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  1. Does anybody know if the 112FS in Toledo allows visiting? And if so, when are their upcoming drill dates?
  2. Is it a good idea to fit how many interviews you’ve had so far onto your application somewhere (resume or cover letter)? And if so with what squadrons? I can see how this might make you look competitive but I can also see how it might just look dumb.
  3. Thank you all for the replies. This was exactly what I was looking for. I’ll do my best to be upfront and honest.
  4. I’ve heard about this happening before but I can’t find the thread. Here is the generic situation: Unit A is my preferred unit (location, airframe, mission, etc.). I also like Unit B, but not as much as Unit A. Unit B has a board a few months before Unit A. IF I am fortunate enough to get the slot with B, how unethical is it to also try and get a slot with A? This would obviously occur before any training would begin. On one hand, I see this as a douchey thing to do. On the other, they should have alternates right? Also, should I be upfront about it?
  5. This looks great. Are there any other similar podcasts made by military pilots?
  6. Fresno sent out invites to around 10 people for interviews. From what I can tell, they went mostly to people who visited.
  7. Going to be visiting a unit during drill weekend for the first time. Few questions as I am a civilian. 1. Are drill weekends usually Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or just Saturday and Sunday? 2. Do guys usually visit for just a single day or multiple? 3. I've already read that bringing booze to gift is generally a good idea. Is it best to just show up at the front door with it or to leave it in the car until the end of the day? 4. I'm planning on bringing some resumes and a binder for taking some notes. Anything else I should bring that I'm not thinking of?
  8. Study for and take the AFOQT and TBAS ASAP. You can retake the AFOQT after 1 year so you want to get your first one done as soon as you feel ready. You have a lot more hours than me so your PCSM (combined AFOQT and TBAS) score should come out to be pretty good. Either contact the ANG wing about this or a local AFROTC detachment. I did mine both at the AFROTC detachment at my college and they were very helpful. If you want PRK/LASIK, try to get that done soon too. I had mine done in May and I have to wait 6 months to apply to make sure the surgery went okay. Also check the medical section on the forum to find out the details to see if you even need it. If you are 20/30 and 20/40 without the glasses on, you don't. If you do need it, make sure you get the appropriate form and go over it with your doctor so that everything is documented before/during/after the surgery. I don't know about enlisting before trying to apply to a UPT board. Really depends on the specific ANG wing. Some wings only hire from within. Try getting in contact with other wings with airframes/locations you are interested in and seeing if you can visit. You can then decide where you feel you would like it/fit best and if it would be worth it for you to enlist to try to increase your chances.
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