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  1. I was recently sponsored by a C-130H Reserve unit and am extremely excited to be part of the unit. Since I initially cast a wide net, now other heavy units are contacting me to show up to their meet and greet. I am having a hard time deciding the right airframe: C-130H, KC-135, and C-5. Priorities for my family: 1. Full time opportunity, either AGR or ART 2. Airframe/Location what I’d like to fly: 1. C-130H (AL): 12hr drive from home, however full time positions are available 2. KC-135 (MD): 24hr drive from home, however full time positions are available 3.C-5 (TX): home, full time not available My family and I are willing to relocate and live near the unit. Any inputs are much appreciated.
  2. I"m an active duty Marine Officer attempting to transition to the Air Force Reserve. AFOQT: 20 Dec 18 TBAS: 24 Jan 19 Interview: 6 Apr 19 Hired: 11 Apr 19 DD368: Pending FC1: Pending AFRC UPT Board: Slated for July 19 depending on when DD368 get approved Separation from USMC: TBD
  3. I will give it a shot. Do you know if they're entertaining age waivers? I just turned 30.
  4. No, but I’d love to fly fighters. I applied to a heavy unit in the east coast.
  5. Matmacwc, Thanks for the reply. I'm definitely looking forward to it!
  6. Quick question: I was invited to visit the unit after submitting a package (they do rolling boards). Is this considered an interview or more so like an informal visit?
  7. Did anyone hear back from the 39th RQS at Patrick AFB FL? I believe they recently had a UPT board on 9 Feb.
  8. HotDog, With that kind of hours, you should expect to receive a good PCSM score as long as you do decent on the TBAS. I have less hours (109) and did slightly worse on the AFOQT pilot (89) and still got a PCSM of 93. I do have a similar GPA, however like most says it’s a whole person concept when it comes to selection. Be a good dude and your flight experience along with your AFOQT and PCSM scores will balance things out. Good luck!
  9. FlyArmy, Thanks for the good gauge. I’m going to continue to rush the units. I should be able to compile a complete package together once I receive some letters of recommmendation from my supervisor and mentors. I am definitely looking forward to this opportunity.
  10. Greetings All, I am an active duty Marine Officer (non-rated) and would like to know if I am eligible to apply for the unsponsored UPT board. One recruiter (AFRC Officer Accession) said I could and the other said I could not since I will require two waivers, for age (just turned 30) and total commissioned time (7 years). I am aware of the sponsored UPT option which I am currently pursuing. I have already taken the AFOQT/TBAS, and got my PCSM. Please share your knowledge, thanks!
  11. All, thanks for the prompt response. FlyArmy, I am not really dead-set on an airframe at this point - honestly I'd be happy to fly anything at this point.
  12. Greetings All, I am an active duty Marine Corps officer who is looking to applying for a UPT slot in the Air Force Reserves. I just wanted to gauge how someone like myself has a chance of being selected for a UPT slot. My recruiter stated that obtaining an age waiver (ETP) is just a matter of paperwork and should not be a showstopper. Below is my brief stat: Rank: O-3 Commissioned Service Time: 7 years Active Duty Time: 5.5 years Age: 30 MOS: non-rated Flight Experience: PPL (Airplane-SEL) AFOQT: Pilot 89, Nav 71, Acad 33, Verb 27 (no clue what happened..), Quant 45 PCSM: 93
  13. Greetings everyone, I am an active duty communications officer in the Marine Corps looking to apply for a sponsored UPT slot. I understand that flight hours can vary depending on the location, airframe, and unit’s mission, but how often do AFRES heavy pilots fly in general? Also, how much of an income should I expect on monthly basis as an AFRES pilot? I know how to look up the monthly drill pay on DFAS but I was not too sure on how much pay you earn in addition to the drill pay for each flight. Thank you for your time.
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