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  1. Interviewed at the NDANG 119th Wing UPT/URT board. Board was three members.It was a pretty relaxing atmosphere, chuckles and laughs all around in the beginning. They began with some pretty easy questions: What do I know about North Dakota and am I okay with cold? Do I have a family and are they okay with moving to North Dakota? Why am I interested in the North Dakota ANG? Do I know the difference between UPT and URT? If I am transferred over and worse comes to worse where something happens and I am either not able to attend UPT/URT, or I washout, what would my plan be? If I am selected and complete UPT/URT, what would I do for work after I finish all of the training? They asked me a few specific questions about my application package, mostly regarding my military history, and what drove me to move to Alaska? Most of the hard interview questions were centered around leadership and my experience as a leader: What is my leadership style? Tell them about a time I was criticized for making the right decision. Tell them about a time where, as a leader, I made a decision based upon the information I was given that turned out to be the wrong decision, and how I handled it. How do I feel about killing someone? They then opened to floor for questions from me where we spent the next 20 minutes or so just chatting about the unit up there, and comparison between North Dakota and Fairbanks, Alaska where I currently am. There may have been a few other question scattered in there that I forgot. Overall the interview lasted right about 40 minutes. Not a real difficult interview altogether, but as the interview that popped my cherry, it was great experience. I do not anticipate getting selected.
  2. A for creativity and the 1.75L bottle, but Roll Tide.
  3. “Once you are in, you never get out alive - only when you are dead,” -Donnie Brasco (Joe Pistone)
  4. I am going to double down on this statement. That's all we got?
  5. Does anyone know how the seats in tfot work? I was talking with an AD recruiter and he said that tfot is booked into 2020. What I want to know is tfot as a whole booked that far or do the seats for Guard/reserve fall under a different projected schedule so to speak? For instance, in each class is so many seats reserved for AD and so many for Guard/reserve
  6. Last week I got a big fat no for the 176/168th dual upt board in Alaska. To old, to low of a PCSM score.
  7. In case anyone was wondering, there is no specific age limit for entry Undergraduate Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training (URT). Based on a few changes recently, according to AFI 36-2105, Chapter 3, paragraph 3.1.1 spells out the age restrictions for persons seeking to enter UPT. Paragraph adds an exception for URT candidates. " Exception for Undergraduate Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training: must meet maximum age for appointment in the various grades as specified in AFI 36-2005, Appointment in Commissioned Grades and Designation and Assignment in Professional Categories – Reserve of the Air Force and United States Air Force." Heading over to AFI 36-2005 tells us in paragraph 2.6.1 says, "2.6.1. To be eligible for an original appointment the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and not reached his/her 40th birthday. (T-1) Note: AFRS/RSO, AF/RE, and NGB/A1Y may further restrict the maximum age based on needs of the component." 2.6.2 again spells out the age restriction for UFT, but adds a clause at the end of the paragraph, "(Exception: The 30th birthday restriction does not apply to ARC Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) applicants.) (T-1)" I thought I'd share some maybe common knowledge info because I was under the impression for a long time that 30 years of age was the cutoff period. Since I am 34, I was happy to stumble across this information.
  8. I’m going to try the RPA route in the Texas Guard before I try anything else. The next board is in October, so even if I wait that long to push for a ppl it won’t set me back but a couple more months, less if I get a rejection letter before the boards.
  9. I did, and I was not selected in Alaska. Age was the biggest factor, and my PCSM score was next. It was a 46 without flight hours. I can do something about the PCSM, but "I ain't getting any younger". I am still submitting for a RPA slot in Texas through the TXANG. I'm getting my package together now.
  10. I decided to take the plunge and submit a package for a traditional spot in Houston, TX. I am already in the TXANG, so I've got that going for me, but considering I live in Alaska (temporarily) I won't be able to get down for weekends prior to a board to help get my face/name out there. Don't know what I'd do for work down there if I get selected, but I'll figure that if it comes down to it. Boards for the next selection will be "sometime in October", based on the recruiter. I'll update here as I move through the process.
  11. I am considering submitting a package for an RPA spot in the ANG. After reading through some posts here, it seems that the consensus is this is a black hole, borderline career ender with not much room for advancement. Now, I’d need a waiver to join for age (34), and I've already got 12 years of service (AD and Guard) under my belt as enlisted, but it couldn’t be that bad of a move. Are those opinions mainly coming from people who were hoping to actually fly and got assigned to RPAs instead? I can see how they’d think it’s miserable.
  12. My AFOQT scores are as follows: 84 Pilot, 85 Nav, 67 Acad Apt, 62 Verbal, 67 Quant I don't have a PCSM score yet, but I also have no flight hours. I will be taking the TBAS beginning of June, and I hear without flight hours, the best you can do on a PCSM score is 70. So other things being constant, and considering my pilot score, if I ace the TBAS, the best I could feasibly do is about a 64 PCSM, give or take. GPA: Currently 3.38, but I'm projecting close to a 3.5 by graduation in end of August, with a B.A.A.S. in Technical Management I am 34 years old, I'm also an enlisted E-5, have close to 6 years active, and another 5 reserve/guard, been an F-16 AD crew chief and guard technician for most of my career. I am currently working for a contractor on a military base in a state other than where my unit is (I am currently in the Texas Air National Guard). I plan on submitting a package at a guard tanker unit on this base. I have bought a house here and have been working to transfer to the guard unit here but I won't be transferred by the time I do submit the package. I am also planning on submitting a package as an RPA pilot in the Texas ANG, but at a different unit than where I currently belong. Obviously, I wouldn't transfer if I was accepted to the TXANG program. What kind of a chance do I stand at either location? I do know it's a long shot, but how far? Also I’ll mention have LORs from my flight chief, my O-5 commander, A Current O-4 in the army, and one from the Office of the US Senate.
  13. Anyone here ever boarded at the 168th in Eielson? I’m submitting a package for the dual board in JBER. Wanting to know some info.
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