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  1. Still not mandatory unless it just recently changed. I didn't go and had a PPL and know there was another stud that wanted to go (even with a PPL) but wasn't allowed to. I had heard that they might have changed it to you'll have to go to IFT even with a PPL if you haven't flown in 2(3?) years, but I don't have a solid line on that.
  2. There is a Reserve FTS here at Vance; The 5th FTS. We've had a couple guys fly with us in T6s and they aren't tied to specifically to us Reservists; they've flown with everyone in our class regardless of status. Wiki says the 5th instructs in 1s and 38s, too. Our Reserves LNO (officer who wrangles us Reservists at each UPT base), is attached to the 340th and also a 38 IP here. Not sure if he only flies with 340th 38 studs or not. Like @matmacwc said, these folks have been MWS trained and came back years later to instruct. It should be less than 30 days. I went to Inpro and was headed to OTS in 24 days from leaving Randolph and there were folks in our Inpro group that went to the class that started a week earlier than me, so definitely didn't have a 30 day wait. They try to keep a 30 day limit for breaks in training with the Reserves, so it's highly likely you'll be sent to SERE or IFT between OTS and UPT start. Some of my group went directly to SERE from OTS (seriously, the Monday after OTS graduation), others (myself included) PCS'd to UPT right after OTS then left for SERE a week or so after getting here, and others went to IFT and will hit SERE after UPT. YMMV, but that was the gist for our batch. Only a few folks that had already been to SERE or had a PPL and didn't have to go to IFT started right up with UPT after OTS. Their goal seems to be to keep training rolling over paying us to sit in a casual job, so they'll fit in what training they can.
  3. For the Reserves, you can work with an officer recruiter to get you through the initial million forms of paperwork, get you scheduled for MEPS/TBAS/AFOQT (this will take a LOT of pushing on your part, but they can do it), and they can also have you apply for an Unsponsored slot. Unsponsored means you're picked up by the Reserves as a whole to go through pilot training and you just hustle to find a Reserves unit to sponsor you. If you don't get sponsored by the time you're done with UPT, they send you to whatever unit they need manning at. You can also start doing what others above have said and making contacts at units to set up your interviews. But, unless you're hired by the unit (unlikely if you don't have AFOQT/TBAS scores), you're still going to have to get ahold of the officer recruiter to get those things booked and done. Guard is completely different and each unit runs its own recruiter, so working with one unit's recruiter won't do you a lot of good if you're trying to get hired by another. And, as others said, they're more focused on enlisted folks, so they might not be able to help as much. Active is a different beast and I don't know anything about it, but there's good advice already in this thread about only applying for what you want and don't let them push you into a position you don't want. The whole process can take about 2 years (especially for Active and Guard), so get the ball rolling ASAP if you want to do it. Good luck!
  4. You can definitely make it, if you have the drive, can market yourself well, and a unit wants to help push the waiver on their end. I'm here at 37. What @N730 said, is right, though: if you don't want pilot very badly, it's a WHOLE LOT of work and, if you're not completely dedicated, the workload might deter you. And, 100% it is harder to do when you're older. I've got my wife and 1 year old kiddo here with me and juggling all of it is not easy; twice as hard if you're trying to compare yourself to kids in their early-mid 20s that are likely better at studying and don't have any other obligations that take study time. But, it's completely doable. I was insanely lucky/put in a whole lot of hustle to get from hired to UPT (means 2 months of OTS and, in my case, a month of SERE in there, too) in less than a year. That's very quick and most of the time it takes closer to 2 years; especially if you get picked up by a Guard unit. Their timeline is quite a bit longer than Reserves, it seems. Lastly, your Pilot/Nav scores are a bit on the low side. I had the same quant as yours, so they're not really gonna care about that (maybe break your chops a bit), but I had 89 Pilot and 91 Nav. You need that TBAS ASAP, too, and if you can get in the 80s or higher, you might be okay. All that said, time is not your friend and you need to start applying ASAP. Put together a packet, have folks on here look through it and offer input (I can try to take a look, too, but time is definitely not something I get much of these days in the thick of T6s), and start sending it out to units that have open hirings. Apply to every airframe you'd be willing to fly and be persistent. Fighters are probably too much of a long shot for you, but there might be some heavy units that'll give you a look. Bottom line is you never know until you try and you're never out until the last place tells you, "No." I still have quite a few moments where I laugh and can't believe I'm actually here. But, I put in a lot of work, marketed myself as best I could, and got lucky along the way. If I can, anyone can. So, get moving! Good luck!
