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  1. Big difference between a quad copter and an MQ-9 or GH. I'm not sure the skill sets are comparable. I would take the RPA position as it overall broadens your resume but have a plan to regain currencies/flight hours in the future. Then you have fall backs.
  2. Colin Noir did a pretty good response on the McCleosky debacle above and what was and what was not within their rights.
  3. I don't think I ever made it past the first verse sober....that's my excuse.
  4. I did. Sorry didn't have the book in front of me. Its just what you said made me realise we fall into completely different schools (in the book you do a quiz at the beggining to determine your closest school of thought) so we are unlikely to find agreement on some of these issues.
  5. Prozac your post reminded me of a book I recently finished. If you get the time check it out. It's called Super Power: Three Choices for Americans by Ian Brenner. It's a non partisan discussion about why our foreign policy strategies are failing us right now. In short, the author outlines 3 schools of thought on FP. The strategy I subscribe to and I think more and more Americans are subscribing to is the best way to garner world influence is to put our own house in order and be a stalwart example of a moral state. But there are faults with this approach and the author does talk about it. The two other strategies are Moneyball and Indespensible America, which focus on calculated advantages or using force to project American values/morals on the rest of the world. The whole point of the book isn't to suede people one way or the other but to present the 3 approaches and get people to pick one because for 30 years we've been trying to do all of them and we are finding out that is impossible.
  6. We dont have a lot of moral high ground on this though considering we did the same thing times 1000X in the 1980s.
  7. Dude that person needs to go eat a bag of dicks. If its on UPT base property, it's 100% fair game!
  8. FLEA

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    That made my fucking day.
  9. Have always had respect for most of the people that talk on this forum. I've met very few officers/aviators who are ignorant. Most people have different points of few but I find it heartwarming that there are still some corners of the world where we can have thoughtful disagreements without blocking each other or calling each other racist. It reminds me the world is in good hands still, despite the occasional fuck ups that sometimes rise to authority. Bless all you all!
  10. My friends in Europe are telling me that interpretation is a nightmare right now. Apparently if you go on leave your departing area and your leave area have to be green. But you can travel 8 hours on a 4 day pass. Well no guidance on what rules apply to a pass so they've been using the loop hole to go-to other countries. What gets crazy though is some EU countries don't recognize your SOFA status as EU residency, so they've tried to deport a few dependents back to the US instead of letting them return to Germany, the NL or whatever. It's an utter shit show.
  11. Noone here has forgotten the whole lesson about US involvement in European instability. However, that lesson is receiving heavy scrutiny now because of its cost. And it should receive scrutiny. There are no "natural laws" or "rules" in geo-politics. We should always be adjusting our thought. First off, I'm skeptical anytime mentions US foreign policy and "track record" or "history" in the same sentence. 200 years isn't history. Its a sneeze. China has seen continuous governance under a unified identify for over 3000 years. Sink that in a for a bit because its a bit amazing to think about. Sure they've had overthrows and invasions that took power, but they always remained predominantly identified as a single people (disregarding discussions of sub cultures like the Han, im talking specifically, how long has there been a "place identified as China"). So building trend data off of two events that happened only 20 years apart probably isn't prudent global planning on our part. Second, saying that a secure "Europe" is better for American prosperity is a bit dishonest. Europe is a geographical feature that says nothing about where the global balance of power lies. Pre-WW2, many of those powers happened to be conjugated in Europe. Today? Not a single European player (outside maybe France in the UK as notable exceptions) has global influence. The center of power has shifted dramatically from Western Europe to the Pacific. The top 6 military power centers in the world on the Global Firepower Index all have borders on the Pacific Ocean. (8 if you count Britain and France's Pacific holdings) 6/12 of the largest economies are on the Pacific, including the Top 3, the US, China and Japan. The problem with the above philosophy is it puts WAY too much importance on how much influence Europe has on the world order in modern terms. Third, we tend to have a lens that puts too much emphasis on the WW's as what happened in Western Europe. We forget, that they were global wars, and especially in WW2, most of the fighting did not take place in Western Europe. I promise you the Chinese don't frame their historic perceptions of WW2 as something that mainly occurred in Europe. As our #1 adversary, that should be something that we take important note of. Fourth, having the basic premise that a continent cant organize their shit so we have to occupy and pacify them for our own successful aims just doesn't sound like a good long term strategy. We invest 320K DoD personnel in Europe. That is literally 1/4 of our entire military, on one foreign continent. The largest military in Western Europe is the US military. Think about that for a minute, and then think about what your squadron could do with a 33% manning boost? To quote your terms, why are we spending "on peace and prosperity in Europe" when we should be spending on Peace and Prosperity in the United States, the largest threat to which, is in Asia. I totally understand and hear your point of view. But I find it outdated and irrelevant with what is actually going on in the world right now. I think there is a growing crowd of skeptics that question if Europe is "worth" our investment.
  12. So to be clear unless the rules changed the real hurdle here is if he promotes to Captain or not. If the AF promotes him, I believe, under the rules I remember, the UIF is automatically archived and he will bury the referral with enough new OPRs before his majors board to have a chance that it's not discovered. There will probably be other indicators in his record but nothing that clearly screams LOR. I've seen it work both ways as well but just saying Lt Col is totally in the realm of possibility. Isn't there a sitting fighter wing commander out there with an LOR for making. a lewd video?
  13. Absolutely. But Lt Col and retire is still in the definite realm of possibility. I would not expect command or DO opportunities. But being a Capt, (assuming he is) you can definitely outlive this and make a decent pension.
  14. The good thing is these records don't create a void. They are always reviewed before any big personnel decision (i.e. promotion) and there's a good chance the person reviewing it will see it as an overreaction though. I do question the whole "counseling by the first seargent" though.
  15. I went to University of Toledo and definitely saw some heavy liberal indoctrination in SOME of my classes. I think most professors are just too tired to give a shit though. But there were 2 classes I hated going to one quarter while in ROTC because the professor would always see me in my uniform and start railing on Bush and the wars in the Middle East knowing that I can't say anything. Was super annoying. Since Toledo was a cross town school and the upper classmen were pretty chill I ended up just not wearing my uniform until I went to lead lab. Worked out ok.
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