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  1. black hills tj

    T-6 Air Force trainer crashes in Texas

    Quick to jump to conclusion. Guy is a good dude and a great pilot. I'm not saying you are wrong, but based on the location of the incident, I'd disagree with the ELP assumption. EDIT: Hoping its sarcasm carried over from the ELP thread.
  2. black hills tj

    T-6 Air Force trainer crashes in Texas

    Glad they are ok. The frequency of incidents is getting old quick. I am glad I am no longer in the T6. Judging from the crash site location, they were likely on final.
  3. Glad the pilot is ok!
  4. black hills tj

    What are my chances and what is the process?

    Thread revival? 2 years old. Hopefully Dan found a spot somewhere.
  5. black hills tj

    Upcoming Boards

    Oh...hey there, hopeful.
  6. black hills tj

    Upcoming Boards

    Apps aren't even due to the 114th until the end of the month. Additionally, historically the 114th tends to choose from within the unit, however, lately they have been selecting 2 to 3 guys per year to include non priors.
  7. black hills tj

    Upcoming Boards

    Aren't you the legacy that said he was guaranteed a spot and telling other folks they shouldn't bother applying?
  8. black hills tj

    Guard Seasoning to Reserve Unit

    As far as I know, you would go back to your home unit for seasoning. I doubt your unit is going to pay a reserve unit to spin you up for 2 years. You belong to that guard unit. A guard unit isn't really a sponsor in the sense that I understand reserve units sponsoring folks. You are hired to a specific guard unit, and they own you.
  9. black hills tj

    Chances for Fighter Units?

    Bust your ass, show them you are willing to work hard, be a good dude, and always maintain a positive attitude no matter what. I was selected at the age of 26 with a 2.4 GPA in Biology and 0 logged flight hours. Now I am at UPT working my tail off to make the best of the opportunity I have and prove they made the right choice. Keep your head up, ignore those folks who clearly have no future in military aviation, and keep pressing.
  10. black hills tj

    Laughlin AFB info

    My wife and I are currently at Laughlin for UPT. We live in a duplex with our 3 year old little boy, and we have a reasonable 3 bedroom one and a half bath. You can get more for your money off base, but living on base is worth the extra dough for the convenience being in UPT. Buzz me a message for pictures/details. My son isnt old enough for school yet, so he just attends the CDC. They are building a magnet school on base, but I do not know much about it. As far as things to do, the town doesng offer much, but there is great fishing at the Lake and lots of outdoor opportunities. San Antonio is 2.5 hours, Austin isnt much further, Corpus is maybe 4 or 5, and Dallas and Houston are each about 7.
  11. black hills tj

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Estimated timeline is roughly a month before T6s can get back in the air. T6 studs are "working" short days and getting freebie sims to keep them in the game. Doesn't sound like classes that have not started T6 academics/flightline yet are going to be starting for a while.
  12. black hills tj

    Israeli Viper Shot Down in Syria

  13. Congrats, man! Keep us updated as you are able.
  14. black hills tj

    T-38 Down @ DLF

  15. black hills tj

    T-38 Down @ DLF

    Missing man and a buff flyover in memoriam.