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  1. FDNYOldGuy

    Upcoming Boards

    +1 on the offer for help. I'm no expert, I never sent packets or interviewed with fighters (interviewed with 2 heavies and got offers for both) ,and just another soul starting off on this adventure, but I'll certainly put my .02 in for feedback on a packet, if anyone wants more eyes on it. Don't get disheartened. You're vying for a very coveted job and competition is fierce, but we can always improve and keep plugging away. It'll happen when/with whom it's supposed to!
  2. FDNYOldGuy

    Upcoming Boards

    Don't stress, bro. The board took my old ass, so you're probably just fine; especially if your squadron is behind you and makes a call up there (mine is awesome and pushed hard for me, which certainly helped).
  3. FDNYOldGuy

    What is a good PCSM?

    I’m no cunning linguist, but gonna guess that’s a first name and the surname is gonna be Diq. I think that’s a pretty solid score, but I’m not a hiring guy. Slap a few more hours to bring you into the 80s and you’ll likely be looking solid for heavies and at least not circular filed for fighters; especially with a 98 Pilot on the AFOQT. Even stronger if you go for your PPL, if you have the time/cash to run it that far. Good luck!
  4. FDNYOldGuy

    RCOT for Pilots?

    Likewise! Was a whirlwind of emotions in a short time period, those emails. Hopefully it means we’re all on deck for one of the Jan dates! Maybe we start a thread when we (hopefully) get the final okay that we’re going?
  5. FDNYOldGuy

    Upcoming Boards

    I went half mast, dude. That's a killer idea and it looks great! I'm sure it helped you stand out a bit. Good luck!
  6. FDNYOldGuy

    IFT deadline?

    Ahhh. My mistake. I had heard that we can sit to take those higher equivalency exams, but I wasn't sure how not having a PPL played into that. A little searching and I see FAR 61.73 allows military pilots around the PPL first requirement. The only other potential reason for getting a PPL (although, seems to be hotly debated) is logging hours (mainly T6 time) during UPT before sitting for that equivalency exam. If you have a PPL, you have the type rating (ASEL) and can log PIC time ("sole manipulator of controls" time; not "signed for the aircraft" time). It won't help with airline required hours (depending on the airline), but it seems like that can count toward FAA hours required for higher ratings like ATP. So, it seems if you're worried about being able to log all available hours PIC, then having the PPL beforehand might be able to make the 60+ hours of T6 time loggable as PIC to get you closer to the ATP hours requirement. That's how I understand it, anyway, but I can certainly be wrong about that.
  7. FDNYOldGuy

    IFT deadline?

    Another reason I've heard to wrap up your PPL and avoid IFT is because it's another potential for failure. Sure, if money is an issue, it makes way more sense to have Big Blue just pay/pay you for the training. However, if you can swing finishing your PPL as a civilian, it might make sense because it's weeks less of potential things that could jam you up. You have already been flying, so you're probably confident in your skills, but why potentially beef up a checkride or something else that could eliminate you at IFT if you can avoid it entirely? Lastly, as I understand it, you don't get a PPL at IFT; just the ~20 hours of instruction. So, if you do want a PPL down the road, you'll still have to sit for it and get the FAA checkride for the license anyway. Especially coupling it with the months of wait time @Stoker pointed out, you might as well just knock it out beforehand, if you can.
  8. FDNYOldGuy

    What are my chances?

    You’ve got a pretty solid shot with some great scores. If you’re happy with a seat over picky about a particular airframe, I’d be hard-pressed to imagine you don’t get scooped up pretty quick. You won’t be able to do the Unsponsored route because the age waiver (actually it’s an ETP for us non-prior guys) requires sponsorship, so that option is likely off the table. In my experience and in talking to folks on here, Reserves route can be a “quicker” route with things moving along faster. ANG seems to be pretty slow approving waivers, with kickbacks of them for clerical errors or even as a whole at different levels. You’ll also have to do everything through your specific sponsoring unit (MEPS, FC1, etc.), so it’s hard to get a jump on that stuff before you’re picked up since that specific unit is cutting your orders (over a recruiter over many units) for things. Lastly, your age requires the ETP, but you’re not far into waiver territory and it shouldn’t be hard to get through. Good luck out there! This forum is a great resource, so utilize it!
  9. FDNYOldGuy

