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  1. Does anyone remember how long you have to get our after accepting VSP? I can't remember if it's 6 months or until the end of the FY. 6 months just seems like a firehose to seperate and removes the ability to get into programs like CSB.
  2. Yeah I'm referring to the PIT waivers. Not the soul cause of problems, just a contributing factor. Anyway my overarching point is HAF/A1 rarely makes decisions that make any sense. Whether 11Rs are offered a VSP or not, I'm certain we are all going to be left jaw dropped wondering "why?"
  3. Doesn't really work that way. Your core afsc doesn't change when you go to UPT. You are still an 11R on paper (and as it is, 11Rs are still filling a huge gap of UPT billets for the size community they are). So many of those manning overages on paper are pilots already assigned to UPT. Trust me, 11Rs have been filling their fair share of these for quite some time. Most recently to the detriment of the ops squadrons due to the AETC prohibition on AC waivers.
  4. It's true. Germany is in talks to acquire Sputnik by early Summer.
  5. I dunno. 11Rs have a good shot actually. They are 120% right now and AFPC has no intention of letting them x train.
  6. Uhhhh.... Bidens history with racism, sex assault allegations with Tara Reade, the potential cover ups for his son (not just Ukraine but dozens of shady business dealings), his scetchy history on accepting graft from lobbyist, draft dodging (if trump draft dodged than so definitely did Biden), I mean, you can make a pretty good case he is a despicable human being. Edit: almost forgot plagiarizing through law school.
  7. Yup. I travel the NL, Belgium and Germany routinely, and essentially the lockdown posture has never altered from when the pandemic first started. It has "eased" for a few weeks at a time here and there but for the most part personal liberties have been non existent. It is REALLY starting to wear on people here. A group of us just got back from the US and were shocked to see it was like a pandemic wasn't even happening. People wore mask but we were largely free to go shopping, eat at restaurants or go to events. Meanwhile, Europe has completely bungled its vaccination plans and so their ca
  8. There's also enough flyers you can cycle different people through. The number of officers per squadron is quite high amongst rated fields. For SF, MX and other squadrons though that ratio is much much much lower.
  9. Interesting theory behind if though. The article isn't saying that lockdown has prevented suicides but that a limited phenomena has staved them off. While the US will likely resume a normal life sometime this year, it is begging to look like Europe is going increasingly interested in waiting until next summer. (2022) I would be interested to compare their statistics as their lockdown continues to get harsher and longer.
  10. Funny you say that because this dude had a shiny waxed cue ball up top.
  11. It's not uncommon for non Aircrew types to command multiple times. Met an SF Lt Col once going to his 4th squadron command.
  12. Ironic coming from a guy who got his startup in politics by running on a platform of maintaining Jim Crow/racial segregation.
  13. The real litmus test is how many of these off brand conservative networks have permanent seats in the James S. Brady room? Quite a few, like OAN have shared seats, or pick up seats on lucky occasions. But the preponderance of seats lie with CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS or one of their affiliates though.
  14. Ah gotcha. I'm sorry I presumed your AFSC.
  15. Why do you have an IRR commitment anyway? Thought your IRR commitment was served concurrent to additional ADSC's once you fulfilled your initial commissioning ADSC.
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