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  1. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    @goddard15 semi-same issue back when I applied. fun fact: they pushed the current version of the form215 that references a "remarks" section but forgot to add said section. I got 3 possible work arounds that previously worked or at least we're allowed after I or someone asked the POC running the board. 1) burn precious space on the 6 lines that your rater and senior rater sign (I did this but wouldn't recommend it...wasted space if you've been doing baller work) 2) one dude I know used section 18 remarks section in the same manner the rater/Sr. Rater sections were used and they took it... 3) ask the POC if you can put an MFR together (with pic of last page of log book) and submit in lieu of "copy of PPL" ASK the POC If any of those options are possible, if they say none then ask them what if anything would be acceptable to them. Doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck.
  2. Rhabdomyolysis

    Any flyers have experience with repeat rhabdo? I'm pending an MEB for it unfortunately with a Do Not Retain recommendation because the flight doc is saying I have the potential to be nondeployable to the sandbox because it's too hot. Does anyone have MEB success story related to rhabdo? Is it waiverable for a FC1/A physical should I be retained? 'Preciate it.
  3. EA-18 Growler

    Leadership is floating 2 Growler drops during FY18. Also rumored to be on the back end of the FY classes. We'll see....leaderships confidence has the young classes eager!
  4. CSO drop nights

    17-13 3 x B-52 WSO 1 x B-52 EWO 1 x RC-135 Nav 2 x RC-135 EWO 1 x HC-130J Nav 1 x AC-130J WSO 4 x F-15E WSO 1 x U28 CSO 1 x EC-130J Nav (Guard) 2 x C-130 Navs (Guard)
  5. Rehack... Any PPL folks log "dual received" during T6 training at UCT purely for the sake of boosting total time? if this is a stupid rehack my bad...
  6. Ya'll hit the nail on the head. If there's no time to log then that's the answer I was after. I've heard rumors that guys could log IFR time but Hacker clarified it, can't log IFR time without the type rating or form 8 equivalent. 'Preciate it.
  7. Alright. No PIC time, fair enough. What if you have your PPL/IFR rating? Could you techinically log that WSO backseat time to boost total time?
  8. If the end game is to end up at the airlines; can F-15 WSOs log their backseat time to add to their total time? What is needed prior to officially logging that precious (PIC) time? The F-15 is the only jet that affords CSOs actual "stick time" right?
  9. 2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    Disheartening indeed...what gets me is I'd give a nut...yup my ability to reproduce to be a pilot but nothing short of me telling the board president that to their face can capture that in the current application format...
  10. Accepted a CSO slot

    I'll see you at Pensacola boss.
  11. 2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    I thought applicants had to list for all four rated opportunities in their preferred order to be considered this year?
  12. 2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    My boss early in the process asked the guy running the board and he said 60. But this was before the Nov deadline. Think the direction from above changed a little since then.