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    Aircraft Ramp of the past

    NASA had a Tweet for spin training. They loaned it to the Test Pilot School at Edwards for the same purpose. Not sure if it's still flying but the Wiki NASA list of aircraft still shows it. If you include the world, Pakistan still trains their pilots with T-37s.
  2. dannoc

    Was flying for the Air Force worth it?

    Ancient Aviator here. 20 years, FAIP, F-4s, OV-10s. Then 19 years with a major, great job, not much pressure (compared to the USAF), didn't take my work home with me, and a pretty stable life style. So what dominates my memory now? Hardly anything from the airlines. It's all about AF buddies, reunions, and BS about military flying. Wouldn't do it any other way if given the choice again.
  3. dannoc

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Tons of guys did 20, then got hired by a major. It's all in the timing...and luck.
  4. dannoc

    Boeing unveils its T-38 replacement

    Back when I was a 38 IP (ages ago) there was only one flight where supersonic flight was intentionally flown and that was more a "wow" event and "been there, done that". Very little training value in watching the mach indicator tick over 1.0.
  5. dannoc

    UPT Visiting Home

    Seriously, do they call them 'dorms' now? I'm an old timer..went thru UPT in 1975. Dorms were college nomenclature. BOQs is what we called them. I think there were some rules for 'guests' in the rooms (which had a little kitchenette), but nobody followed them. Picked up my girl on weekends in my '69 vette and she cooked and made life more pleasurable at Willie '74-75.