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  1. Can anyone explain what the hype on the Kubernetes integration into the U-2 is all about? Is it like a massive software overhaul to make everything run more efficiently? I read the B-21 is going to use the same tech, I just don’t really understand what it’s doing. I’m not a computer science guy, so maybe I’m out of my depth!
  2. Super cool podcast just dropped today from the guys at fighter pilot podcast! Description of takeoff is goddamn insane, getting airborne in 300 ft, then at 10,000 AGL by the end of the runway?!?! That’s absolutely nutter butters 😵 So many interesting nuggets, rich history, and great stories in this: https://www.fighterpilotpodcast.com/episodes/093-u-2-dragon-lady/
  3. Thanks for the reply Huggy, I appreciate the advice. I enjoyed the T-6 a lot and was planning on placing it up there on my list, so that's nice to hear it's a viable option. Side question: I know the program is funded through 2025, does that mean there is usually a hiring freeze a year or two prior, or have they kept brining in new pilots in the past when it's been on the chopping block? I'd be pretty close to the end of that timeframe once finished with my FAIP commitment or first MWS tour. ......luck and timing?
  4. Hey all, been lurking for a while trying to read as much as I can about the U-2 application process/timeline. I was supposed to drop next week but Corona has jacked up our schedule and I've been washed back a class. So roughly another month or so before I submit my preferences (T-1 side). Looking for some guidance on how to rank everything when I get the drop list. Is your previous airframe a huge factor in applying for the program? For example, I've been told the RC-135 is a good plane to shoot for if I have any interest in the U-2 down the road. Also I've had leadership say to avoid AF
  5. Any idea how much VR sim flying on the side can help out? Anyone have experience doing so and think it helps? I mean I doubt it could hurt very much. At Laughlin we were just briefed on Pilot Training Next which is a crash course training program that utilizes tons of VR training to help pilots progress faster, and we were told the results have been above average so far. My roommates and I have XPlane11 and a Vive and have been flying some DA-20 out of Pueblo before heading to IFT, and it's pretty cool lol. There are also really nice models of T-6's, not sure about 38's or 1's.
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