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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/01/13/moderna-ceo-says-the-world-will-have-to-live-with-the-coronavirus-forever.html Moderna CEO says COVID never going away even with vaccine. One thing not discussed is we don't know yet if the vaccine can get us to herd immunity even with wide adoption. It appears that scientist are very unsure whether the vaccine is effective at preventing transmission. We just received doses at our base but I refuse to be vaccinated before my parents have both doses, out of principle. Ridiculous they are in their late 70s and need to wait until late February and we
  2. Thinking about it further. I'm not even sure it matters. From Tulsi's point of view, I think the wider interest is we don't need to be policing every world dictator who gasses his people. Its certainly tragic and has a human costs, but shes clearly stated that the human costs of war should be bared by the US alone. Taken more holistically, and having looked up her remarks, I think she's quite clear her stance on international politics is one where we need to be willing to accept a few dictators in the world. I can't disagree with that.
  3. Mhmm, because we've never attacked targets accidentally with incomplete intel. Come on man, are you new at this? Do you really trust our intel apparatus that much? They are awful!
  4. Uhhhh, so we agree its filtered then right? Are you just rambling at this point?
  5. Well, in a move absolutely noone could have predicted... Angela Merkel sides with Trump regarding Twitter ban. https://amp.thenationalnews.com/world/germany-s-angela-merkel-leads-european-fears-of-problematic-twitter-ban-on-trump-1.1144394
  6. Dude very few people have seen that evidence and Tulsi likely never saw it when she discussed it. Weve all seen intel reports and seen how wildly off base they can be. She was an Army officer she probably remembers that too. She provided a voice of caution. Obama was a warhawk who campaigned on peace, then turned around and entered us into other conflicts most Americans never heard of and deepened out stakes in the two existing conflicts he inherited. That didn't sit well with a lot of Democrats who thought of themselves as the party of peace. The same intel community reported with consensus W
  7. Trump went to Twitter because he was able to remove layers of filters from what his actual message was. He was a step ahead as a politician in that regard. The media of course derided his decision to use Twitter because it of course gave the media less importance.
  8. Well those same intelligence agencies said there were WMDs in Iraq. Don't believe everything national intelligence says. They do a decent job most of the time but they have been wrong a lot. I'm not saying they were wrong in this instance but I havent personally reviewed the analysis and I doubt Tulsi had either when she made that comment. You will save lives as a military commander if you always approach intelligence you recieve with scrutiny and skepticism.
  9. Pretty clear guidelines about relationships with people in your rating chain. Otherwise, I typically don't care. I don't even care he was married. They were separated and divorce was imminent. Honestly, the first question in an adultery investigation should be to the spouse "do you really care?" If the answer is no, move on. But allowing a relationship with a subordinate to spiral to the point that he/she believes they are above their immediate chain is certainly problematic.
  10. Well, to be honest, not "all about." I generally think that regulation for social welfare is acceptable but it should be done VERY carefully and VERY limited.
  11. I'm all about regulated capitalism and social welfare man. I do not like suppression of opinions though.
  12. It's not so much that they are being silenced as much as they are being filtered. They are still allowed to express their views as long as they aren't too far right and fit with in acceptable tolerances of their left leaning censors. Meanwhile, the left can be as grotesquely radical as much as they want with little consequence. Lets not pretend that social media wasn't used to coordinate many of the riots this summer.
  13. I just got around to watching this. I'll be honest, our country lost a great oppurtunity when it was decided she wasn't the "golden child." But maybe that was the point. It sounds like she came to a lot of her bipartisanship after going through the Presidential election process and realizing how edged it was against people not in the chosen few. Great on her for speaking out though. Hope she finds her way into public service again.
  14. Phew, thanks for restoring my faith in our guard component. Here's to hoping early separation offered this year!
  15. Still doesn't mean it wasn't a good decision for the country. Seriously, you can hate Trump for a lot of things. Please do not hate him for getting us out of all the quagmires Bush and Obama entangled us into. It was the one thing I strongly supported about his Presidency.
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