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  1. Absolutely no one should be staying in past 20 years. (aDSC aside). we can all make more doing the same thing as a ctr, or go find a new career. It’s fiscally irresponsible to pas up immediate pension! You will NEVER make it back up, even by increasing rank and %Pay
  2. Great to know. I am going to try to get onto an SSB, and plan is to get promoted. I have an error of 2 duty histories, which didn’t make the difference, but should get me an SSB. im not sure what happened, but I’m gonna get to the bottom of it.
  3. FYSA, Autumn has moved....or is no longer in the GAL.
  4. Confirmed. Did not make. Great! who’s the organization we bother at AFPC? afpc/dp....
  5. Sorry to hear, 14N. How many years to retirement?
  6. Yes. It may take a couple of days. I checked too. They may be on first thing tomorrow morning.
  7. That’s true! I forgot about the paperwork part (been through it before). anyhow, I’ve been told I didn’t make it by 1 random person on this board (who has a “friend with a list”). so I’m going in expecting not to make it. The lists are all segregated by location, SRID, and LAF category, and I’m not even certain if this guy’s “friend” knows that or knows what list he was looking at. if I don’t make it, I’m doing an FOIA request for the bottom 10 promoted and making a case for mine. In my opinion, my record is good enough, and I’ve seen hundreds of packages through my exec days.
  8. Mine is 15 minute zoom call. At 315ET
  9. How is everyone getting notified? phone call? Video call? In person?
  10. Heard I didn’t make it. 1/1 IPZ, #2/6 Majors (behind a Lt Col (s)). I think that’s what did me In? With a P IDE complete in 2017 i had 5 oprs as a major and stratted as a major in 4 of them #1/4 Majors deployed and #6/25 Majors #22/150 Majors #7/160 Majors no strat #3/7 Majors lots of FGOY and FGOQ awards
  11. I need to know if I’m on list who’s got worldwide list? PM me 🙂
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