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  1. Ha, I would probably recognize you seeing as I am pretty freshly through PIQ myself. I’ve heard about these rainbows you speak of. A few guys from my sqn just got picked up by to fly RJ’s, so that is a possibility although not great for continuity with the jet.
  2. Well, I've heard about the feast / famine nature of the Reserves and with the recent hiring freeze of the TDART program, full time employment might be a little harder to find for younger reserve guys like myself for a little bit. I am still cautiously optimistic about getting some type of stable full time employment with my sqn, and would strongly like to do so if able, it seems like a great way to get plugged in to how it all works etc. If required I'll either take my shot at making a living troughing (bumming), or go get an RJ job once eligible for stable income and to keep stacking the flight hours, but for a variety of reasons I want to focus on just learning the airframe and the mission until sometime into AC (probably the next couple years...) and to really get to dive into learning one airplane instead of two. Any speculation out there on the return of the program? And for anyone who troughs / bums and makes a living at it...how do you do it? Can you make a living if longer TDY's are not super abundant (realistically, maybe a week long TDY every 6 weeks or so)? I am learning all of the pay statuses etc for a while yet, still on MCT.
  3. Yea, it seems it really varies. The squadron(s) I am particularly interested in are big on the PCSM score..I think with some study practice with the math stuff I could get my AFOQT up to a more competitive level.
  4. Hello Baseops, I was trying to get a feel for what a decent PCSM score looks like in the current Reserve/ANG hiring environment. AFOQT 75 for both Pilot and Nav, 127 or so hours flying time (have PPL, some XC time built up and 1/4 of the way through instrument training; working towards CSEL rating and maybe becoming a CFI while I work to get selected by a squadron and get to go to UPT). Current PCSM 69; I have another chance to take the AFOQT and I think I can raise it if I get some math tutoring help...I was able to find information about previous years on some forums somewhere and as I recall the median PCSM score for people selected for UPT in FY 16 or 17 was something like 66. Of course, the higher the better, but I was wondering if anyone had more current data or information. I'm pretty interested in flying fighters so that's some motivation to hit the books extra hard before giving the AFOQT another go. Thanks
  5. I know a bit about how the two differ, but what about getting in? I know that the ANG in particular seems to like to hire from within, but how does one get hired into the guard as a pilot off the street? I have about four units (mostly KC135) in the west and northwestern U.S. that I'd like to shoot for but I see a bit of a roadblock in trying to get in to the guard when you're not from the unit. I guess the answer is "be a good dude" and do the best you can, but can it realistically be done if you're not from that unit?
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