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  1. Seadogs

    Upcoming Boards

    2nd this. Apps aren't due till mid april correct? Don't most apps come in high speed near the deadline?
  2. Seadogs

    The Next President is...

    If a leftist NBC says illegal immigration costs the U.S. $54 billion per year and Trump is asking about $5 billion for a wall, I don't think you can make an economic argument against the wall being a "waste of money and resources".
  3. Seadogs

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    Your best bet will be airforceots.com
  4. Seadogs

    The Next President is...

    Lock her up
  5. I'll take it if you pay for shipping.
  6. Guys, I just failed my methacholine challenge test at the nurses office. Went 22% below the baseline. Is there any re-course to this? Can I re-test? Feeling super discouraged now.
  7. Seadogs

    Upcoming Boards

    Lol, good one.
  8. Seadogs

    Just another dreamer

    Age is the limiting factor, unfortunately. Great scores otherwise, and once that PPL is gained you can seriously start rushing and making connections. I hope you the best!
  9. Seadogs

    Rate my Chances - Age Waiver Required

    Good AFOQT, not so great PCSM. Having your PPL will help a lot. As for age waivers for fighter units, I've heard stranger things happen but as it has been said before, that's the exception not the rule. It will come down to you having good scores to catch squadrons eyes, and then going to every meet and greet you can and hitting it off with the pilots. They must REALLY like you in order for anything to happen, so that's going to be your best bet. Otherwise heavies is another great option.
  10. Seadogs

    Tentative rating of where I stand

    The first question is if you want to do Active Duty or the Guard/Reserves. If the first, then you better get that ball rolling so you can secure a pilot slot and get into UPT. If it's the latter, you better grease the ball because rushing/visiting units and getting picked up can take multiple years. Looks like your scores are good as of now but you do need to take the AFOQT and TBAS to get those scores. Also, your EMS experience can be very valuable leadership experience, especially in interviews. Good luck!
  11. Seadogs

    Upcoming Boards

    Hiring 3-4 out of 5-6 interviewing. Those are GOOD ODDS. 😛
  12. Seadogs

    Not being a SNAP

    My wife is hot af, I just know myself and when looks become stares, I can get tempted. Not the correct environment to place myself into if I want to stay faithful to my wife. Just knowing my own limits and boundaries I guess. True...
  13. Seadogs

    Not being a SNAP

    Super thread revival. I agree with Most of the things here that make someone a SNAP but what about a dude who doesn't want to go to strip clubs because that shit would make him want to cheat on the wife?
  14. The answer is probably give up and go work at Burger King.
  15. Seadogs

    What is a good PCSM?

    What's ligma? Anyway 80+ PCSM is good for fighters. Idk about heavies.