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  1. Honestly, trying to help here. Consider deleting your account. All you are doing in this thread is hurting your chances. I hope you haven't given enough information to be identified. Just lurking before I started applying or got picked up, I saw two different people hurt or destroy their chances with what they said and did on this forum.
  2. Timeframe depends on the unit. After one interview, they called everyone the Monday following the interview weekend. With my other interview, they called exactly a week after my interview. I think they tried to call those selected first, because I know it took a few days for them to get in touch with everyone. I think the vast majority of units let applicants know either way. And honestly, if they don’t let you know after an interview, it might be for the best. These interviews are a big deal, a big effort, and expensive. If a unit doesn’t appreciate that enough to have a difficult phone call or at least email the people they interviewed, I’m not sure I’d want to be a part of that unit. I kind of understand not sending rejection emails to 200 applicants that didn’t get interviews. But personally, I feel like the 10-20 people that interview should be notified of the results and given feedback. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  3. I used a civilian format. And I addressed it however the job announcement requested. Sometimes to a specific person, sometimes to the board. If it didn't say anything, I asked the POC. And if they didn't care, I addressed it to the squadrons UPT selection board. If you want to see the format I used, message me and I'll get it to you.
  4. If you are a decent writer, you should be ok. But use the people here that offer help. I had someone look over my cover letter and give me some pointers. Also, personalize it. If the entire cover letter is "I want to fly" said 100 different ways, it adds nothing. Everyone applying wants to fly. Explain why, why that unit, why that mission/airframe, what is it about you that is unique? If you don't get to visit the unit, this is your chance for the unit to get to know you. Don't make jokes, but this is your chance to introduce yourself. You have one page for a cover letter, so make use of it.
  5. It depends on the person and the squadron. I know of a few guys that have been hired at both fighter and heavy units without and PPL. It's not BS when they say they look at the whole person. But not having a PPL makes it harder for sure. This is a little beyond me, as I have been hired, but haven't made it to OTS or UPT yet. But someone finishes at the bottom of their class in every class. The key word is "finish". If you graduate UPT and get your wings, you're going to fly.
  6. When a reserve squadron hires you, they “sponsor” you when your package meets the reserve hiring board. The reserves also have an unsponsored board, so you can get picked up without being hired by a unit. Then you have until you graduate UPT to find a reserve unit to “sponsor” you. And if you don’t, the Reserves will assign you to a squadron. You are correct when talking about being hired by a specific unit. Although, I’ll add that you still have to make the grades a perform. They normally won’t shove a guy that at the very bottom of his class through to T-38s even if he’s hired by a fighter squadron. Why I say you have more control in AD than unsponsored Reserves is because in AD, your performance is the main determining factor. Unsponsored Reserve students are automatically tracked T-1s unless the student finds a fighter or bomber squadron to sponsor them before track night. And since there are only 3-4 of fighter or bomber squadrons in the reserves that send people to UPT, their spots are normally filled. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  7. Any highly rated AFOQT study guide should be good. I used Barons and scored really well. Getting picked up for AD is easier than getting hired at most ANG or Reserve units, but I’m not sure how it compares to an unsponsored reserve spot. Ignoring the lifestyle and culture differences between AD and the Reserves, the next biggest difference is that going AD gives you more control over your airframe than unsponsored reserve. In AD your performance determines airframe and you’re open to both T-38 and T-1 tracks. With reserve unsponsored, 99% track T-1s since there are so few Reserve fighter and bomber squadrons. If you just want to fly, which is an awesome attitude to have, I’d apply to guard and reserve units for a while and then consider either AD or unsponsored Reserves. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  8. What brabus said. From what I know of the guys I was interviewing with at fighter units, you are in the middle of the pack and competitive. There’s at least 50 people with good score applying for each fighter unit, so you need to set yourself apart with your cover letter. This is doubly important if you aren’t able to visit a unit. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  9. Damn, you killing my hopes. I was hoping it’d be closer to 4-5 months after my FC1. Are both you guys ANG? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  10. Don't give up because of time. I've seen "waivers up to 35" on some announcements and one of the guys on the board got hired at 36. And he didn't have near the flight experience you did. You will probably need to rush some units if you want to give yourself a better shot! I know it can get expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment!
  11. Not sure about this guy, but there are a couple of places in my city that charge $100-$150 and have guys that will go handle a bunch of tickets at once. Most of the judges around here drop the charges for a minor ticket if a lawyer shows up, so I've used them before. Spent $100 and didn't have to pay the fine or deal with my insurance going up.
  12. I'd definitely retest. Your scores are a bit rough, especially with all your flight time. I imagine you'll get hammered about them pretty hard in an interview, if you got an interview. Honestly, it looks like you just didn't study. Buy some prep books and use them. Take a lot of practice tests and give yourself the applicable time limits for each section when you do. And practice every section, I am not trying to be rude when I say this, but the math section isn't the only reason your scores are low. Also, I'm not sure what your Acad Aptitude is, but that score is important too. Also, take the TBAS ASAP. It's hard to know REALLY where you stand without a PCSM and it is required before 99.9% of boards will even consider your packet. I'm honestly shocked that there was any board that didn't ask for it since it is required by the AF. I don't think you're wasting your time, but I do think you need to retake the AFOQT as soon as you can (180 days from first test date, I think).
  13. I applied nationwide. There was only one board that popped up that I didn’t apply to. Even though I was applying everywhere, there were two units I had at the top of my list and I was able to get interviews at both. I was off the street and a little bit older. Plus I didn’t have a great college transcript, but I was able to show how I’d learned from the mistakes I made in the past. And no, I have my FC1 soon, but following that, I’ll be at the mercy of NGB waiting for dates. If I were you, I’d apply everywhere. Then study your ass off and retake the AFOQT when you can. With studying, you can score in the 90s. Hopefully that’ll bump your PCSM significantly too. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  14. I did. It’s been a dream and I knew it’s what I wanted. So I had to give it a shot. I also thought that my packet was extremely competitive, so I figured I’d give it a year and see if I was getting interview invitations. If I didn’t get an interview after a certain amount of time, I planned on reassessing, considering AD and applying to heavies. I want to fly fighters more than anything, but I really want to fly and serve. Luckily, I got hired on my 4th application and 2nd interview, after about 3 and a half months. But my timeline is abnormal. Push as hard as you can and apply everywhere you’re even slightly interested in. It seems like everyone loves their airframe and there isn’t a mission out there without value! Regardless of airframe, getting paid to fly is about as good as it gets. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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