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  1. After doing some research and finding the ANG PSD Guide, it looks like my re-entry code does require a waiver. From what I can tell, all that needs to be done is the letter I’ve attached. Does anyone have any experience with this type of think and know if it will cause an issue?
  2. Haha well lying isn’t an option, I just didn’t know if finding the letter my Dr. wrote last time would be helpful or if they’d even care.
  3. Trying to bump this up. Does anyone know how to handle the situation above?
  4. N730

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    You should just call or send an email and ask. Worst they can do is say no, better to hear it from them than out speculation though.
  5. N730

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    Their job listing says you must have at least 90 credit hours and be no further than 1 calendar year from graduating. So I think you’re too far out http://www.187fw.ang.af.mil/Careers/Pilot-Hiring-Board-Information/
  6. If they do anything like the policy or instruction review I’ve seen in the contracting world, as soon as they find an error, they stop reading and send it back. It’s a crazy practice, but it sounds like that could be what happened here.
  7. That is so awesome to hear! I plan on submitting for the upcoming boards in Madison and Montgomery. I hope a few more pop up too! I know my wife would love for Boise to start hiring.
  8. Hey! I’m 26 (will be 27 at the end of the month) and want to apply for ANG or AF reserve pilot slots. My top choice is fighters, but getting in the air is my priority! I just went back to school after a little bit more than a 4 year break and will finish my degree in December. I didn’t do well my first go around, but the school had a “fresh start” program that I took advantage of. This program raised my GPA to a 3.02. This summer was my first semester back, and I am on track to a 4.0 semester GPA and by the graduation, it should be close to a 3.2. I don’t make excuses for my previous academic performance, but I now have my priorities in the right place and have matured significantly. While in school the first time, I was in a DEP program with the Navy. When sequestration happened, the program was cut and since I had not met the standards the previous semester, I was cut along with it. I received a DD-214 and have already spoken with a recruiter to confirm that my reentry code does not require a waiver. I took my TBAS and wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Parts of it were tough and I missed 3 or 4 of the spatial perception questions I’d been studying. But now have all my scores! All AFOQT section scores were over 90. AFOQT Pilot: 97 PCSM: 97 Flight Hours: 84 I have my PPL Single-Engine Land and Sea. I also have a tailwheel and complex endorsement. How does it look guys? Are fighters or heavies an option considering my age and GPA? edit: turns out, according to the ANG PSD guide, I will need a waiver. I attached the required letter in my comment below and added it here. Anyone know if this is a major issue or not?
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    Speaking of the 187th, does anyone know if they are currently accepting packages and when the deadline to submit is? Their website says they will start accepting packages in the spring of 2018 which has obviously passed. When I called the recruiter down there, he told me to keep checking the website for updates, but that portion of the website looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2017. I wasn’t sure if this years board was possibly being cancelled or something since they’re slated to shift airframes.
  10. Long story short, I was in college a while ago and was in a Navy program. It was cut during sequestration and since I was struggling in school, I was one of the folks that got cut out. All of that back story to get to by question. When I went to MEPS the first time, I said that id been prescribed medicine for acid reflux in past and that caused a stir. I went to a gastroenterologist and had test done and he wrote a letter saying that my general practitioner had misdiagnosed me years prior. Now that I am going through the process of trying to get a guard or reserve slot, I’ll have to go to MEPS again (I last went in 2010) and wanted to know how to handle this? Do I try to find the letter and just take it with me or just wait until I inevitably get the same reaction I did last time and go through all the paperwork again?
  11. I have this same question, I plan to apply for this unit and it is a dream to fly F-22s, but I can’t figure out how anyone can afford it on ANG pay. If you could live on the big island, it seems (fairly) reasonable, but O’ahu seems cost prohibitive if you aren’t receiving BAH or at least COLA. I’m just hoping it’s possible for a married couple.