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  1. I was in DC for the 2015 event. We managed to grab a spot on the Memorial Bridge (not sure of the construction status today). This avoided the crush of crowd at the Lincoln Memorial itself and wasn't so far away that you couldn't hear the roar of radials. It was May and the temps started to climb as the day went on. I'd definitely figure out a way to carry a small cooler and a lawn chair if possible. I didn't take a camera because I wanted to live the moment through my eyes and not a lens. For me, definitely once in a lifetime and I hope you manage to make it out there.
  2. Anything is possible but I haven't seen these approved. SecAF is the authority for ADSC waivers. Situations where chances are high: Asking for less than 12 months, ADSC gave you no 'benefit' (i.e. bonus, education benefits), AFSC is overmanned, etc. Situations where chance are slim to zero: Basically the opposite of the above. Generally no ADSC for promotion, although TIG requirements won't usually be waived to retain your grade. PCS ADSC's under 12 months are usually good to go. IDE/SDE tougher. GI Bill, AvB, etc. probably won't happen.
  3. Waivers for time viewed as 'obligated service' are almost never approved. 'Obligated service' comes with GI bill xfer, AvB, SRBs etc. Chances aren't good.
  4. I knew Mike & his family. Took me under his wing as a young pilot & was his neighbor for several years. Absolutely gut-wrenching. If someone finds details on a memorial or fund before I do, please post.
  5. Rancor, To my knowledge the private keys don't add to the CAC and reside only on the systems you utilize. Google Drive can help so you don't need to lug... Herk.
  6. Sounds like the issue isn't your e-mail per se, but rather the private key. Login to AF.mil and search recover CAC certificate. There is a .pdf trifold which describes the process & the PKI recovery website is only accessible from a .mil. Once you have recovered your certificates you will be able to export them to your work computer and/or copy the recovered cert to a CD and then upload it at home, thereby making it available to Windows in addition to your current certs. Then you can access your OWA utilizing the old private key with your new card. Good luck!
  7. The tenets of officership you so properly describe are not (and should not be) discarded because one is wearing a tux.
  8. Thanks Champ! Hopefully I can talk the squadron into buying...
  9. Any C-130 folks using the A-20s? My DC's are about to kick the bucket and thinking about making a change.
  10. The applicable paragraph is 1.10.2: 1.10.2. Family members will not be assigned to airborne duty on the same aircraft for a given mission. Family member is defined as spouse, brother, sister, parent, and child. It's poorly written, but this is the interpretation. If your brother is on the aircraft, then you will not be assigned to airborne duty on that same aircraft. Hope that helps, Herkdrvr
  11. Official word at 19 AW: No blues Monday.
  12. Coach Christensen can't handle losing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaJDqBNo4cI EDIT: Potentially NSFW due to language.
  13. Short answer: Yes it is***. ***Given the risk of death/injury is low. Is one human life worth High School Football Swimming Getting Married? Of course not. Yet all of these activities have an extremely low probability of death, so we happily undertake them. Communities hosting airshows are the same communities shouldering the daily risk. Witness the F-18 into San Diego housing. Showcasing aircraft to the public not only inspires new generations of aviators (as previously mentioned) but also exposes the community to the operations they witness every day. Additional risk is negligible, and level of risk is directly proportional to airshow approvals. Have a great Labor Day.
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