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  1. Current PCSM isn't incredible, I know multiple people with similar hours, lower scores and a higher PCSM. BUT, thankfully a lot of guard units look at your 201+ more than the current PCSM. Like ryleypav said, if you are getting interviews, you are on the right track. It just sounds like you weren't comfortable during your interview. You should be prepared for you answer, but besides the "about me", it might be better to have an idea of the high points you want to hit in your answer rather than something memorized. If you are really worried, it might be useful to do Bogidope or another company's interview prep. You are on the right track, most people don't get hired on their first interview, so just use that experience going forward.
  2. "A number are also accused of possessing child pornography" Damn, in case you weren't sure the guys being sent home were shitbags, some added confirmation. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
  3. I can't remember how long mine took, but I have a friend that took it Monday, his scores were sent off Tuesday, and got his scores back today.
  4. N730

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Suspended with pay...of course. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
  5. You're absolutely right. My statements were just based on our past decisions in the region. If we took that approach, it would be effective, but almost every time we've interacted with the region, regime change has been the course of action. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
  6. Regardless of if you think this was a mistake or not, if this leads to war with Iran, it is going to make our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan look efficient. Iran is another beast when it comes to size, population, terrain, etc. I mean Tehran is the size of New York City and the area surrounding brings the population to something like 16 million. The country's population is almost as much as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria combined. And it's larger than the three countries put together. And all of that is ignoring the militaristic and economic capability differences between the country of Iran and the different terrorist organizations we've fought for the past two decades. I think that while the people here may be an exception, most Americans don't really understand what an undertaking a war with Iran would be. They see the Middle East as one homogeneous area and have heard Iran and Iraq mentioned together for so long that they equalize them. The dude needed to die and the world is better off without him, but I'm hoping his status in the country and its leadership doesn't lead us into another war. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
  7. Awesome! Congrats, and good on you for taking the initiative! Absolutely not a waste of time. Every unit seems to give preference to their internal guys, they've worked in the unit and have interacted with the pilots. They've been able to see their work ethic in a lot instances. But if they weren't interested, they wouldn't have invited you to interview. And if they weren't open to outside candidates, they would not have sent you an application. Like I said, I knew someone in the unit and was able to visit right after they got their C-17s. I was just trying to get an understanding of what the guard was and how it worked. Just in conversation, I was told numerous times that I'd have to enlist and work in the unit before they'd consider me. So I'd imagine you'd have gotten the same response if they weren't going to give consideration to outside applicants. Plus, even if you aren't hired, an interview is great experience. I got picked up on my second interview and credit a lot of the success to having real guard interview experience.
  8. Did they finally start hiring off the street? When I spoke to them years ago, they said they only hired from within. I've never even seen info about a board. If you're interviewing, good luck! Memphis is a much better town that people give it credit for. A TON of great food. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
  9. So, I'm guessing nothing like this has be announced for FY20? I'm not sure where to look to find this. I haven't seen it, but an extra 20k accession bonus for time I'd be working anyway would be pretty nice.
  10. N730

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Exactly how it should be done. It's been this way multiple places that I've worked in the civilian sector too, including as a contractor for other DoD components. Don't resign women to pumping or nursing in a bathroom, but don't build a single use room in a building where it will hardly ever be used. As long as you have a way to tell people, "Don't go in there, someone is nursing/pumping", there should be no issue. Plus, this seems easier on the mom too. But I guess designating a room with a temporary sign is just too much common sense.
  11. Except a lot of farmers. Many of them are directly feeling the ramifications of our current trade policies. But then the government bails them out of a problem they created with billions of dollars they don't have and expect to be thanked. All the way, the government is ignoring the fact that some of the markets farmers have lost will not be coming back. At least the auto industry repaid their bailout, most with interest. The emergency farm subsidies are money that shouldn't have been necessary to begin with.
  12. Yeah, lowering taxes and interest rates along with the current actions being taken by the fed should not happen during a period of economic growth. They should be saved to provide a boost to the economy when we go into a recession. It has also made it difficult to judge the true health of the economy. Yes, it is growing. But we basically provided a small stimulus package to a healthy economy, so it has covered up any obvious warning signs or consequences that could have been created by the trade war/tariffs/anything else. I worry that we are going to be in trouble when the next recession hits and those moves are off the table.
  13. I loved Navy Fed for my used car loan. I do not like them for banking though. Your ATMs are more limited than USAA and (at least this is true of 4-5 years ago) they charge ATM fees on top of what is charged by whatever ATM you use.
  14. Sounds like this is for all foreign students. So half of the ENJJPT students wont be flying? Of course, we have to double check the Canadians, Danes, and Dutch. Can't point out that it's only 1-2 countries that need additional screening. I'm surprised the Navy got away with grounding all the Saudi's and risked offending bin Salman.
  15. I couldn't even follow the train of thought. He basically said it wasn't fair because they didn't give him time to make a second round of substitutions... Haha whatever, War Damn Eagle! Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
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