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  1. Suck less more often and don’t bitch
  2. I think it has more to do with their somewhat recent coup attempt where vipers were ripping over their capital.
  3. So how many dudes coming to AETC have a Q3 or didn't upgrade to AC? Oh yeah that's right, the majority. I'll stick with the FAIPS teaching good fundamentals.
  4. If by cheapen you mean provide a higher quality and less jaded instructional experience then yeah sure bud
  5. DLF is unable to meet the demand for Civillian Sim Ip's and is making up for it with Military sim ips. To offset the cost of the sorties lost by them simming, AFPC is giving DLF a handful more FAIPs this fiscal year, which is much easier/quicker to coordinate than a handful more MWS dudes
  6. UPE's have actually spiked the last couple weeks. DLF has had like 7 just last week. Rumor about the increased humidity due to WX being a contributing factor possibly.
  7. I fail to see an argument here for why PIT should remain the school house for UPT IP's. You say you're getting a worse product of UIP and PIT IP, I read that as UPT bases already have a corps of young and motivated IP's used to teaching to a brand new student. Would I rather be taught by someone with receny flying with a student vs a PIT IP whos flown with a student maybe a handful of times in the last year for a re-blue? PIT is loaded with people on their last assignment that dont give a shit, which you admit to. Why would I want people to go through a program where thats the majority of people they interact with? What kind of tone does that set for how business gets done in UPT? I would much rather them go to a UPT base with the young O-3's and faips that actually give a shit to inculcate the new IP's with the pace and attitude of that base. SPS has proven it can work. Make RND another UPT base and the production problem gets much easier to solve.
  8. Dude I would much rather have PIT in house rather than the sham that is the flying club at PIT. Ive literally heard from guys coming back from PIT that some ips won't fly with Wx <030 due to their EFIS concerns. Or that some refuse to double turn due to being worried about obogs. issues. Meanwhile ips are trip turning at the upt bases and students are going solo on the reg. What a strange disconnect... On top of that I would much rather be able to shape our IP corps from the get go in-house by instilling a culture of excellence and transferable skills in regards to briefing, instructing, and debriefing rather than have them get negatively shaped by the cess pool that is PIT. Plus there's all the time saved of no TDY travel, the faips at least are already familiar with the LAO, and TI can be drastically shortened. Since the t-6 stand down my squadron has literally had brand new dudes from PIT that have doubled the TI syllabus due to lack of flying proficiency. Things like not being able to consistently land safely, not knowing the switchology of the GPS, and no concept of how to run an instructional brief or debrief. It's inexcusable.
  9. Shepard IPs, prior CAF guys, came down and did the iff rides for the studs apparently.
  10. You can get 400 VR sims for the price of a single T-6 OFT. I tried it, was immersive enough that i caught myself reaching forward to reset the G-meter. I definitely think it's the way of the future just from a price and portability perspective. Imagine having a couple of VR sims in each flight room at least, where IPs can watch the studs "fly" on each pc's accompanying desktop. It doesnt quite have the fidelity of a full up OFT but its definitely good enough. Also, my bro there now talked about how easy it was to pause and reset with multiple guys linked together. Each stud did ~20 rejoins in the sim before trying it in the air, and then by their 2nd sortie in the aircraft had it shacked. Where teaching rejoins old school it was typical that stud were still struggling with rejoins in their ~12th sortie.
  11. Any extra manpower on the ip side will help. At this point it's a giant game of whack-a-mole though, because maintainence is hanging in by a thread and if production increases any significant amount then the lack of experienced and specialized maintainers will make the process come to a screeching slow down.
  12. That is interesting, but also curious as to why it seems it's mostly Vance (plus one at Pensacola recently?)
  13. There are 5 "permanent" staff and 15 ips selected from the UPT bases+PIT. IPs are desired to be 11f, 38-trained faips, or anyone 4ship qual. The ips will be there tdy for 6 months. It was unclear how the studs would be selected, but there was special emphasis that if the program failed or they washed out of any phase of training they would have the opportunity to start over in classic UPT.
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