not needing TFOT, but who needs to go to IFT once the medical is approved/stamped? Basically, what is the lead time to IFT/UPT post-FC1 (completed but I don't believe it's stamped yet).
  11. Thanks. I needed to read this. I've been trying to envision my future with my civilian job and balancing that with UPT coming up and then seasoning and of course UTA and deployments and then trying to balance my personal life, if I start a family etc. Obviously one step at a time, but it's nice to have insight. Career ambitions and goals and what's important evolve as an individual does and I like to have a rough plan ahead. Your last paragraph helped put things in perspective for me, just need to figure out how to balance it all.
  12. You can also just wait until you're at a better spot in your life. Idk what your situation is but there's never going to be a perfect time where everything just lines up. But there are better times than others to make something happen if you want it to. Just something to keep in mind.
  13. I wouldn't say definitively either way but me visiting my unit before I submitted my application almost certainly helped to get an interview. I may have been given an interview if I didn't visit because of my resume but I can't say for sure and I don't regret going for a visit beforehand. Yes, it absolutely sucked financially to schedule two round trip flights while working on my PPL. Was it worth it? Well, I'm waiting for UPT so that's up to you. My advice is to search one-way on google flights (incognito so cookies don't raise your search dates) and find the cheapest flights not on the same carrier both ways. I was able to piecemeal like that, hell I took one airline to a connection and then another to my destination but that's a dangerous game to play...
  14. Mind explaining what this means for guys just getting into it? I know quite a few like myself who have a few years in from another services (reserves) and just got picked up in the last year for UPT. How will this effect us? I don't understand half the acronyms thrown around here but everyone seems sour and it's pretty concerning. Especially if what we were sold on (deployment lengths) is going to be pulled out from under us.
  15. I completed my medical late Feb, got a call last week from my unit I had passed but that it still needs to go through the paperwork drill before it's approved and then my packet gets sent to NGB so, similarly to you, I can be gained and then get dates. Will be interesting to see how this goes, have you heard anything about lead time outside of what we've seen on the forum here?
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