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  1. The post-op schedule applies to current military members getting LASIK/PRK. If you are not on military orders, disregard this. Basically, just send your pre-op, op report and any post-op reports to Wright-Patt on the forms your civilian doctor provides and you'll be fine.
  2. 6/12 on the DP test would be a different test than the one used at FC I. I actually don't know any DP test that uses 12. B is the passing line for FC I now (used to be D). The new standard is MUCH easier.
  3. Question for the group. When arriving at a new duty station, e.g. UPT, are you required to either quarantine for 14 days or be screened for CV? Is your departing location considered in this decision? Thanks for any info.
  4. Each eye, each cone type. So a total of six scores (right eye red, green, blue; left eye red, green, blue). All have to be 55 or above.
  5. Waiver guide is here. https://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAF-Waiver-Guide-200513.pdf I don't have a public URL for the current MSD.
  6. I haven't heard if they've changed the max height restriction, but there are certainly limits for sitting height and butt to knee (with some wiggle room with waivers). The latter limit being related to lower leg injuries in the event of ejection from certain aircraft.
  7. Fair enough. My point is that when used properly gloves can be a benefit. It's like a seat belt. Just because you are wearing it doesn't make you immune to injury. You still have to use common sense.
  8. It can't hurt. Why are you so passionate against it?
  9. Here at Wright-Patt, we've been told that IFCs are cancelled with no timeline on when they will restart. I realize you've already done your IFC, but in case others were wondering....
  10. Holy crap. Who keeps copies of those things from 100+ years ago.
  11. Thanks. I guess I just need to shut up and color. I didn't agree with the policy, but it sound like we're keeping in step with Big Blue so I just need to accept it and move on. Strange days indeed!
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