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  1. A BAD progression of pushes is not in and of itself a promotion killer, but it certainly affects a mid-grade record. There certainly is a secret decoder ring for all of this: Strats: looking for Strats in your rank, or as you get higher, Strats in your sq/cc title, etc opr push lines: a consistent message of school, sq/CC, and staff pushes is part of the equation. Being pushed for a majcom or NAF staff is not a good thing. HAF is 70% of us. JT staff is top tier. PRF: it needs to match the OPR with those pushes. The verbiage of definitely promote is a message. The check box of definitely promote is obviously the strongest message a strat amongst board eligibles in PRF is also a message.
  2. Just to ensure we are all talking about the same thing, the question seemed to be if it was possible to both be non-selected for promotion in you IPZ year and at the same time being forced out before your first 1APZ board??
  3. Yes, that’s how it works at most places there are also some BPZs sprinkles in.
  4. Prda worked 5 days ago for me.... i’ve never heard of records being on talent marketplace. What we we need are more web based services where everything is scattered about the interwebs... maybe talent marketplace will be the one stop shop eventually? We can only hope.
  5. Pawnman’s Current wg/CC didn’t GIVE him the shop chief Strats. I’m sure they both built the best PRF with the record they were given. Sounds like the wg/CC was honest about the uselessness of the shop chief type Strats.... but again, I don’t think the wg/CC gave them to pawnman
  6. Pawnman, I think you were done a disservice by being given #1/30 shop chiefs, etc.... when you could have just as easily gotten #4/25 Capts or Majors... leadership probably didn’t know what they were doing.... and that sucks that it affected you when your Strats have all shown you were good at your job title
  7. 1206s just shouldn’t be given to Christmas party organizers
  8. I’ll tell you what happened. PhD is the new DP to Lt Col congrats by the way. Big comeback.
  9. Isn’t the list out publicly? Or is that tomorrow?
  10. My wing king isn’t even letting anyone know until 9 July i have a meeting setup to know my fate (which I already know because I’m BPZ), but he hasn’t let ANYONE below him know. He is taking the public release date a bit too serious IMO
  11. Used to be: talk to autumn foley, AFPC/DP Edit: that’s active duty
  12. You will pin on the 1st of a given month All 100+ people in an increment pin on date is the 1st of that month you only pin on random days to 1LT, and Capt
  13. 2 weeks early is about right letters have to be personalized/written for both selects and non-selects. Twice non-selects have paperwork drafted for continuation. It’s a lot of work for a big wing. The info go starts to flow once the GP CCs get word
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