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  1. For whatever its worth I often tell people the single biggest mistake i made in UPT was not giving helos any serious consideration at track select. There was something about the culture at UPT at the time that just implied you would want a jet. Not sure I would have gone that direction but I'm dissapointed in myself for not considering it more. I do remember though, on career day, the C-130 dude and the C-17 dude got in a dick measuring contest. I think the C-17 argued they could land shorter than a 130 but the 130 said they flew low level lower than the C-17. Rucker instructor gets up there next, scratches his neck, looks around, and says "well I don't know what all this pissing match is, but I will tell you we can fly lower and land shorter than both C-17s and C-130s." Whole room got a chuckle and that dude got mad cred for dropping bombs.
  2. FLEA

    Military Pilot Shortage and Aero Clubs

    Does the 4-5 hours of testing include a flight? If so that would be pretty in line with most insurance checkouts through an FBO. If not, then screw that BS.
  3. This conversation makes me salty about an expereince I had being beraded by a squadron commander for $50K of debt. $40K student loans, $10K to finance my car, as a Lt. Said commander was an academy grad and it occured to me he was incapable of seeing a problemset faced by a lot of people. He was making the presumption that everyone started off in the Air Force at 0 and could not rationalize what i spent all the money on or why. He presumed i would be better off as a debt free airmen than a debt free Lt. Now im a debt free captain and presume im way better off than a debt free TSgt.
  4. FLEA

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Lets be honest, what we all want is a two piece with a legacy flight suit top that transforms into dress blue wool pants on the bottom. Now you can look cool as f and prance a nice looking ass at the same time. Just sayin...
  5. Maybe this is better fit for the Palace Chase thread but since we are talking retirement differences at the moment, I heard a nasty rumor recently that if you get out and go guard, you need to go VFR direct, do not pass go, do not collect $200, if you want to stay in the high-3 retirement system. Any break in service will inadvertently volunteer you to BRS since you are considered a "new hire" again. Anyone tracking this, or know any truth to it?
  6. FLEA

    Mustache March

    How do I put in my transfer application?
  7. FLEA

    Mustache March

  8. Am I reading these graphs correctly? Take rates across the board for all pilots are in the low teens to high single digits? Holy crap.... who will run the squadrons in 5 years? Apparently CSOs (take rate 70%).
  9. FLEA

    Grumpy MC Driver

    I dont know, I seem to remember student cross country discussions in UP going like this: First it was had to stay CONUS. Then, CONUS but w/in 8 hours. Then CONUS, w/in 8 hours, and military field. Then CONUS, w/in 6 hours, towered military field with sufficient instrumentation to depart in all weather. These OG's get more and more possessive of their planes and next thing you know the x-country comes up and your choices are Canon, Holloman and some other random shit hole. At that point you're not going off base anyway, so you may as well just pick which ever one is closest to home to get you back soonest.
  10. Is this common? Seems to be more and more impossible in most communities Ive been around. To clarify, I know about white jets/RPAs, but I mean making an MWS change seems like a rare thing to me outside of selective programs.
  11. FLEA

    IPhone to Galaxy S9+

    Switched to a pixel 2 when i got overseas orders mainly because it has an awesome camera and no silly device locking mechanisms. Wouldnt go back now. I love the android eco system way better, switched tablets to a galaxy tab s3 as well.
  12. Were you reconsidering that white jet tour your functional offered you?
  13. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/09/21/sexual-assault-here-are-the-bases-where-troops-are-most-at-risk/ Discuss...
  14. I would advise against the misconception that i had when i joined which was that AD got to "see more action" than the reserve. Unless you define action as the combative word gymnastics you use to spar with against the MPF airman holding your PCS orders. Yeah i got at least 3 air medals worth of that bull shit.