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  1. the old system helped keep promotion rates per AFSC all within the same level. this new system will allow for tailoring of increasing or decreasing promotion rates depending on need/retirements. to me, this is the answer to pilot retention in the promotion system. If we are truly low on pilots, then why would their promotion rate be the same? It makes little sense. This is a step in the right direction.
  2. I am all for pulling out in the Middle East. Those idiots want to be at war. It’s their way of life. I would rather spend our money and manpower helping protecting/people who want to be helped. I think its it’s a great move.
  3. PRFs I don’t think 06 year group owes anything..... the new PRFs are 2 lines of SR verbiage. If I have to write anything, it’s going to be PROMOTE TO GENERAL NOW
  4. In this case: log in to mypers select the reserve officer tab select promotion on left find the pdf (3rd down or so)
  5. Epstein is not dead, the body is a fake. The ears are not even the same. The real Epstein is somewhere safe now, leaking his info like a holy bucket.
  6. That ‘stress’ is about that keeps me passing the thing. there isn’t a huge difference between running 12 minutes and 14. One is a decent enough score to pass, the other is obviously a fail.
  7. My understanding (which could be wrong) is that captains were offered 20 year continuation. Majors are offered up to 24 years. The number is the MOST you can serve. The member can get out any time before that. It’s not a commitment.
  8. Is this the same list as AFRC O5 board?
  9. Thanks for the clarification. I knew I was “close”
  10. an Added MSM May do it... But, they are hard to get promoted in. They take 10 records below cut line and 10 above. your record has to beat something like all 10 below the cut and a few above the cut.
  11. I just did a PRF last year for my IMA, he was somewhat familiar with them. Why are they so uncommon in whatever world you are In? also, where/when do we find out results of the 0-5 reserve board?
  12. UNREAL... i think i speak for most when I say that!
  13. It’s super important; the earlier in your life, the better; it trumps Lt Strats
  14. I’ve got some 1BPZ PRFs that made it. Here is what an HPO looks like DG ROTC, DG SOS (#7/800); WIC Paper (#1/130); Gp FGOY (#1/101) #9/160 CGOs (Gp/CC) #5/250 Capts (Wg/CC) #1/160 Capts (Deployed/CC) #5/180 Majs (Wg/CC) #1/150 Majs (Wg/CC) #1/220 Majs (Wg/CC #1/60 BPZ eligibles; best I have; Sq/CC after CAF fellowship; SDE; JCS. dP
  15. Yup your record as a Lt and capt seem to matter a whole lot more than they should....
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