  5. Backing up what @FLEA and @viper154 said on the DITY. I flew up, rented a truck, hired movers to pack and load, and drove the truck down myself. I took all the receipts from the truck, movers, fuel, etc. to TMO and got those amounts taken off the taxable amount paid out for weight, the packet certified, and sent off to my finance office. The payments are in the works and I've gotten the tickets that they're to be paid out, so I think all is well. As for hiring movers and still doing a DITY, a Guard bro here at UPT with some solid prior service time and a lot of financial savvy told me you can definitely do that. He said he just hired movers on his own and was able to come out ahead because they were below what the government would have paid out. It's more wrangling on your end by getting everything lined up properly by booking the movers, getting them on base, ensuring they get the weigh tickets, etc., but it's definitely doable and you can get a few bucks for your trouble, as long as your bill for hiring them is less than 95% of what the government would have paid out to do it themselves. And you don't have to wait weeks for your stuff.
  6. Congrats on getting through the board! You'll probably be in the next OTS classes, as long as your MFS goes off without a hitch and your medical is certified. That can take a month or two, which might delay your OTS, if you get bogged down. But, I think mid Oct is the beginning of FY20 classes, from something I remember seeing passed around, so you've got a little bit of cushion (but not much) built in for certification since you're going in mid-July. I was picked up in the Sept 2018 AFRC board (had my FC1 complete and certified before going to the board) and made the next batch of available OTS classes in Jan 2019 after that board. Your recruiter should be getting you sworn in soon and the 340th will gain you at some point in the next month or two, I'd guess. Then you'll head down to Randolph ~2 weeks before your OTS start date for a week of Inprocessing. You're in the Delayed Entry Program, so you won't be drilling or anything; just swearing in and waiting until they bring you down for Inpro before OTS. Reach out to the 340th before too long to ensure your paperwork goes through properly and they gain you. My paperwork (1288 form, specifically) got a little screwed up from my recruiter and I ended up getting gained by my home unit, which is not supposed to happen; all Reservists go to the 340th FTG for the training pipeline, no matter who you're picked up by. So, there was some time burned getting that squared away, but it worked out in the end. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions along the way!
  7. Yes, as I understand it, part of what they do (beyond wrangling us Reservists) is to help place Unsponsored folks because they can't really go chasing down interviews while in training. But, there's always the chance "needs of the AF" overrules if you don't get picked up.
  8. No worries, dude! I'll definitely offer up the advice someone told me: make everyone tell you "No." Apply everywhere you'd consider applying to and to every airframe you'd think you'd enjoy flying. You're not out of any fight until they definitively have told you, "No," and closed the door on coming back for another application period. Unsponsored is good and you might have a leg up getting hired if you're already through OTS and here at UPT, because you've got pilot community connections helping make connections at a unit and an interested unit just has to agree to pick up the tab. In the Guard pipeline, this is doubly so, as they have to fight for each training slot (OTS, IFT/SERE, UPT, etc.); the Reserves just have you shunted to the 340th, which handles all training for all Reservists, regardless of the squadron. On the downside, until you get picked up, you're at the whim of the Reserves and don't have a "champion" of your cause. If you're picked up by a unit before starting the ride, you'll have them in your corner if you hit any bumps and to help push your paperwork. Pros and cons to both. Either way, just keep doing all you can to get that spot!
