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  1. stuckindayton

    PRK and LASIK Information

    You'll get the same eye exam as everyone else. The only additional test is one of these: https://www.precision-vision.com/product-category/contrast-eye-charts/
  2. I've seen numerous people in their mid 30's getting pilot slots. The max I've seen is 44 (if memory serves correctly). However, that was a little bit of a unique situation. She was a Nav in a Guard unit switching from 130's to C-17's so it was either retrain her or lose her altogether.
  3. stuckindayton

    Tricare records and disclosure

    They could possibly find out. If the referral gets put into AHLTA (electronic medical records), then someone may question what the referral was for. I wouldn't really worry too much about it. I can't imagine an ankle injury being so severe that it would jeopardize an IFC I exam. It might require holding the exam until the ankle is healed.
  4. stuckindayton

    Permanent vs Normal(?) Medical DQs

    Phoria standards are different for IFC I than for ABM applicants because ABM's do not have scanning duties. That refers to clearing the aircraft of other aircraft or objects whether in the air or ground. There is a phoria standard for ABM applicants, but it is more lenient than IFC I. PM me if you want more specific information. I'm assuming your IFC I was not done at Wright-Patt.
  5. stuckindayton

    Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    Who is the "coordinator" you've been in contact with?
  6. stuckindayton


    This video is accurate. The AF is not using the Konan device, however, the device being used is similar. It uses a rotating Landolt C like you see in the video rather than letters as it makes the test more efficient. You have ample opportunity to practice to ensure you understand the test before actually starting.
  7. stuckindayton

    Abnormal Corneal Topography

    Unlikely. The REACT study is only for IFC I (pilot applicants). Given that the waiver was indefinite it sounds like the folks at the Aeromedical Consultation Service didn't feel the topography was abnormal enough to monitor.
  8. stuckindayton

    Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    To the best of my knowledge, you'll just get a standard PHA that all flyers get annually.
  9. stuckindayton

    Abnormal Corneal Topography

    If your vision is still 20/20 or better and you can pass the depth perception test, the waiver is pretty much a formality. Depending on the level of corneal abnormality, you might be sent to Wright-Patt for evaluation. It's also possible the folks at Wright-Patt could review the topography and decide a waiver isn't even necessary. Regardless, do NOT fret. You may be DNiF for some period of time, but you will almost certainly fly again. "do NOT fret"
  10. stuckindayton

    USAF / USA / USN / USMC Vision

    It will not be missed on an IFC I. Can't speak for MEPS. It's your call on whether to report it unless there are any medical history questions that pertain to it. Then I would be honest. I can't say for sure whether it would be disqualifying or even require a waiver. It just depends on the specifics of the case. Certainly having documentation showing that it's been present for a while without changes can't hurt. I would be cautiously optimistic.
  11. stuckindayton

    USAF / USA / USN / USMC Vision

    I'm sorry to say that if one eye is not correctable to 20/20, you are almost certainly going to be disqualified within no waiver.
  12. stuckindayton

    MFS-N for interservice transfer

    MFS-N is the same as MFS. It will be done at Wright-Patterson. The timing can vary and it may be when you are en route. The exam will consist of the neuro-psychiatry exam (the "N" part) as well as color vision, corneal topography and red lens (eye alignment test). The may also do height/weight although I'm not totally sure about that part.
  13. stuckindayton

    Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    Some people get their IFC I done at a location other than Wright-Patt. If so, you come to Wright-Patt for the MFS only portion later. If you are an OTS select the IFC I is typically done before OTS and the MFS is done after. The more traditional route, especially for ROTC and ANG/AFRES, is to come to Wright-Patt for the IFC I and MFS to be done simultaneously. If you are scheduled for IFC I at Wright-Patt you are almost certainly scheduled on a Monday or Tuesday. MFS only are usually scheduled on Wednesdays and sometimes on Thursdays.
  14. stuckindayton

    Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    I think the FCI docs will take precedence. Lots of weird stuff happens at MEPS that doesn't always make sense.
  15. stuckindayton

    PRK and LASIK Information

    Maybe some will, but I've seen many units hold slots for people needing refractive surgery.