    Car loans and interest rates

    Most definitely prices have gone crazy. Watching the prices of stocks, real estate, collectors’ cars, and nice watches over the last handful of years has made me head spin. Hell, the last AOPA Flight Training Magazine mentioned that mid-60’s to mid-70’s Skyhawks have gone up 25% in a quarter (if I’m remembering the stats correctly). That’s kinda nuts. A downturn will definitely send people that overextended to the exits and bring prices back out of the stratosphere (or we’ll get stagflation, which sucks too). I like watches and I said I’d get a cheapie vintage 5500 Rolex Air King (pretty low end Rolex, but I like its simplicity) if I was able to pull off getting a pilot slot at advanced age, but prices have jumped quite a bit in the last few years that it doesn’t make sense. Maybe I’ll wait until training is over to see if things have come down? And maybe to not put the cart too far in front of the horse, since I’ve still got a long way to go until it’s a given I’ve made it...
  10. Shit, man, that's a really great article. They really did capture his personality, from what relatively little I knew of him. Funny story: so he had come out to his firehouse back when it was still pretty rare to just be open about it. Guys broke his balls (pun intended, I guess), like they do to everyone, but they never treated him any different because that's how the majority of the department operates. We will make fun of you for anything, but we're all brothers in charge of one another's lives. He was good at his job and that's all any of us really care about. True to his unique form, when he was killed, he didn't want the typical FDNY funeral; lots of Catholics on the job, so usually a big mass with plenty of boozing after. He actually had a really great (and quick, by FD standards) ceremony in Washington Square Park, right in the middle of the city. It was cool and a nice departure from the normal department funerals, honestly. But, the kicker was, the night before the funeral, his wishes were to have a celebration of life at his favorite gay bar. I actually worked at his firehouse driving 11 Truck that night so the guys that worked with him there could be off to go out. Of course, there were lots of jokes thrown about beforehand about them heading out to a gay bar. Some were hesitant about the venue; but everyone went, because it's what you do on this job for your brothers. Just picture 50+ gruff New York City firemen ranging from early 20s-mid 50s in age milling about getting ready to go out to a gay bar. I couldn't stop laughing. But, out they went and, to a man, came back boxed, saying they had a great time. In the morning, before his funeral, the stories flowed and the hangovers kicked in, because it's just kinda how things go. Seems like it fits his character of marching to the beat of his own drum. That article summed him up pretty nicely about who he was. Thanks for sharing. I'll pass it along to guys in his firehouse, in case they haven't seen it. Stay safe out there.
  11. So, this loss happened a little before I joined the site. When I did, I didn't want to put too much personally identifying info up while I was interviewing for slots, so my apologies for bringing this thread back up. But, I was wearing one of the memorial shirts for Tripp recently and it got me thinking about these guys. I unfortunately didn't know Raguso (he worked in another Borough/Division from me and our paths never crossed), but Tripp originally worked in the firehouse (Engine 28/Ladder 11) next to mine before promoting to Fire Marshal years back. I'd only worked with him a few times on details between firehouses and caught a few jobs with him, but more knew his story from the guys he worked with more than I knew him personally. Pretty incredible dude all around, with his military service and law degree from Stanford, that was talked of very highly by the guys in his firehouse who knew him well. They all figured he was on track for a life in politics, which he sure seemed like he would have excelled at. Anyway, the FDNY sendoffs for him and Raguso, with the Air Force also playing a big part, were great. They gave the families a lot of pride and showed a lot of love from those of us that worked alongside them. Those were followed up by memorial t-shirts for each of them, and one for Jolly 51 as a whole. One of the ones is pictured below and I thought was a cool mix of FDNY and USAF, so I figured I'd share it here. Belated cheers to those that were lost.
  12. FDNYOldGuy

