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  1. Some flight docs go through the actual FAA training and can issue up to a Class 2 I think. They pretty much get the training for post career aspirations but it's not universal. Otherwise, the FAR allows your military class 1 to count as a FAA Class 3 but it's a US FAR, so probably not accepted elsewhere.
  2. ing Catan ruined more friendships for than it built. Definitely send that.
  3. Not an air to air guy but curious if they did shot validation in Vietnam, or if it came later as a way to reduce these training missile expenditures and still provide meaningful debrief material.
  4. The latest victim is Nikki Haley, once idolized by the left for her out spoken "with all do respect sir" comment, she has now been thrown under the bus for her revelation in her book that she would not join Tillerson or Kelly in what, at it's smallest, was insubordination, and at it's largest, potentially a coup. Either way, there is a disturbing lack of outrage over Kelly and Tillerson's attempts to undermine democracy.
  5. It wouldn't be a COCOM decision, it's a JCS decision and if TRANSCOM made the right case for it, it would definitely happen. Ill talk to my 5 and see what came out of this year's conference.
  6. Heard there was tremendous momentum though to pull all airlift assets to TRANSCOM/AMC though. Not sure how that's going.
  7. I think that remains to be seen when a.) Their commitments are up and b.) If there is an availability of contractor positions for their skill set. I'm not sure about GH pilots but Reaper pilots with an LR background can pull as far north as tree fiddy. Hard for me to immagine someone on the enlisted pay scale bypassing that as a norm.
  8. This dude is a cat. I remember the first time we killed him in an airstrike. Then there was the time Russia killed him in a mortar strike. Then when we killed him in an airstrike again. Then when the Brits did it. And the Russians one more time. I'm waiting on the DNA and dental.
  9. Heard the same. It was on the MAF FB page a while back that assignments to AFPAK hands were being pulled and notified members rolled to next VML.
  10. Ooooh what'd you get !? what'd you get!?
  11. "states don't have friends, states only have interest." Was one of my favorite Queen Elizabeth quotes. It shows how fickle relationships with allies really are.
  12. FLEA


    The argument was particularly pointed on fighters because they have much smaller avionics bays and limited space to install new CB's, head units. It was going to be something that didn't have the easy functionality to turn on and off, if I can remember what was briefed. The FAA wanted everyone on ADSB because they realistically thought they could uninstall all of their surveillance radars across country which are expensive to maintain and operate. However, there were other reasons that became clear that they were still decades out from a level of technology that would enable this. With the legacy traffic management system required to stay, the FAA didn't have as strong of a case for the AF to keep using it.
  13. FLEA


    Last brief I received on staff said ACC has won the ADS-B argument and all fighters and bombers will be exempted. Dude was unsure when I asked about ISR and SOF, but in short there were some security issues with the technology that made it a poor choice for combat aircraft.
  14. Seems like it. My 2 BTZ will cover about 1.3 years of me being a Major.
  15. Most dudes in the younger generation now, honestly have no idea how to stay fit, and I've realized that. They think that being fit requires a commitment to go to the gym 5X / week, run a shit ton and do hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups. They practice what they're tested on because noone has ever taught them how much easier it to stay fit with smart resistance training and VO2 work. And culturally we are all at fault for it because we tend to celebrate things like 45 min CrossFit workouts that are total slog fest when the reality is you don't need anything near that. We aren't trying to make division 1 athletes here. We are just trying to keep a dude at an appropriate waist and cardio capacity for his age. So education is a big point of it I think. Right now, I've never seen a fitness center class that is focused on basics of health. Our highschool's don't do it either. Nothing out there tells you that hitting a bench press for 15 reps a week is 100X better than doing 200 push-ups a day. And that if you run just 5-6 min every 2-3/days at Max pace you will sufficiently challenge your VO2 max (which is 90% a genetic baseline btw) to increase. Its one of my biggest gripes because you see a lot more kids these days who never played sports. And they are taught their perceptions of fitness from basic where it is (arguably) designed to smoke you, and be an uncomfortable expereince. And then we tell them they need to maintain that year round and in their head they're rightfully thinking that repeating that expereince sucks. More so, there is no data or research behind the exercise programs in Ascension programs. At least from my own expereince in ROTC, it was just a random cadet who was picked to design a workout based off of the 10-12 movements that ROTC prescribed and it was not scientific or useful by any means.
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