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  1. I would say my wife's inability to hold a career is probably the single biggest motivating factor to me getting out. Even financially, when you run the numbers, adding a meaningful income to anything you make in the military is going to out weigh any bonus offers, etc.... and then there is the whole effect on spouses mental health. The feeling that they lack contribution to society or identity. The fact that they are only known as "Capt So-and-so's Wife" instead of by their name. And the fact that the Military keeps trying to push this creepy 1950s family model that relegated them to the home when they are better educated than their peers.
  2. And not just SOCOM, the CAF entertained it for a while too. Yes to outfit our own forces but also to enhance partner training and Interoperability. I just see this as the fundamental hindrance to LAF though. SOCOM wants this FID/SAF tool and CAF kind of wants it but doesn't see the value enough to divest other projects. Again this is all opinion based from me.
  3. Most of the higher levels of AF leadership come from the CAF. It is my oppinion that building partner relationships is one of the weaker competencies of the CAF community. I say that having worked on two combined staffs as a CAF background myself. CAF leaders simply dont get the international exposure early in their career and by the time they hit the operational levels they are programmed to believe the USAF can go it alone. I can't count the number of times I've done a combined RED FLAG and listened to bemoaning that our PN Air Forces were going to hold us back, limit our TTPs, or otherwise detract from the exercise. There is no excitement to build those relationships. Simply put, I'm not sure this priority will change in the near future. (Disclaimer: I'm not saying this is everyone in the CAF, there are exceptions. This is just my perception of a generalization as a whole.)
  4. I'm in Korea also and was told the same thing In short, I was told that I won't be reimbursed until my next PCS and I will only be reimbursed for what the government would have paid for storage. I was able to acquire an individual unit for my car and belongings each. That said, I may have been spoon fed BS and not get reimbursed. But I was in a situation where I didn't have much a choice and I was able to acquire cheap storage regardless. Good luck. If you have any other Korea questions you can PM me. Are you coming with dependents?
  5. Not even. We wasted an ammo cache and a cave entrance. I think we all know now those terms glorify a tarp over an AK-47 and a tarp over a basement. Wonder how much the munitions cost to take out that tarp and AK-47?
  6. FLEA

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    If that's how you feel you're in the wrong thread brutha.....
  7. More questions: How do you count UPT time? SIM time? Does it depend on the class sim? Really great answers so far. Thanks for those of you in the know for contributing.
  8. I will concur, cyber did some awesome shit in OIR and also GWOT. I had a very limited peak behind the curtain being at the right organization at the right time and I have a new respect for this field.
  9. If they're in need of bodies they don't act like it. I've tried to crossflow for two VMLs and was told I didnt line up with training dates.
  10. Look under the careers other than airlines thread. There was some good info posted recently there.
  11. Another question, do airlines generally discount other time. IE, they only care about time at controls?
  12. Just curious, how much PIC time is competitive these days?
  13. Sounds like a culture of excessive risk but not sure. I feel like it's rare to see a CC fired after a mishap though unless it's ORM abuse.
  14. This video was what the Air Force was up through my first deployment. Nunya nailed it with the alternate reality. The longer I stayed in the more the dream wilted into a gilded shadow of the experience I thought it was. It makes me sad to think about it. It's like being in that final phase of a relationship where you remember how awesome the initial romance was but now you know she's cheating on you and you're to afraid to say anything or leave, but regardless in the next few months, the fling will be over and youre gonna cradle yourself in a period of self loathing gym gains buried in cacoon creatine shakes and Maxim mags. FML.
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