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  1. Yeah I definitely agree with this. I personally know Kylrs and Elliott Upp. I met them and a lot of other guys, who are on the road to becoming fighter pilots, by staying in contact with those I would meet at rushing events, interviews, etc. Honestly, if it weren't for making connections and my friends I met throughout this process, I probably would not have gotten a fighter slot. Having the qualifications is opening the door, but knowing the right people, being a good bro, and NOT GIVING UP is how you get a seat in the room.
  2. True stuff. I as well got picked up by an A-10 unit and it was my third interview. Moral of the story is keep knocking, keep networking, keep being a good bro. If you have the right attitude and determination then its only a matter of time.
  3. Yeah definitely. Keep at it and research/network/grow as much as possible. Great advice bro
  4. I have a friend who told me he got an invite for Ft. Worth. I believe its March 2nd or that weekend
  5. Yeah absolutely! I have been asking for feedback every time. In Indiana the feedback was that I gave the perception of being too much of an airline guy by the way I answered the questions, but that they can see me getting picked up very soon and thought I was a solid candidate. I also got feedback from the NOLA unit (F-15s) on why I didn't get an interview. They said because of the test scores, but they liked my personality and told me to work on the scores and keep coming back. And Homestead didn't give me feedback per say, but they did say they will keep me in mind for the next board.
  6. I have had two interviews. One guard A-10 unit June 2017 for Indiana and the other was a reserve F-16 unit in Homestead Dec 2017. How often have people interviewed for fighter slots? What do you think my chances are? Age: 23 CFI, Commercial Pilot, and Instrument Rated. 650hrs flight time PCSM: 95 AFOQT Pilot: 85 Nav: 44 Academic: 48 Verbal: 47 Quantative: 53 GPA: 3.0 Some of those test scores are mediocre, but I think the GPA, flight time, and previous interview experience helps. Hoping to get a UPT slot sometime soon.
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