  9. I'm not sure if they bumped Unsponsored age cutoff up with the general UPT cutoff age (from 30 to 33), but I thought it was 28.. So, if not, you might be a little late to grab one of those. My .02 from the few Unsponsored dudes I know here at UPT is that it's not terrible. One got picked up before even starting UPT and the others are still in the hunt. You'll be likely shunted into T1s and leaving fighters a very long shot, but it's not impossible if you get picked up. I wouldn't rule it out if it's an option. They need meat in the seats, so my brief time on base at UPT hasn't had anyone dropping drones. But, that can always change. You have a good explanation for the college scores, but you might have to overcome the AFOQT scores, too. Your pilot is strong, and your PCSM is decent for heavies (fighters will be a stretch, I'd guess), but the other scores might on the low side for a lot of boards. I had a low Quant, so they can definitely be overcome, but you've got a few that aren't helping much. In the end, it depends on how bad you want to fly mil, no matter the airframe, or if you're set on a certain mission. Keep networking and making friends in the community; that'll help, too! Good luck!
  10. I'm just getting ready to start UPT and got in with a Reserves heavy squadron, so I'm not sure I'm going to have the fighter game down very well and I'm not a pilot on a hiring board, but I can look over your packet for ya if you just want a different set of eyes. I did manage to get myself picked up at 36 with no prior service and worse scores than you've got, so I reckon my packet wasn't terrible. If you want me to take a look, just PM me on here with your info and I'll get to it when I can. I'm in the middle of moving into my house and have my family coming down on Sunday, so it might take me a few days to get to it.
  11. I just had this situation and, yes, the AF has the same (I believe; I'm a Reservist, so I can't speak 100% to AD rules). I PCS'd to UPT right after OTS and left the wife and kiddo at home. She was still working and I had the TDY to SERE between OTS and UPT anyway, so it made more sense for her to stay home.
  12. @SocialD They mentioned the possibility of Unsponsored hires FAIP-ing when my batch went through Inpro late last year, but I'm not sure if/how that's playing out. The Unsponsored I know that were interested in it seem to feel as though that option fizzled (at least for -38 tracking) as they have dates/TLNs for T1s already. I'm sure it's not as easy as 1-2-3, so I don't know where the bumps may be.
  13. THIS OTHER LOGGING THREAD has some pretty good info. I linked to page 14, since it had some specific explanations of UPT time, but the whole thread is good. In a few other convos I've had, I'm of the understanding that if you have a PPL and an ASEL rating, you CAN log T6 time as PIC on flights you are the sole manipulator of the controls. It won't count as "sign for the plane" PIC time that some airlines are counting, but it does count as PIC since you are the sole manipulator. YMMV and opinions seem to differ, but that's my take...
  14. BLUF: AFAIK, they aren't doing waivers for Active Duty that high up in age, but they are going through for Reserves/Guard. However, if you want it, you better start getting your ducks in a row and reaching out to any and all contacts you have from past service that might be able to help out. Networking is what makes this all happen. They have definitely eased rules, but I wouldn't push too much longer. You'll have a little more leeway with prior service, but you're not "buying" back the years you were in; they just might give you more of a look and be willing to work the age waiver for higher ages if you've got prior service time. That said, it's not a regular occurrence or given and I'd get cracking ASAFP. The process can be long; especially if you go the Guard route, which seems to take quite a bit longer than the Reserves for all of the boxes to be checked. I've also heard horror stories of waivers getting shot down at various levels in the NGB months into the process, so definitely be aware of the process if you push that route. Reserves you can get the ball rolling with a Reserves recruiter right now, work on getting MEPS and an FC1 done on your own dime, and get all of the other paperwork done by the time you sit down with any units for interviews. If you wait for a unit to hire you and push you through those steps, you're going to draw out quite a bit. Honestly, I would start applying yesterday to any and every unit you can. If you're down for the C5, HERE'S A LINK TO THEIR UPCOMING HIRING at Dover. This is where I got scooped up and I couldn't be happier. They're an awesome group of guys and they're not strangers to doing a waiver (source: my old, non-prior-ass getting one at 36 that they helped immensely with pushing from their end). I'm CERTAINLY not the norm, but I was able to get from hired, through the UPT board, and stepping foot into OTS almost exactly 6 months later and will be starting UPT in less than 11 months from hire date. That is a pretty blistering pace for the process; especially with a waiver. That said, I did a TON of my own legwork with the recruiter before getting hired, got MEPS and my FC1, and a lot of paperwork out of the way PRIOR to interviewing with the 709th. They just pushed their hiring paperwork/my waiver through to get me to the next UPT board. Good luck out there! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.
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