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  1. MooseAg ans Surely, critique these guys/gals wings all you want. Would you like us to critique RPA wings also?
  2. Do you have a better venue you would suggest advocating major causes? I don't. Are you an airline pilot, or a military pilot? Do you think your own cause would even register in the news if you took a knee at your work? Why denigrate those that do have a voice and can speak their mind. Either you disagree with their motive, which it does not sound like, or you disagree with their method. Peaceful right to protest is pretty important in this country, unlike a lot of other places. That peaceful right to protest lets you not spend your money on the NFL, but please realize they don't give a shat about your money, only corporate money. You give yourself far too much credit for the NFL drop in ratings.
  3. To be clear your major objection is to the analogy. You do not reject to calling them clowns and insisting they are not "real people" Cool, I accept your objection to the analogy and don't accept your tacit approval of implying they are clowns and not worthy of "real people" status, whatever that is.
  4. "Clowns destroying their bodies"? I don't follow. They make millions using practice and deliberate thought of action, just like most pilots on here. They have chosen to use the NFL stage to raise awareness. How is this any different than pink breast cancer awareness month where every person has a sock, or the flags are pink instead of yellow? I am sure the millionaire clowns are very disappointed you don't approve of their free speech or their right to protest. I will give their opinions the same weight as "real people", but I guess I do consider them "real people" and you consider them something else. Feel free to PM me and we can figure out what you meant to say.
  5. Understood Lawman, and that was the best decision for you and your family. Tricare is awful, that does not mean universal health care is awful. We can improve tricare and improve our national healthcare system. I am actually advocating we improve both and we will likely find a system that works best for all taxpayers.
  6. You spent a considerable amount of time in a universal healthcare system (tricare) and are now presumably retired into a similar system, yes? So it appears you are in this type of system but encourage everyone to know how bad that system will work. I do not follow your logic.
  7. Crickets on this forum lately. Is anyone rethinking their position on some weapons given the last 48 hours?
  8. So someone posts a contrarian view and they are a tool and now need mod approval to post. Again, this site is becoming an echo chamber. This guy clearly should not have had acces to any weapon, let alone an AR. It's as simple as that.
  9. Yes, ignore my predictions, and then be blindsided when they come true. This will be a very interesting week. Prepare yourselves or be inundated by the tide of history. The Saudi hardliners have big plans in store for the middle east. I am usually the unpopular one around here. But gtfo here. Go back and find the rock you climbed out from under.
  10. I wish this was an intentional pun with "triggered". Damn millenials.
  11. Don't talk about gun regulation in a thread about guns? I don't follow your logic.
  12. I am not being antagonistic-just truly asking my brothers in arms to reflect for a moment. This shooting "thing" is getting tired and sad. I will be the first to defend my home and family, and I carry a weapon every day. However, I am getting sick of easy access to weapons and the tragedy that follows.
  13. operator...pew pew- or I could be driving a lame ass rpa
  14. Sure do. I am an operator and on the eve of a horrific shooting in OUR country the last thing I give a shit about is some bullshit 9mm.
  15. Got it, you are a nonner.
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