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  1. I appreciate the info. Looks like I won't owe anything on the GI Bill if I Palace Chase, but I'll have to confirm that with the VA. My only concern now is accidentally making Major on the next board. I've considered writing AFPC to decline promotion consideration, but I don't know how that would affect PC afterward. I'll wait to see what our in-service recruiter responds with.
  2. Was that after your 1st pass? Just talked to MPF. Big question that the rep couldn't answer was: If passed over twice, am I required to accept continuation since I still have 3 years left on my pilot ADSC, and 1 year left on 9/11 GI bill ADSC?
  3. Totally agree. ISP would be nice, but not required. The current plan is to make my case to my CC and AFPC that letting me Palace Chase now gets roughly 11 more years out of me, still qualified and an IP in my previous MWS. The alternative is them keeping me until the next board and me getting out a year from now. At that point I'd probably just make a clean swap between 'officer first' and 'first officer'.
  4. It seems like the smart move all around. The AF would get 9 years out of me in the guard/reserves, which will end up being 11 years since I'll obviously continue to retirement at that point.
  5. Was that after being passed over twice? Or was he granted PC after the first pass?
  6. Yeah it was news to me. I don't know when it changed from 100%
  7. Thanks. I'm in the middle of PIT so I'm hoping it won't be too hard to switch over to the reserves at my UPT base.
  8. Looks like I'll have 6 months after the next board results before I'm kicked to the curb or offered continuation. At this point I'd rather not get promoted, just to have some certainty on how to proceed. But I don't know how declining promotion would affect future guard/reserve prospects. Probably doesn't look good
  9. I'm curious to find out how many of us there are. Guess we'll see in a few days! What are your plans?
  10. If I'm passed over again (likely, since I'm sure the same PRF won't do any better on the second round) I think I'll pursue Palace Chase while waiting to hopefully get hired by the airlines. Then do reserves/airlines from there on out. Yeah it's definitely a bad feeling getting passed over, but I feel fortunate that I have over a year to come up with a plan. Many people don't have that luxury! I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  11. Yeah and I'll not have much to add to my next PRF (in 3 months?) that the board didn't already see last time. I've been TDY in AETC going on month 7. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  12. MPF at my duty location won't pick up any of their phones. MPF here at my TDY location basically said I'm not their problem. So I'm just looking for general guidance/advice as I rethink my life plans. I got the call from my CC yesterday saying I won't be making Major. I didn't get a DUI or harass anyone or get any other type of paperwork. Just didn't make the cut. it happens. Any input on the following questions would be greatly appreciated: 1. Is there any point in requesting a records review? 2. If passed over twice, will I still have to fulfill my ADSC or will my Date of Separation be set to 6 months after the second board passes on me? 3. Will I be eligible for Involuntary Separation Pay if passed over twice, and having not finished my ADSC? 4. If I decline continuation (if offered), will I still receive ISP? 5. If I accept continuation, will I still receive ISP when I eventually separate? 6. Can I Palace Chase now, passed over once? Can I PC immediately after being passed over twice? 7. Does anyone know if the next board with go back to being held in Dec? I'm trying to figure out if PRFs will be due in July again, giving me 3 more months to polish up mine. 8. Will airlines care that I was passed over for Major? Again, no derogatory items in my file. I know these are mostly questions for someone in MPS, but I'm getting nothing from them and I've seen the wealth of knowledge that resides in this forum so I thought I throw this post out there. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!
  13. From JTR para 4250 LONG TERM TDY FLAT RATE PER DIEM: Does this mean the option to live off base without a Non-A (but at a reduced M&IE per diem) is no longer available?
  14. Even with base living and shopping at the commissary CA is prohibitively expensive? Yeah home buying seems to be out of the question at Travis although I make O3 after about a year there.
  15. Of course, the obvious choice at face value is Travis, but I'd like to hear what anyone might have to say regarding Dover. I feel like my wife and I have Cali blinders on and I'd like to take a step back to make sure we are taking everything into consideration. If anyone has lived in both places it would be great to hear about schools for kids, commuting, crime, areas to live, how drastic the cost of living difference is, home buying, etc. But all info is welcome and appreciated.
  16. EN 14-05 All American Drop Active: F-22 T-38A T-38C T-6 A-10 x2 B-1 U-28 F-15E x2 F-15C F-16 x4 Guard Reserve: F-22 x2 A-10 x2 F-15C x2
  17. Would anyone be able to talk to the current and forecast deployment rates, the good and bad of the RC as well as Omaha, and general info on the lifestyle for a guy with a family?
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