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  1. I’ve been asking units the same thing for about a year. And the short answer i keep getting is “no.” This is a terrible time to go ANG/AFRC with ANY medical issues. It’s all about deployability and the “deploy or get out” is alive and well even for the TFI bredren. But i’m also not rated. If you’re rated, i’d be willing to bet most units will work with you with an ALC. A hard medical separation is in my experiences/research impossible to go ANG/AFRC.
  2. IMUA

    VA response recommendations

    In my experiences the VA reps who are supposed to know their own organization/processes are THE WORST. I’d recommend any of the various 3rd parties who know the VA much better than the VA knows itself. Also keep in mind the process despite how informal it may seem is more legal than it is medical which is why i’ll personally hire a law firm/lawyer for my reattack. i’ve never used these to my detriment but after the fact research has these third party orgs with decent reviews: Wounded warrior program DAV.org amvets VFW American legion peblawyer.com If you want gouge on additional info PEB forums is a solid resource to start researching. Good luck.
  3. IMUA


    @FlyArmy i’m not being medically retired...it’s a long story involving the VA. I have an FAA class 1. they didnt have an issue with it. @admdelta shoot me a DM with any questions u may have. I’d like to help other bros not get hosed like myself.
  4. IMUA


    Bump... In the midsts of a rated manning crisis. I’m being shown the door. Anyone know any brass that’ll call WTF? and apply some common sense?
  5. IMUA

    How important is visiting units?

    Heard of a dude that got picked up for fighters via telephone interview. Given his location and the unit i’m hella curious to know if they ever “rushed.” they werent there during the “official” rush weekend.
  6. First off you still have a TON of time to go rated. So the dream IS NOT dead! This DQ is a small setback...they happen but with the right backing anything is possible. My advice enter your new AFSC and go all out and run with it. Do great work, network, network, network, build a solid foundation as an Officer with bitchin’ OPRs. And build a solid foundation of TRUST with your leadership now for potential reach back. Depending on your careerfield you may want to keep your rated aspirations quieter than in other AFSC in my experiences but feel out your leadership...they might be all in sooner versus later in my experience. Regardless, you can start your FC1 application any time. If your AFSC sees a flt doc your set(ish). Just ask your PCM you want to start your FC1 physical. If you see family medicine you have to ask to go see flt med to start your FC1. Regardless, you bring up what you posted above and the flt doc doing your paperwork will run with it. If it needs a waiver they’ll do that paperwork. If it doesnt need a waiver the flt doc should annotate it at a minimum and annotate its not a factor for FC1 per the waiver guide, afi xx-xx, etc. keep in mind when you get your FC1 approved though, Its only valid for 24months from certification from the AETC/SG per the UFT application AFI. Meaning dont start the process to get one approved in Jan19 when you wanna apply for the FY22 board. Your physical won’t be valid. Get the physical when u have an idea which rated board you intend to apply to. keep your head up boss. The air force is your muddy muddy oyster.
  7. IMUA

    Schoolhouse Happenings

    Don’t know the other thread off the top of my head but it was a UPT base that had IP briefings and female student briefings. Same happend here...instructor flt/ccs were briefed by WG leadership AND lady flt/ccs and lady students had a separate brief together
  8. IMUA

    Schoolhouse Happenings

    This has arrived...
  9. IMUA

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I wish Nike made all our uniforms...and no not because i’m an athlete but because they’re comfortable.
  10. IMUA

    Schoolhouse Happenings

    We did have a select few students in class in order for them to stay “on timeline” because Air Force gods forbid we graduate a student late on made up timeline that exists locally.
  11. CSAF mandated safety down day complete. At least in one squadron the line bros really drove home the fact that the mentality from leadership is to produce quantity over quality and it needs to stop or the FTUs or an operational unit will suffer the consequences of a shitty CSO... lets see if leadership sends the feedback up as is or filters the piss out of it per SOP.
  12. Oahu data points as of Feb18 for your consumption.
  13. Big Island is cheaper property wise but any outer island has a more expensive cost of living than Oahu. Groceries, gas, utilities add up on the outer islands. Anything is possible man. Just brace for the possible drastic lifestyle change to support the dream... There’s a reason having 3 generations of family under one roof is a common reality in HI.