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  1. You can apply to any unit you want. It doesn't have to be your own and yes, all travel expenses to interviews are out of your own pocket. Let me know if you have any other questions!
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    Upcoming Boards

    Thanks Duck.
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    Upcoming Boards

    Did you get picked up?
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    Chances for Fighter Units?

    People's true colors tend to come out when they're drinking and when they're hidden behind a keyboard.
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    Chances for Fighter Units?

    This was a very entertaining read (and an important lesson on how not to behave) at 2am when my newborn was keeping me awake. 10/10.
  6. Just to give you some inspiration as to what a better AFOQT pilot score and TBAS can do, I got an 81 on the pilot portion of my first test. With that and my flight hours in the 21-40 bracket, I had a PCSM of 65. After studying my ass off, I took the AFOQT a second time and scored a 98 in the pilot section while still in the same bracket for flight hours. With my score going from 81 to 98, it raised by PCSM from 65 to 77. So, 17 higher points on my AFOQT pilot section equated to an additional 12 points in the PCSM calculation. Now I doubt that this calculation is linear but it does give you a glimpse into what is possible if you do really well on your retake. After bumping my PCSM to 77, I then retook the TBAS and raised my PCSM to 83 while still in the 21-40 flight hours bracket. Since then, I've gotten my PPL and my PCSM sits at 87 (41.3 hours) and 98 if you're looking at the 201+ column. I hope this helps. Good luck with the studying and let me know if you have any questions.
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    2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    This is incorrect. I took my TBAS about a month before I took my AFOQT. The downside to this was that a PCSM score wouldn't generate until I had taken the AFOQT.
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    Upcoming Boards

    Yes. Last Tuesday I think it was.
  9. Well this answer is a bit extreme.
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    Good military/aviation books

    Combat Ready by Capt Taylor Fox was an awesome book with a great look into UPT, IFF, and B-Course. I highly recommend.
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    TBAS Information

    I ended up retaking the TBAS on Saturday and raising my PCSM from 77 to 83 and my 201+ column from 96 to 98. The main reason I decided to retake was to present and "all in" approach to the board. I'm 27 so I want to make sure I turn over every stone as I only have a couple years left to apply. I appreciate your advice TK1313.
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    TBAS Information

    So after weighing my options, I ended up retaking the TBAS on Saturday and raised my PCSM from 77 to 83 while my flight hours bracket of 21-40 did not change. My max PCSM at 201+ hours would be 98. You were right Heavy, the scale is definitely not linear. I appreciate your advice.
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    Chances for ANG UPT

    I second all of this. My Barron's study book was published in 2014 so it was not updated for Form T, however, the types of questions for the Math Knowledge section seemed to be the same. For me, the MK section was where I spent the majority of my time studying as I wanted a refresher on several concepts I hadn't done since college or even high school (dividing exponents, volume and area of various shapes, square root stuff, long division, etc...). As for the Table Reading (40 questions) and Instrument Comprehension (25 questions I think) sections, there is no reason why you shouldn't get 100% of these questions right. It really comes down to speed. With the IC section, either you know it or you don't. There's really no calculation you can do. For the TR section I probably timed myself doing the table reading section 5 or 6 times with the actual chart that you will use on the test. I found that I got quicker each time. Honestly, filling in the stupid bubbles on the answer sheet probably took longer than actually finding the number. Work quick. I felt that these two sections were like free points. Make sure to take advantage. The Aviation Information section was pretty straightforward. 8 minutes (I think) to answer 20 questions. Again, either you know the answer or you don't. You should have plenty of time to finish this section. Let me know if you want me to expand on anything further. Pilot: 98 Nav: 93 AA: 72 Verbal: 65 Quant: 72
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    Chances for ANG UPT

    Nice work dude. I've heard of several people get hired at guard units with a lower PCSM so I wouldn't stress about it. Emphasize the whole person concept and you should be fairly competitive. How long until you apply?