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  1. This is where my view comes from. I don't want people of different faiths in the military who are willing to compromise their spiritual fabric because of something that offers an unknown measure of military effectiveness. If they are willing to compromise their moral identity for something so trivial, what will happen when someone comes to them with a much larger oppurtunity. The options for them are currently 1.) don't join, or 2.) compromise. Largely, many of them won't join, and as a force, that weakens us because we are missing the insights unique to their cultural upbringing; a lesson I think we've squarely been smashed in the dick on for the last 20 years. I think Homestar nailed it when he said we simply have a cultural fabric to diverse to make everyone exactly the same. So make it as unified as possible, then realises those differences are actually our strengths. We are looking for unity of purpose, not unity of thought/ideas/expereince.
  2. You can view it however you want man. I've personally never felt my "esprit de corp" hurt by when a woman runs faster, slower or in the same time as me. That might say more about you than the force as a whole. People wrapped up on this, just like people wrapped up on turbans and beards, have shown a really hollow adherence to a very clouded and artificial concept (esprit de corp) that honestly doesn't have a whole lot of backing for how you can measure it or it's contribution to combat power.
  3. Alright look dude, the information is out there. I'm not going to fish it for you. Yes, you should as an officer, spend considerable time understanding the standards you uphold your subordinates to and WHY they are there. If you don't spend time understanding those standards, that's on you, not me. I never had trouble knowing my units doc statement and knowing my job as an officer.
  4. 1.) I think that's the incorrect usage of "Okay Boomer." 2.) What I said is absolutely 100% correct and you can google and watch Dr Neil Baumgartner yourself (guy who designed AF PT test) and he will tell you the same. He selected the standard of 45-60 VO2 max because it was heavily correlated with lower risk for diabetes and heart disease. He used a large study by the Cooper institute to determine that women who run between XX:XX and YY:YY have a VO2 MAX of 45-60 and men have to run significantly faster to demonstrate the same VO2 max. Regardless, the entire intent of the test is to measure your VO2 max. He even discusses that he wanted to get rid of Push-ups and Situps all together because they don't scientifically assess anything and have no associated standards, but he was legit over ruled by boomers in that case who argued a military organization should do push up. (which is a really really dumb reason to do push-ups) Anyway, the point is, we don't need this assininely strict interpretation of uniformity to have esprit de corp or good order and discipline. Women have been integrated for nearly 40 years now with different dress and appearence standards and hair standards and while the AF is a burning dumpster fire, there are about a million things I can point fingers at because I think it's unfair women can wear skirts and I can't.
  5. We do have the same standards for PT. The standard is you have to maintain a level of fitness that promotes an extended life and lower health care premiums. The standard for women is nearly identical to men. It's designed to assess a VO2 max between I believe 45 and 60. It just so happens women need a lot less performance to do that.
  6. I really can't understand the frustration on this either. We're at a point where finding people who are capable and willing to join the armed forces is becoming harder and harder yet we want to tell people they have to choose their country over their God. That's simply not going to happen.
  7. Are Bob's actually reading baseops? https://www.janes.com/article/94311/top-us-air-force-officer-sees-mq-9-reaper-uav-as-prime-candidate-for-armed-overwatch
  8. RPA's, we are finding out, are a nightmare to deploy anywhere besides CENTCOM. Turns out, countries with developed Telecom infrastructure dont like it when you want to come in and consume huge portions of their highly limited spectrum. Especially in the middle of a global economic race to develop wireless broadband networks (i.e. 5G) . Furthermore, if people could see the SATCOM bill for RPAs you would remove any sense in your brain about them being a low cost option. It's absolutely insane what bandwidth costs!
  9. Bro you act like these things are actually going to show up at Hurby or Pope. Did the C-27 teach you anything? Even after it's bought big blue can still shut this off before they have to own it! Those 75 LAFs are easily 1/10th of a shiny new B-21!!!
  10. I just didn't see it until my wife would point it out to me. Or show me things i never noticed. If you know what you're looking for in the ways of tattoos, drug paraphinalia, etc.... You start to see it everywhere there. There are certainly nicer areas away from the city but the area south of I-10 to the CBD and the areas you mentioned are slums. Stoplight hell is the truth. Supposedly, 30 years ago the city voted on whether or not to build a bypass to I-10 north of the city before it got pushed up to the mountains. The city council was afraid Tucson would lose its "small town feel" if they did that and voted it down. Now 30 years later the population exploded to over a million and there is no room to put a bypass. Does smiling Sally still smile for her troops on Houghton south of the airbase?
  11. Wonder if it was uncovered in relation to his 89th Air Wing post. In his roll at that base I'm sure he'd have to recieve some fairly invasive background investigations given that he could have close proximity to POTUS.
  12. Not sure what platform your dad or brother were on but you are probably going to make a hell of a lot of more difference in the MQ-9 than 95% chance they did in their MWS. When I begrudgingly TAMI 21d to the MQ-9 as a non vul it was at the horizon of the war in Syria. For a 3 month period, 75% of all munitions dropped in CENTCOM came from an MQ-9. We were extraordinarily kinetic and because we didn't go home after a 4 month rotation we developed more SA on the ground campaign than any other flying community. The assignment opened doors for me I would have never had in my manned community and I was offered positions in SOCOM, the Pentagon, and other communities. The assignment ended up becoming an apex of my career and when I went to staff I carried a lot of credibility for my time in MQ-9s, not so much my time in other aircraft. I would advise you life is full of dissapointment and failing to meet goals becomes a regular event. Frequently we tend to look at the Johnny Kim's in life and compare ourselves, leaving us to feel short or inadequate. The truth is we often can't control the circumstances that bring us to our outcomes and while there is no doubt more you could have done to reach your goal of being a pilot you must recognize a lot is contributed to luck and timing as well. A well known base ops'er used to say "grow where you are planted" and that advice, personally, helped me thrive. I found new interest I didn't know I had and quickly became an expert in areas most chose to ignore. But it brought me new oppurtunities and new successes. You'll find as you get older that success becomes more about the people you've surrounded yourself with than what you have achieved or accomplished. Whereever you go, hold good character, be a loyal friend, and help others out. You will quickly find that you feel more fulfillment in this manner than you do by overly stressing to meet arbitrary goals you set for yourself. That doesn't mean you should quit or end your pursuit to be a pilot, but realise it is not necessary to attain fulfillment. If your family can't recognize that, ditch them. Do not keep people in your life that drain your spirit. If you want more advice or mentoring, PM me and I'll give you my work email to reach out to. I spent 4 years in MQ-9s and loved the community. They took care of me, gave me chances other communities didn't, and I will never talk down on them.
  13. Tucson proper is a slum. The city refuses to enforce odinances or has overturned them that have essentially allowed meth addicts to take over the down town. There is a heavy presence of MS-13 and 1%ers in the city limits and crime is relatively high everywhere except the CBD. My wife was a cop there for 3 years and worked homicide scenes enough to develop mild PTSD after we left. A member I worked with bought a house out the NE gate and had a stray round from a drive by pass through his 1 year olds nursery about 30 inches from the crib. I wish that base would boneyard itself.
  14. Looks like CNN already wants to support it's counter narrative! The info wars are going! https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/31/asia/wuhan-virus-china-censorship-intl-hnk/index.html
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