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  1. Are you a comm guy or a missilier?
  2. I didn’t play the game for 12 years time to start playing. It doesn’t mean I think I deserve an award over the next guy, but i’m not leaving promotion to O5 to whether or not I have quarterly awards
  3. Don’t get too overconfident with a DP BPZ we usually give 9 DPs BPZ and at most I’ve only seen 2 of the 9 receive a promotion BPZ
  4. There can be a lot of secretarial work in an exec job, but in many cases, that person is surrounded and mentored by multiple O6s and above, as well as interactions with the group and squadron commanders. Its a good learning experience on how things work and what sort of information our bosses and above actually care about.
  5. I think it’s odd to have 100 NO PRFs written by losing units....now being replaced by AFIT? Or would the onus fall back on everyone’s old losing unit who may or may never t even know who those people are anymore (3-year PHD)
  6. Agree. 1/1 without a DP to give is not your Wg/CCs fault. My only hope is aggregated up to the NAF level
  7. I forsee me being 1/1 IPZ (I hope i’m That high) for consideration, and thus #1/6 ish overall in the O4 rank (if they are playing the game correctly)..... but to me, that doesn’t say much and isn’t comparable to organizations with multiple IPZ to consider....
  8. Or talk to shazzams SQ/CC.... I hear she has a direct line to Gen Kelly
  9. I guess I should have read past your first paragraph!
  10. I seriously doubt you will get selected as a rated guy we are in a rated manning crisis; big AF won’t approve that, and if they do, it will be very limited....so your chances would be slim Just My Opinion though
  11. If you get pooped for a urinalysis, isn’t your pee dumped in a batch with everyone else’s? At that point if there is a failure, they call everyone back again? also, how long would a chewable caramel even stay in your system?
  12. Your CC sounds very uneducated you should be worried if you care... you are on the fringe with a P. Not doing ACSC almost says do not promote
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