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  1. Trump ain't going nowhere. Burn this shit to the ground.
  2. My guy actually said the WSJ has a right bias. Here, read this. 23639 COVER John Eastman - Trump Motion to Intervene.pdf (supremecourt.gov)
  3. Now you're just being disingenuous. They voted that one down cause it is being combined with the TX case. Take your head out of your ass man.
  4. Supreme Court Formally Dockets Texas Election Case Against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania And Wisconsin | Zero Hedge
  5. Looks like they were just prepping ballots to count in the morning so they wouldn't have to set it up. Not a big deal.
  6. Still replying to these jokers? I bet they aren't even pilots. Probably Gender Studies graduates.
  7. Still replying to these jokers? I bet they aren't even pilots. Probably Gender Studies graduates.
  8. This comment section is on par with r/politics on Reddit. Good job guys 👍
  9. Lol, Wayne county didn't certify their results. Whoops, there goes MI. Isn't that a little bit strange?
  10. I'm done responding to most of you. Brain washed, a product of communist propaganda. "Even if I take him to the Soviet Union and show him the concentration camp with his own eyes, he will refuse to believe it."
  11. And there lies one of the biggest issues. You think CNN, MSNBC, CNBC are all trustworthy. They aren't. Neither is Fox. What's your evidence to dismiss OAN or Newsmax? They are right wing? Again there is evidence out there. You are choosing to discredit it. Legit video from Project Veritas? "Project Veritas lies" despite the fact that the owner have that has won every lawsuit he has filed.
  12. Why does everyone here keep saying "burden of proof is on us"? We know it is. We keep giving you evidence. Sworn affidavits. Thousands of them. Votes in MI being switched, and there is only evidence of that happening to benefit Biden. This election is fishy and millions agree with me.
  13. You haven't given any evidence as to why 72 million Americans and myself shouldn't believe that the system is broken. Riots with no punishment. Mass mail in ballots (ie. switching the rules at the last minute) Kung flu lockdowns without supporting evidence Critical race theory Orange man bad You think this shit 24/7 for 4 straight years was a good thing for our country? This is how one half feels. You can't completely ignore that and only go off of "orange man bad and evil".
  14. Step one for Trump. https://www.post-gazette.com/news/crime-courts/2020/11/12/trump-campaign-election-2020-presidential-pennsylvania-lawsuit-ballots-late-identification/stories/202011120132
  15. Biden and the legacy trash media did. Saying Trump will steal the election. No irregularities in 2016 for Clinton to go to the courts with. You are only seeking and hearing what you want to see and hear. I can't help you with that bud.
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