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  1. FLEA

    New Fitness Rules

    Funny you say that. I advocated once that the entire fitness center, hawc, fac, should me moved under and managed by the medical group, not the FSS. I also think the only thing that should be tested is body fat composition. The dude in the video sounds like a douche canoe. And he is using 40 year old science. The vast majority of literature today concludes a strength based workout is more important than heavy cardio to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  2. FLEA

    New Fitness Rules

    Here is the dude who apparently drives all this. Going to actually watch this later.
  3. FLEA

    New Fitness Rules

    Oh man I want to rant and rave so badly about the PT test but I think about about the 9 or 10 year point you just lose the will for it anymore. The AF is not serious about building healthier airmen. What's the point in trying to get them to realize how to make it better.
  4. So I've talked to a lot of people in my peer group about this. I would say the majority of us don't "want" to go to school. However, we do want the option to go to school. There is a pretty distinctive difference there.
  5. I believe the PSDM does say that SR's cannot use the DA on a select, as they are already guaranteed their school spot. It also says that SR's don't have to use their DA at all, if for whatever reason they choose that. I think third look is still going to be the sweet spot to get picked for going. I think stratification is going to matter now more than ever though as well. What i'm forecasting is, being in a large wing is going to be detrimental to your chance to attend school. First off, all SR's only get 1 DA regardless of the size of their wing. That large denominator now hurts you because those are all extra people you are competing against.
  6. Talking with my Rater last night it sounds like a pretty low chance to make this board without a DA. For one, the 07 year group still has quite of few selects to pile through. Additionally that year group gets an additional 60 seats per the new guidance and the PSDM does not outline if those seats will come from the selects pool or not. So between the selects, the 215 seat reservation and the 60 seat reservation, your chances of going to school next year short of being the #1 in your wing is non existent.
  7. We got this memo last week. It's based on SRID for SRs that have more than 20 elligible for IDE. They will get 1 DA "Definitely Attend" and everyone else will go into the traditional pool. Of the 500 something seats at ACSC about 220 will be allocated to DAs. Another 60 will be reserved exclusively for Majors in their last look window.
  8. I've been to countries overseas that had similar setups. All stalls, no urinals.it was the nice full enclosure stalls though, not the shitty US kind we have with door gaps and other weird half assed mechanisms to only make you feel like you have privacy. Anyway, the setup wasn't really that uncomfortable as it was more like rows of indidual bathrooms rather than a single restroom for everyone.
  9. FLEA

    Chances of staying as a pilot?

    Great if your AETC you can get Microsoft Flight Sim certified in your VR headset!
  10. FLEA

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Morale patches being banned at bases, no Friday shirts, sleeves back to 100% length, I feel like this is a horrible nightmare where I go back in time. Waiting for blues monday guidance any day now.
  11. FLEA

    Chances of staying as a pilot?

    I think what you're getting at is are we like the Army, where as a commissioned officer you will eventually grow into a desk. As others have said, it largely depends. Remember you're being hired as an officer first and a pilot second. Unfortunately for us the word officer is spelled with the word office. By and large, you can mostly stay in a cockpit until 20 years of service with the occasional exception of a 2-3 year staff tour somewhere in that career. Based completely off anecdotal personal experience most officers will do 1 staff tour to get to 20, a few will do 2, and a few will do 0. After 20 you are probably moving out of the squadron level and while you may fly on occasion you can expect to do mostly adminstrative type work. Also realise in most communities even as a pilot you will have an office job of some sort you will do in between missions. Sometimes your growth at admin skills will take precedence over your flying skills. For example, a group or wing exec won't have time to fly much.
  12. That's awesome they got rid of the centerline thrust restriction. We really need more mil dudes into GA. There are synergies to both communities when we get out there on our own sometimes. And it will make you a better pilot. You'll never get to a point you think you know everything because when you do you will meet some yocal who has done something so outlandish you won't believe it exist until he shows you a YouTube video on his phone.
  13. FLEA

    The Next President is...

    Specifics please. Numbers, goals, etc. This... I always hear liberals decree they want real solutions to immigration but when you ask for specifics to what types of things might work they are astoundingly silent. Instead we get some bullshit line about fuzing technology and innovation. What technology? Something that doesn't currently exist....?
  14. So the easiest way to break the ice is to start by taking the military competancy test which is a closed book test. A really good study guide can be bought from SheppardAir (Google). It's a 50 question closed book test you will have to drive to a testing center to take. You don't need to wait for your MWS qual. You can do it as soon as you finish your phase 3 instrument check at UPT. Most wait until after UPT though. If you are at Columbus there is an ex-mil civilian who offers the test, study guide and paperwork for a fee but honestly it's rather expensive compared to what you'd pay doing it on your own. Take your completed test score and to the FSDO FAA office who will print your license. FSDO office can be googled but there will usually be one within 1-2 hours of you. You will get single engine land, instrument, commercial and multi-engine land either with or without a centerline thrust restriction based on your phase 3 aircraft. (Although I've heard they may have done away with this.) Last step is to call a civilian FBO. Most FBOs will require an insurance checkout with an instructor before you can take a plane solo. This can be done in about 4 hours and usually includes a question and answer session, a written and a 1-2 hour flight. The checkouts are usually VERY non threatening. The planes (C-172 etc) are very simple and my experience is these insurance checkouts are mostly instructional to insure you are familiar with the aircraft. This insurance checkout, to me, is the easiest way to break the ice, because you will have someone you can ask questions to and explain anything you're unfamiliar with. It helps you to learn the faces at your club and get a general sense of what you're doing, know who to go-to with issues, etc... After that you should have a folder in the FBOs office that contains a copy of your licensing and insurance checkout which is your ticket to call them up on Friday to take a plane out Sunday. Don't forget to buy a log book.
  15. FLEA

    UPT Next

    Never been a UPT instructor but I always hated UPTs system and felt anything could be better. The more and more I recollect on my experience there, the AF never taught me to fly. They handed me a book, a disk full of CDs and a syllabus and I taught myself how to fly, after which my progress was graded by an "instructor." (This is not a knock on IPs, they are great Men and Women who do the best with the tools they are allowed.) My understanding is UPT NEXT uses new technology in the VR and sim spaces to increase repetitions before students get in the plane. Working off my perception of how UPT was, it makes sense that if you give the students better tools to teach themselves you will get a better product.