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  1. droptime

    Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    From JTR para 4250 LONG TERM TDY FLAT RATE PER DIEM: Does this mean the option to live off base without a Non-A (but at a reduced M&IE per diem) is no longer available?
  2. Even with base living and shopping at the commissary CA is prohibitively expensive? Yeah home buying seems to be out of the question at Travis although I make O3 after about a year there.
  3. Of course, the obvious choice at face value is Travis, but I'd like to hear what anyone might have to say regarding Dover. I feel like my wife and I have Cali blinders on and I'd like to take a step back to make sure we are taking everything into consideration. If anyone has lived in both places it would be great to hear about schools for kids, commuting, crime, areas to live, how drastic the cost of living difference is, home buying, etc. But all info is welcome and appreciated.
  4. EN 14-05 All American Drop Active: F-22 T-38A T-38C T-6 A-10 x2 B-1 U-28 F-15E x2 F-15C F-16 x4 Guard Reserve: F-22 x2 A-10 x2 F-15C x2
  5. droptime

    RC-135 (Rivet Joint) Q&A

    Would anyone be able to talk to the current and forecast deployment rates, the good and bad of the RC as well as Omaha, and general info on the lifestyle for a guy with a family?