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  1. Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    bomberpatches.com The guy who owns the company is a reservist at KBAD and good dude. He's a big proponent of PVC patches., which is why you see most of the Buff squadrons rock them for Red Flag, deployments, etc. Take a look at the website. He's also a graphic designer and does solid work. It's not just bomber stuff now, eitiher. He's made stuff for a bunch of different units.
  2. Any idea what further wickets it has to go through and how much longer it will take?
  3. So.....anybody know when Congress is going to approve the 08YG promotion list so we can start pinning on? First group's supposed to start pinning 1 October, and as of today MyPers still says "awaiting congressional approval"....
  4. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Please tell me said idiot was immediately called out for their stupidity?
  5. Leadership at the 'Deid

    Unless soy milk is your thing, yes...although strangely, when I got coffee today at the bean, they had what looked like fresh milk. How'd that happen??
  6. So.....when/how long will Congress take to approve it?
  7. Flight Pay increases

    No. At least guarantee O-4, if not O-5. No way O-3 pay, even into the 15-20 year mark, is enough to keep guys around. Even if you're just flying airplanes, the airlines will pay you more to do the same thing and work fewer days.
  8. Professional pilot kill recreation?

    Granted, I sit in a dungeon with no windows when I fly for work, but I love GA. My buddy (a fellow FTU instructor and Buff IP) lets me fly his Comanche, and he was my CFI for my commercial ASEL last October and we just finished my CFI a couple of weeks ago. I think military aviation makes me a better civilian pilot. My big thing over the past few months has been to find ways to make my weekend aviating useful and not just burn holes in the sky. I did a couple of Pilots n' Paws trips, flying rescue dogs to adoption agencies. I also did an EAA Young Eagles event, and flew five or six plane loads of kids over the course of a morning. Some would've never had the chance to fly in an airplane otherwise, and some were very much into aviation and want to make it a career, so this was just more motivation for them.
  9. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Hello, AFGSC...
  10. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Sorry....my English degree got the better of me for a second....
  11. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    So it's going to take losing 11 BUFFs a day over Pyongyang or Tehran for leadership to actually listen to the concerns of those who most heavily carry the burdens of airpower? UFB...
  12. Where's Chang when we need him?
  13. Aaaaaaaaaand......'08 board release pushed back again. From the bomber functional at AFPC, expect it out "by the end of the month". Something about finishing up public affairs guidance....which only adds to the suspicion of a major change and they're figuring out how to sell it... For real though....WTF, AFPC assholes?? Can you not stick to your own stated timelines for once?? This is now what ,the third or fourth time it's been pushed back? "Yeah, sir, that TOT I gave you....I can't make it...oops, still can't make it....ok, one more time....you really didn't want those bombs on target on time, did you?"
  14. Not throwing this spear at you....but why the damn secrecy??? Leave it to the AF to make a major change and find the shadiest, most opaque way possible to do it. "We're going to make a major change to the way we do promotions....and not tell any of you about it".
  15. CSO drop nights

    That's a pretty good drop!