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  1. Well I guess that’s it then. Out of 124 applicants, how many got an interview? Edit: Forgot to say good luck!
  2. I’m a bit confused as they just sent an email on Wednesday saying we should expect to hear back by January. Did you get a call or email about the interview?
  3. I heard back today - no luck this time. Looks like they are doing personal emails, so it may take them a bit to get to everyone.
  4. Highest PCSM given the hours and AFOQT that I’ve seen. Is the VTANG visit opportunity posted somewhere? I reached out a few weeks ago and they still said nothing was planned.
  5. I retook. First time I thought I couldn’t have done worse. Second time I thought I couldn’t have done better. No score change (95 in 81-100 bracket).
  6. Just heard back - board is still delayed due to Rona. Plan is to have the board still this Fall.
  7. Did the 121FS in DC ever send out invites? Or are we all still waiting?
  8. The 162nd Wing is asking for a completed DD Form 369 for police record check to be included with the application. Does anybody have experience with this form? Are we supposed to fill out Section I and II and submit? Or do they want us to bring this to a police agency to have it completed entirely? If you read the form, the intention is for it to be completed and sent out by a recruiter. It's not making a ton of sense.
  9. I was told to check back in about a week (8/17) for Hawaii. Has anybody gotten an update from Jacksonville or DC?
  10. ZR-1

    FAIP Q&A

    Thanks for the reply. If your UPT class drop looks not so hot, is trying to FAIP a legit strategy to try and essentially get another drop?
  11. ZR-1

    FAIP Q&A

    How long are FAIP assignments and how do post-FAIP assignments work? Do FAIPs fill out a dream sheet? There is some older, limited information on this in this thread, but I am interested in the current situation. Thanks.
  12. Looks like they sent emails to everybody today. Averages of all applications received: GPA 3.23, Age 26, PCSM 81, Pilot 89, Nav 75, Apt 63, Ver 67, Quan 57. Averages of those selected to interview: GPA 3.34, Age 22.5, PCSM 91, Pilot 98, Nav 91, Apt 81, Ver 80, Quan 76.
  13. 98 Pilot, 92 PCSM, 60 hours From some recent boards (3 fighter boards released interview decisions in the past week), it seems the average hours and subsequently average PCSM of those selected to interview has gone up.
  14. Echo the dude above that this is good advice, but I don’t look at it as if I can’t do anything about it. As ANG looks harder to get into, AD looks more appealing. I know some dudes have completely ruled out AD, but for me it is still on the table. The way I’ve decided to handle it is setting an age limit. I figure after 25 or 26 the ANG odds will only go down, so it’s time to submit the AD application.
  15. For about the past year, all I keep hearing back from units is that they are seeing record numbers of applications for their boards. I am starting to wonder if board applications overall are increasing, and also what affect that is having on odds. You can have great scores, great experience, and show up on drill weekends, but if there are consistently 150-200 applications each board the odds can still be rough. This may be anecdotal, but I started applying to fighter units approximately 3 years ago. The first year was great - I had a few interviews and got really good feedback from them. Then it all dried up, even though I increased the number of boards I applied to and my flying hours and work experience increased. The best explanation I can come up with is that applications have gone way up. Starting to consider going AD if things continue like this. Wondering if anybody has a similar story or any insight into application number trends.
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