    Details on Age Requirements

    As @flat4power said, and from what I've seen, they did up the age and commissioned service time for the AD board upcoming next month. 33 for age and 7 (I think) years for total commissioned service. There hasn't been anything I've seen on it spilling over to AFRC/ANG yet, but it certainly doesn't hurt chances for those candidates. I was able to get a non-prior service ETP for a Reserves heavy unit through at 36 (technically, I'll be 37 by UPT start, too). There was a whole lot of hustling/annoying people, by myself and my squadron (they were awesome at making calls), to get that to happen, but it worked out. I made it through the wavier process and the board, was just sworn in last week, and I've been working with the 340th and just awaiting inprocessing/official OTS start dates. Anything is possible and it's always worth the shot. Good luck!
  13. FDNYOldGuy

    Upcoming Boards

    Call or email the squadron PoCs and talk to them, interact on this board with as many folks as you can and make quality posts letting people know who you/why you want a spot/that you're not a tool, and attend rush/drill weekends if they offer and have convos with squadron members. You don't have to always be selling yourself; just get to know them and let them get to know you organically. You'll get out of it what you put into it and, for me, networking was one of the biggest leg-ups of the process.
  14. FDNYOldGuy

    Failed private pilot checkride 3 times + low scores

    I’m no expert, but you sure seem to be getting ripped off. I did my training and took my check ride about as close to expensive-for-everything NYC as you can get, and it was $500. $900 is absolutely ridiculous to pay, if you ask me. You may be getting bilked for cash. Your CFI should not be afraid of stalls and sure as hell shouldn’t be signing off for a checkride (3 times!!!) if you’re not absolutely ready. My checkrides with my CFI were harder than my checkride with the DPE because he wanted to make sure I was prepped. Yours is obviously dropping the ball. What are you failing? Just the stalls? Lastly, I don’t know how boards take your fails. It doesn’t sound like it’ll be looked at positively, as it make sense they may just see it as you’ll have the same troubles with UPT checkrides. But, you never know until you try and, to me, it seems like it could be more of a scam with your CFI, school, and DPE, so maybe you have some recourse if you ace it elsewhere? Either way, prep like crazy to get past it this next shot and see what happens from there. Good luck up there.
  15. FDNYOldGuy

    How important is visiting units?

    Unfortunately, I think the most "official" answer you'll get is: "It depends on the unit and on the applicant" Moreso, it probably also depends on fighters or heavies, as well. In my experience applying with heavy units, I didn't rush any units before getting invited for interviews. I would have certainly rushed if I'd been invited down to, but that's not how it played out. I got invited to two interviews (one ANG and one Reserves) and got offered slots at both. One unit was just a quick, in and out interview with about 15 minutes of talking to other pilots in the squadron room before going into the interview and leaving right after. There was no formal meet and greet, show ya around, or anything like that. The other was a meet and greet hang in the evening with a couple pilots, then interviews the next morning with informal convos with more pilots and a lunch after the interviews. That said, my situation sounds a little atypical. Other folks I've talked to while going through this process, at both heavy and fighter units, seemed like they rushed and there were many other hopefuls there all interacting with folks in the squadron. The interviews were a completely separate time. Some units have no interest in rushing and just want how you look on paper and your interview to be the guide. So, it doesn't seem like there's a hard and fast rule. That said, making your interest known to as many people in the squadron, getting to know them and how they feel about life in, and letting them get to know you is likely a huge leg up. Them talking amongst themselves and saying, "Yeah, I talked to that guy. Seems like a good dude/made me laugh/had a good story about _______/etc." are huge points in probably getting invited to an interview or getting an offer. If all they're doing is looking at you on a piece of paper and how you answer questions and they know nothing else about you, then it's a tougher battle. Not sure if that's any help and know it's not an "official" answer (not that I could give one as a recent pickup, anyway), but it's my take. Keep your head up, keep trying, ask for input if you didn't get the call about what you might be able to do better, and NETWORK as much as you can. Even if they don't do rushing, checking back in from time to time with pilots in the squadron via call/email/text, if you exchange contacts with some, can keep you in their view and continue to show interest. Good luck!