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  1. I am a cadet trying to get hired by a Guard Unit or go to ENJJPT. Took the AFOQT for the first time and did alright on the pilot and nav (94 and 77). I am very unhappy with the rest of my scores, which are in the 40's and below. I am told not to retake the test because my scores are fine for AD purposes. Also the factor does loom over that I fail and can not go to field training this year. I almost have my PPL and I am planning on having 100+ flight hours. I am yet to take the TBAS, and have a 3.9 CGPA currently (I am hoping to realistically keep a 3.7 through senior year). After finding out AFROTC cadets can go into the Guard last year it has been my dream, however I know my AFOQT scores are quite low. I am advised by leadership just to focus on having a 90+ PCSM. For ENJJPT I was told that my nav is a bit low, but they really only care about your PCSM, GPA and pilot score. For Guard, after reading through this forum it seems for fighters your going to need 90+ in all category's to be competitive. I have been lurking here constantly for a few years now, and I decided now would be a good time to reach out for some advice from those who have made it. Do I stand no chance of getting hired by a fighter unit with such low AFOQT Academic Aptitude, Verbal and Quantitative scores? Would some units be willing to look away from some bad scores if I already have an AD pilot slot through AFROTC? Thank you all in advance
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