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  1. IMUA

    Schoolhouse Happenings

    Don’t know the other thread off the top of my head but it was a UPT base that had IP briefings and female student briefings. Same happend here...instructor flt/ccs were briefed by WG leadership AND lady flt/ccs and lady students had a separate brief together
  2. IMUA

    Schoolhouse Happenings

    This has arrived...
  3. IMUA

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I wish Nike made all our uniforms...and no not because i’m an athlete but because they’re comfortable.
  4. IMUA

    Schoolhouse Happenings

    We did have a select few students in class in order for them to stay “on timeline” because Air Force gods forbid we graduate a student late on made up timeline that exists locally.
  5. CSAF mandated safety down day complete. At least in one squadron the line bros really drove home the fact that the mentality from leadership is to produce quantity over quality and it needs to stop or the FTUs or an operational unit will suffer the consequences of a shitty CSO... lets see if leadership sends the feedback up as is or filters the piss out of it per SOP.
  6. Oahu data points as of Feb18 for your consumption.
  7. Big Island is cheaper property wise but any outer island has a more expensive cost of living than Oahu. Groceries, gas, utilities add up on the outer islands. Anything is possible man. Just brace for the possible drastic lifestyle change to support the dream... There’s a reason having 3 generations of family under one roof is a common reality in HI.
  8. IMUA

    Upcoming Boards

    Makes sense.
  9. I have no idea how the Navy works but they may have Reserve Fighter NFO gigs.
  10. There are no guard fighter units with flying WSOs. Curious if a ANG fighter unit would hire a WSO even for queep... There’s a reserve unit at Seymour Johnson for WSOs but they only hire qualified folks, not off the street.
  11. Can’t speak to the Pilot Jumpseat situation with certainty, but i’ve known bros at the regionals who go out for a Holiday or to see fam and have to buy tickets to get back CONUS cause they get bumped by employees or other mainline jumpseaters etc. If you have a mainline capability to jumpseat it’s much easier but still not a guarantee. There are only a finite number of resources to fight over. As for flight attendants, commuters from Hawaii at least on my wifes major airline hate their life. Jumpsets go quick and to seniors that have the ability to do it in order to commute or to seniors on vacation leaving a seat in a cabin for a family member. Best case scenario if you want to commute is on Hawaiian. Much smaller employee pool to fight for resources with and generally high capacity to host jumpseaters/nonrevs.
  12. @Patch that’s a really loaded question. But i imagine the biggest factor where u live i’m sure largely depends on your status, full/part time/technician/AGR etc. Lets say you have an airline job and can non-rev to/from HI, it is NOT AT ALL EASY on any airline. There are times when non-revs have to leave a week early just to not get caught in the overloaded situation the week of. Also to chew on...airfare interisland on Hawaiian is about $300 roundtrip. You can get sales to/from the west coast for about that too.
  13. IMUA

    Upcoming Boards

    Any idea if he went 22s? The guy i know whom is the guy you’re probably talking about did in fact stay on the 135. Shook his hand at their Sq bar a couple months back. Takeaway for @va121mir...possible to track to 38s but then have internal politics prevent becoming a “fighter pilot.” but like stated, this is probably only feasible at the HIANG or DCANG and possibly Ft Worth with heavy/fighter units colocated.