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  1. Justonethought

    Gun Talk

    Crickets on this forum lately. Is anyone rethinking their position on some weapons given the last 48 hours?
  2. Justonethought

    Gun Talk

    So someone posts a contrarian view and they are a tool and now need mod approval to post. Again, this site is becoming an echo chamber. This guy clearly should not have had acces to any weapon, let alone an AR. It's as simple as that.
  3. Justonethought

    Texas Church Shooting

    Yes, ignore my predictions, and then be blindsided when they come true. This will be a very interesting week. Prepare yourselves or be inundated by the tide of history. The Saudi hardliners have big plans in store for the middle east. I am usually the unpopular one around here. But gtfo here. Go back and find the rock you climbed out from under.
  4. Justonethought

    Gun Talk

    I wish this was an intentional pun with "triggered". Damn millenials.
  5. Justonethought

    Gun Talk

    Don't talk about gun regulation in a thread about guns? I don't follow your logic.
  6. Justonethought

    Texas Church Shooting

    I am not being antagonistic-just truly asking my brothers in arms to reflect for a moment. This shooting "thing" is getting tired and sad. I will be the first to defend my home and family, and I carry a weapon every day. However, I am getting sick of easy access to weapons and the tragedy that follows.
  7. Justonethought

    Gun Talk

    operator...pew pew- or I could be driving a lame ass rpa
  8. Justonethought

    Gun Talk

    Sure do. I am an operator and on the eve of a horrific shooting in OUR country the last thing I give a shit about is some bullshit 9mm.
  9. Justonethought

    Gun Talk

    Got it, you are a nonner.
  10. Justonethought

    Texas Church Shooting

    You guys and gals are already in a pissing contest about ccws and weapons. Let the dust settle, and then let's attack in force. Until then let's stay quiet a bit.
  11. Justonethought

    Gun Talk

    Something your daughter can shoulder and shoot? Are you a Nonner in disguise?
  12. Justonethought

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    This is an echo chamber. You guys are talking and agreeing amongst yourselves. I am pro gun (ccw). Why would you possibly need a bump stock to protect you and your family?
  13. Sarcasm at its best. I appreciate it but I think it does little to inform the bros trying to find an alternative.
  14. Pitching back in, but on fumes. Certificates/titles are a bonus. When you walk in the door no one cares what you are certified in, they care about what you can explain and do. The certification may get you the interview over the next guy/gal, but it is not getting you the job. A certificate without experience or relevant examples means nothing. If you are a PMP, tell me how you got there. If you can't clearly explain how you earned a certification (pmp) don't even include it. These certifications are quickly becoming deflated and are the equivalent of "box checking". responsed to this because it seemed like a genuine question-pitching out for real