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  1. https://www.wsj.com/articles/fedex-pilot-detained-by-police-in-southern-china-sources-11568906801 This whole situation really smells bad. Best wishes for Col Hohn and his family. I fear he is being used as a political pawn of convenience.
  2. I've known a few that have played the profile game. When they do everyone knows it and he/she loses credibility to discipline PT failures. I do think this is a good change though. We have to go back to allowing people to work out during duty hours. Its unreasonable to expect someone with a wife and 2 kids to pull 10 hour days and then spend another 90 minutes a night at the gym.
  3. Ahhh I got ya. Well it is getting ridiculous. If they go to officer static closeouts I think they need to get rid of annuals. Award the annual based of OPR at that point. Who had the strongest OPR that year. No sense in having two systems to say the same damn thing.
  4. Careful what you wish for. This complaint led to a former CC to agree with the shop chiefs and he decided to resolve flight commanders and make shop chiefs rate on everyone.
  5. There should be a statute of limitations on the government collecting pay errors.
  6. FLEA


    Still better than the theatric spectacles our Congress is used for at times, like having Comey testify or the Kavanaugh hearings. I think at least the house of Commons functions pretty well as parliament is concerned but there are some serious concerns with the house of Lord's.
  7. I'll agree that we can't be afraid to try new things to improve training but I think the criticism VR is getting is because that improvement is being focused on reducing manufacturing inefficiencies rather than on improving the final product. At least that's the perspective I've been seeing.
  8. I would except I'm on a staff right now and they have zero interest in going to unit tested. Also, I found out some bases demean the policy of squadron testing by still requiring squadrons to submit FAC augmentees from their PTL pool; even if they test internally. This makes some /CC's hesitant to go internal because now it doubles the burden on their airman. (They have to test everyone in their squadron and still take 1/month a year to test everyone in everyone else's squadrons) Not saying that is specific to my case but I was interested to learn that.
  9. Got turned away from a PT test today for signing my FSQ at the FAC day of. Apparently it takes 3 airman dieing to arbitrarily enforce a stupid AFI that would have done nothing to prevent said tragic deaths. FYI: FSQ must be signed 7 days prior to your PT test. WWWTAF? (I'm having flash backs of the Black Socks Nazis now as well)
  10. The book Superpower: Three Choices For Americans discusses the faults of America's overconfidence that as the only superpower it could do it all; police the world and maintain a strong domestic system. Worth the read.
  11. I'm a big fan of ACE because it reinforces that AF pilots should be good "pilots" not good "MWS Pilots" . Airmanship is a skillet and is transferable in many avenues.
  12. The problem is cyclicle. You need UPT IPs to make MWS pilots. You need MWS pilots to make MWS ACs. You need MWS ACs to make UPT IPs. You don't fix one area without fixing all of it.
  13. Part of the problem is a lot of communities don't send their best and brightest to UPT must-fills, and commanders have leaned on auto approval of waivers to push a guy that needed more development over his golden children he wanted to keep around. But who can blame commanders for this when AETC notoriously does a poor job of taking care of some folks from other communities.
  14. FYI if you are effected by this: Maj Gen Craig Wills is taking direct questions from people effected by the waiver denials on the MAF Facebook Page and will look into each case to see if he can alleviate burden. "(1/2) Team, thanks for letting me join the forum. I’m the new 19th Air Force Commander and I’m responsible for approving waiver requests. The short answer is that I’ll review each on a case by case basis. Where it makes sense, I’ll approve, but most waivers will not likely be approved. Here’s why: Over the years, we’ve given so many waivers that they had become automatic. Almost 100 last year alone. Unfortunately the result was that we have been setting folks up for failure at PIT and at their wings. Instructing at UPT is one of the most demanding jobs you’ll have. It makes no sense to auto-waive course entry requirements for one of the most stressful jobs out there, especially when the requirements are reasonable. One of leadership’s primary responsibilities is to prepare and develop their people for what’s next. I’m hoping this will help improve the experience levels of our IP force and also help incentivize AMC to invest more in their young ACs.(2/2) Unfortunately, the waiver process is broken; something we’re fixing. The unfortunate result is that folks have been finding out late and as we’ve seen on this page, there’s been real impact to people’s lives. I’m working with AFPC and your bosses to make sure that we fix this on the front end; you should never get a RIP unless you either meet the requirements or your boss has coordinated a waiver in advance. For the wing, squadron and group CCs out there, please lean forward if you think you’ll need a waiver for your Airmen. If you’re waiting on a waiver and getting ready to move, hit me up at xxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxx and I’ll get you a same day decision.Thanks again for allowing me to join the group. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!"
  15. I'm hoping self driving cars make this whole argument worthless in 30 years. Immagine a world with no DUI, no speeding tickets, no nodding off on 14 hour road trips. You text an app like Uber when you leave a place and a public self driving car with no han input required (other than destination) does the work for you. We're still a ways off but AI and new automotive sensor technology is going to bring us a long way.
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