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  1. What did you realize you were doing wrong? Are there just soft skills that we all take for granted in the interview that we generally get wrong? I am trying to figure out whether or not it really is worth it to the prep versus just preparing myself using the questions that can be found on here.
  2. What's the chance of them ever having a UPT Board? Would it be safe to say it would be quite low?
  3. Yes I do. For the Reserves there is a Unsponsored Reserve Board held in the fall of AS300 Year. Generally about 15 Cadets apply/get in. The averages for that board as of last year are a 61 PCSM and a 3.4 GPA. Perhaps a little bit more competitive than the AD AFROTC Board but it certainly is not impossible to get into. If you are accepted it will be up to you to be hired by a Reserve Squadron. It is also important to note that if you accept this offer to go into the Reserves Unsponsored you can not be put up for the Active Duty Boards or try to compete for ENJJPT. For the Guard it is a little different in that there is no dedicated program to join the Guard from AFROTC. It is up 100% up to you to go and get hired by a Squadron just like any one else applying from off the street. AFROTC HQ as of now lets Cadets leave their AD commitment and join the ANG with little problems.
  4. Awesome this is really inspiring after messing it up the first time. Good job
  5. Hey everybody. Was wondering if I could get some brutally honest advice on what my chances are for getting hired by a Guard Fighter Unit with these scores. About to graduate college soon and have already started rushing. I think I screwed up on the TBAS pretty bad, I was really hoping my 101+ hour score would be a little bit higher. The one unit I did rush went over my application so far and said I was very competitive, especially once I got my PPL for what that’s worth. My AFOQT scores I view as far as my biggest flaw, but I can not retake it. I plan to keep on rushing and hopefully represent myself in a good manner to make up for not having stellar AFOQT scores. Thanks! GPA - 3.78 in Political Science PCSM - 82 (90 with 101+ hours) Flying - 69 hours. About to do my checkride (have been holding off to use up scholarship money). Currently building up to the 101 hour mark and hope to be there by December. AFOQT Pilot/ Nav - 93/75 (rest of the score are in the 50s and below. Retaking is not an option due to circumstances) Age - 21 LOR - Wing Commander, 06 Group Commander, Detachment Commander
  6. I am guessing he is an AS200 and did not get an EA so he could go to Field Training
  7. I’m assuming the 177th FW announced these numbers in their interview notification emails?
  8. There was a thread on this earlier this year. I found it inspiring. I subscribed to CW Lemoine when he had around 3000 subscribers. There was a huge spike when he got into DCS and it has been like that ever since. His advice is still great, glad to see his channel is prospering. From the units I have talked to about this regarding this subject, the number of candidates that are competitive is remaining about the same. Anyone with actual experience able to give any input?
  9. Does anyone know the specific form to be released from an AD AFROTC Contract to join the ANG once sponsored? Cadre are not aware of any specific form. Only ones I could find is for those who want to go Unsponsored Reserves. I was told by Guard Units that it is a Letter of Intent that is sent to your Detachment and AFROTC HQ? Thanks.
  10. To anyone who has experience/applied to Bomber Squadrons, is it safe to assume it is as competitive as Fighter Squadrons? Thanks.
  11. There are plenty of people in AFROTC who are in a similar position to yourself. I would definitely recommend taking a look at joining a local detachment. Nobody will think less of you coming in as a sophomore or wanting to be a pilot without even seeing a jet before. Good luck
  12. Anyone know if this is still true today regarding whether or not being out of state is a mark against you? I know they haven't had a UPT Board in a few years, but was wondering for future reference. Thanks.
  13. How much focus do you folks see put on the non pilot AFOQT scores? It seems to vary greatly from unit to unit depending on what the unit needs at the time. I was told from the folks I have talked too that at the end of the day its just one part of you and it does not define you. Just looking for some extra feedback thanks.
  14. I am a cadet trying to get hired by a Guard Unit or go to ENJJPT. Took the AFOQT for the first time and did alright on the pilot and nav (94 and 77). I am very unhappy with the rest of my scores, which are in the 40's and below. I am told not to retake the test because my scores are fine for AD purposes. Also the factor does loom over that I fail and can not go to field training this year. I almost have my PPL and I am planning on having 100+ flight hours. I am yet to take the TBAS, and have a 3.9 CGPA currently (I am hoping to realistically keep a 3.7 through senior year). After finding out AFROTC cadets can go into the Guard last year it has been my dream, however I know my AFOQT scores are quite low. I am advised by leadership just to focus on having a 90+ PCSM. For ENJJPT I was told that my nav is a bit low, but they really only care about your PCSM, GPA and pilot score. For Guard, after reading through this forum it seems for fighters your going to need 90+ in all category's to be competitive. I have been lurking here constantly for a few years now, and I decided now would be a good time to reach out for some advice from those who have made it. Do I stand no chance of getting hired by a fighter unit with such low AFOQT Academic Aptitude, Verbal and Quantitative scores? Would some units be willing to look away from some bad scores if I already have an AD pilot slot through AFROTC? Thank you all in advance
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