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  1. SB: Not saying we were perfect by any means (sometimes far from it), just different when the first tails were on the line. And not saying greybeard guys/and gal were better or worse. I was very impressed with the on station performance of the later block crews I witnessed, and the level of Stan you brought. A lot of that was a pickup game in the early days with the different communities we had. The oversight from the staff level seemed a little over the top in my opinion (I’ve git the same opinion in my service the higher I get). “Highly skilled, that could be debated, but only over a beer. As you said “fitting at the time”. ATIS
  2. First few years of DRACO('06-'08) the Boss did a great job protecting us. Never sensed the CJSOAC, althought some of the USAF types had to take the walk down the hallway to feed the bear a few times. We were left alone and just did the mission...and being new kids on the block and needing to earn our keep...I am glad we had that cover. It was only toward the end of my time (2008-ish) that the creep started to happen. USAF produced crews (front and back) [vice hand picked, by name request front and back seaters] started to filter in. That's when CJSOAC went to 11. The new boss's for sure weren't "Old Breed"...they were managment. Not saying that was bad...but you could tell they had a new master to serve. Fast forward to 2013-14 when I came back for a touch and go in my Bragg capacity....it was full on stupid at that point. The squadron I once knew, cowboy-ish...just fly and do the mission and keep the GFC's/JTAC's happy and calling on us, was long dead and buried. Still great guys and gals flying the mission and did great work on station...but not the same culture as the original bunch. I am sure we all miss it to some degree...but in the back of our minds we knew we were at that right place at the right time....and it woudn't last. And it didn't. My buds locked the door of our B-hut when someone wearing a USAF uniform tried to come in from what I heard (I was flying days). Boss intercepted them before they tried again and that was the last we heard. ATIS
  3. "supposedly ruffled too many feathers when he was CJSOAC-A/CC" That was my exposure to him...and I wasn't really in his direct Chain of Command. I had another boss...but shared some common ground, and I camped out in his space. Regardless...when I showed up to take over and serve my time....I asked why my replacement (and others on the floor) had makeshift rear view mirrows at their stations pointing aft. It was to see him walking down the hall. When we moved to a new location, we quickly got rid of the mirrors because we all recognized the sound of his door opening on the new carpet. As the CC, I was just amazed at how he treated his folks (badly and in some cases just plain mean). Bless the 05 that was his deputy on the floor....great guy and good at shielding most of the folks from the frag, but not always. I surely hope he is doing well because he earned his stipes there and was a good dude as well (actually all the folks there were pretty damn 5x5...except for my U-28 Bro....had to always give him crap). His operational experience may be untouchable...and that I can't speak too. All I can relate is watching him as the CJSOAC-CC, and I felt sorry for the AFSOC folks on the floor. You could feel the sense of relief when the new CC came in, no more looking over your shoulder and just working the mission. Don't take this as me throwing crap toward the USAF....we have tons of folks like this on the Navy side...heck, maybe more. ATIS
  4. Worst leader I ever ran across since I entered the service in ‘92. We all dreaded going to work. ATIS
  5. https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/743377/brigadier-general-brad-m-sullivan/ Just wait. I will weep for you if this happens. ATIS
  6. ATIS


    What LJDRVR said x 1000. All of those points served me well, and was the very advice handed down back in the 90's when my shit show happend. It's a roller coaster. There is a business side and a personal side to this...keep that in mind and try to keep seperate. It's hard, but in the end it will work out. The comments above about a blessing in disguise...couldn't agree more. Keep your head up, you are not alone. ATIS
  7. "The school rearranged training in order to identify students with the best aptitude for typical CSO missions. To do that, they inserted portions of formerly advanced phases of training into the primary phase using simulators. Cadre are now evaluating each student's potential to function as a WSO, sensor operator, navigator, or EWO before assignment in one of four new specialized advanced tracks." Interesting....that's how we did it in the Navy when I was winged back in the 90's. I am assuming the Navy still does it that way. Build the basics of a NFO, then track them to their community (in my day is was RIO training track, Over water Nav, and Attack A-6-EA-6B types). We all had core Air and low level nav fundementals we all had to do in advanced training, but with a trend toward your speciality. ATIS
  8. What the Flying F&*K. Fit to fight....I weep. ATIS
  9. I ever walk into a bar and these fire fighters & flyers are on site.....I'm rigging the bell and slapping the credit card down. Quote me. Very nice work. ATIS
  10. Truth!!...appreciated the guys letting me aquire some of these.....wore the crap out of them. ATIS
  11. That 06 doesn’t happen to have a Star now does he? ATIS
  12. Concur. Plus the fact that range took a huge step back once the Hornet (baby or Super) hit the flight deck. I'll just end my comments now to avoid emotion or spillage on this topic. ATIS
  13. ATIS

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    Jack Ryan is FOD. Made it slowly to episode 3 when it jumped the shark. Wife and I both pitched out for different reasons. ATIS
  14. Q: What is your status/service? Are you in the Navy thinking about jumping? Are you winged yet? About 15 years ago I made the jump from USN NFO to ANG WSO (my Navy platform while fun to fly had the writting on the wall in the long term...aka, dying). Then the bottem fell out of the squadron that accepted me and I departed the pattern, jumped back into the Navy as a Reservist and found myself an initial cadre OP1/backseater in the U-28 program. Started that program with some buddies as the intial CSO group (pilots were all USAF types; all fantastic guys+2 gals), then after 3 or so years and two very long IA's...went back to being a normal desk flying Navy Reserve NFO type (unfortunatly still flying a desk...but would drag my nuts through broken glass to go back to the U-28). I knew of three A-6 BN's that went WSO back in the day. Those were active Navy to ANG (one after a pep tour with F-15E's). Not active Navy to active USAF. If you are a winged NFO, MC-12 CSO might be an option in the Guard (Oklahoma I believe) if you are thinking of jumping at the end of your NFO commitment. Start trolling the B-1 or B-52 Reserve orginizations. EC-130's out of PA ANG maybe. Unless there is a demand signal from the active USAF, there is no place to go (maybe I am wrong...maybe a question for AFPC). I don't know/recall a call out for active F-15E, BUFF, BONE, or Gunship/U-28's right now, so showing up on the doorstep of the USAF with Navy double anchor wings might be a dry hole. Being a NFO/CSO limits options more than a pilot, that's just the ground truth. ATIS
  15. Forget the yellow stuff....go Dunkel!! Daydreaming of Munich again......time to get back to work.
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