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  1. Fresno interview invites went out last week? Anyone hear back from DC yet?
  2. 121FS sent out video interview notifcations.
  3. How did they get screwed? And what follow on tours are generally available to young ADAIR pilots?
  4. A few suggestions: 1) Isn't it possible to get a waiver for pretty much anything? Maybe the AF isn't currently giving out age waivers for active duty, but I bet they have in the past. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard to is to never take no from someone who can't tell you yes. Try to get a hard "No." about the age waiver from someone high up before moving on. Some of the AF recruiters I have interacted with were very incompetent and wouldn't do anything to help their applicants. 2) You're a little old but not way too old. I know the guard units can get age waivers for their UPT hires. Apply to ever guard unit thats hiring and see if you can get picked up. 3) Get your license and fly on your own. I have heard some military pilots say they enjoy flying on their as much or more than flying for the AF since they get to do what they want.
  5. MIDN

    Career Advice Needed

    Hello All, Looking for some career advice. I'm a Midshipmen in Naval ROTC getting close to service selection. I need to choose between submarines and aviation. I am drawn to aviation because I want to be a fighter pilot--I love flying and it is hard to imagine a more interesting or exciting job than flying fighters in the US military. I have liked the personalities of most of the aviators I've met and I think I would enjoy and excel at aviation. Of course, there's no guarantee of fighters, and while the navy has other cool planes and helicopters, 10 years (flight school + 8) is a big part of my life to commit to the Navy without having much control over what I'll be doing or where I'll be. I am drawn to submarines because of the important missions they go on, having the opportunity to work with and lead some of the Navy's best and brightest sailors, and learning about the awesome engineering and nuclear technology. Submarines require only a 5 year commitment. Here's where it gets complicated. I have this crazy idea that I could be a submarine officer for 5 years, then get out (27 yrs old) and interview with ANG fighter units until I get picked up. Then I could get to do both and I'd even be more prepared for a civilian career outside of the guard with a submarine/engineering background. Does that plan make sense or do I sound like I'm nuts? Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated--Thanks!
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