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  1. IMUA

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    PeRdoNaMe. Sometimes i can’t shake my accent.
  2. IMUA

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Towing the party line. Typical...
  3. IMUA

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    @FlyingSquirrel NOTHING is guaranteed boss. I was a select that PCSd to my training base and am now a civilian. My life changed in just under 21months. Just because it looks like the ADSC will take you out to 18 does not mean the AF has to honor it. It’s a one way contract...just like the bonuses they’re throwing around. You’re a capt based on your timeline so you know how the manning bowls/flows concept works. They’re flooding the coffer with bodies...so you know what they’ll drain it in 9-10 years when they realize they’re too fat. @TeafChief @Rage W. Regardless what you want to do in the AF i’d say go to SOS first. Yeah the kool aid is terrible but the (then) 5 weeks was a stupid nice reprieve from my ops tempo before hitting the UFT grind/MWS training grind. Made some really great friends in that 5 week vacation oh and some $. My CC (11 type) painted this picture on timeline: 6-7 year capt gets picked up makes 7-8 yr capt as you PCS, you enter 18 months of UPT (+casual/IFF) then graduate as a 8.5/9.5 year capt going up for O4 as a “student” mind you. Get to your MWS school (best case scenario 3 months) and start upgrading. What he was trying to get at is i would not be performing the duties of my rank/grade like my senior capt/new O4 peers. Fun fact you need a ETP to attend SOS after 8 years TIS. It’s easy and almost automatic so moot...but a thing. You’d be the new guy showing up causing extra paperwork. Not the best look according to my guy, showing up SOS complete looks better although i doubt it’s heavily weighted in a flying sq. BL: you can push UFT dates back to work UFT/PME since you have the golden ticket in hand. My dates worked out well with a summer PCS/RNLTD. But my CC had to go to bat at the WG to move me up on the WG priority list to go to SOS. The wing used a standing seniorty approach for next up and i was the brand new guy. He pitched it, they bought it and I was off to SOS in April and finished in May. Not at all trying to be a negative nancy but there are shitty realities out there that i went through. Just want to share my experiences so folks dont expect unicorns, rainbows, and smooth sailing once they get notified they achieved their lifetime goal.
  4. IMUA

    Part time jobs...

    Well if you want old school: Avon, herbalife, advocare, melaluca new school: lularoe, rodan & fields, pure romance, scentsy
  5. IMUA

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    Why would the AF push their timeline to aide you and potentially hundreds of others in making a decision with potentially lifelong ramifications? Just opt in. It hurts less.
  6. IMUA

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    That’s such horse shit. I’m gonna say that’s some real millennial BS...assuming the classic “i didn’t get what I want so i’ll duck out then make enough noise later to get what i want” played out... but more power to them, they obviously really want to it turn down rated and nut up to apply again despite the previous hardline black and white on the issue.
  7. IMUA

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    Do not close your doors and network, network, network. I was an AD select from year or so ago, had a PPL, an approved FC1 and a minority. PCSd to my base and am now a civilian compliments of a medical “issue” that was again on my APPROVED FCI. The system isn’t as accepting as they make it out to be. Good luck.
  8. IMUA

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Yooooo...that NYT article is bomb diggity. 😳 Everybody has a boss.
  9. http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html I’ve randomly perused this guys stuff for almost 10 years. He digs up some interesting data on these war machines and didn’t see him posted on here before so I thought i’d share. He catalogs most if not all public military aircraft bureau numbers and their associated history. It’s pretty thorough (imo) and is updated regularly. On a cautionary note...i’ve literally “wasted” hours of my life on this site because i just kept going down the rabbit hole. It is a deep one... Enjoy.
  10. IMUA

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Big. Dick. Energy.
  11. I’ve been asking units the same thing for about a year. And the short answer i keep getting is “no.” This is a terrible time to go ANG/AFRC with ANY medical issues. It’s all about deployability and the “deploy or get out” is alive and well even for the TFI bredren. But i’m also not rated. If you’re rated, i’d be willing to bet most units will work with you with an ALC. A hard medical separation is in my experiences/research impossible to go ANG/AFRC.
  12. IMUA

    VA response recommendations

    In my experiences the VA reps who are supposed to know their own organization/processes are THE WORST. I’d recommend any of the various 3rd parties who know the VA much better than the VA knows itself. Also keep in mind the process despite how informal it may seem is more legal than it is medical which is why i’ll personally hire a law firm/lawyer for my reattack. i’ve never used these to my detriment but after the fact research has these third party orgs with decent reviews: Wounded warrior program DAV.org amvets VFW American legion peblawyer.com If you want gouge on additional info PEB forums is a solid resource to start researching. Good luck.
  13. IMUA


    @FlyArmy i’m not being medically retired...it’s a long story involving the VA. I have an FAA class 1. they didnt have an issue with it. @admdelta shoot me a DM with any questions u may have. I’d like to help other bros not get hosed like myself.
  14. IMUA


    Bump... In the midsts of a rated manning crisis. I’m being shown the door. Anyone know any brass that’ll call WTF? and apply some common sense?
  15. IMUA

    How important is visiting units?

    Heard of a dude that got picked up for fighters via telephone interview. Given his location and the unit i’m hella curious to know if they ever “rushed.” they werent there during the “official” rush weekend.