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  1. In today’s climate, I don’t know why anyone would aspire to command.
  2. Kinda symptomatic of how the Air Force develops officers and it shows what promotion boards value. Just about every O-6/CC bio you see is one or two ops tours, then school this, fellowship that, exec to blah blah blah...a periodic touch and go back to flying to punch the DO or Sq/CC card, then more school...on and on. Flying skill and tactical competency does not seem to be valued when grooming for O-6, hence, the 2200 hr Wg/CC.
  3. Six Buffs to Diego...the plot thickens
  4. Wouldn’t call it “chopping block” but my buddy got picked up by Great Falls as a nav and they said they’re highly likely to get Js soon and send him to UPT
  5. Gen Ray was in Minot a couple of weeks back and talked about this. Seems like the four stars are all on board with it.
  6. Barksdale squadrons have them, Minot squadrons do not...go figure. But no rank on the shoulders observed by any bros seen wearing them. Just the rank on the name tag.
  7. WTF, you forgot the best of the best, Allegiant!
  8. When he was the AFCENT commander, he was still CMR in the Raptor and flying combat sorties. Kinda badass IMHO.
  9. Two of them actually. One to replace the Guam crash and one to replace the one that burned up at KBAD in 15 or so.
  10. Just because you can fly on six does not mean you should
  11. 747 ahead of the Buff? Naw....172 on the list at all....hell naw. That's like saying "Bad ass car- Honda Accord". No F-86?
  12. You could do far worse than to “end up” in a bomber...
  13. Why now that’s he’s been nominated as VCJCS and not when he was put up for STRATCOM/CC? Not saying it did or didn’t happen, but the timing is fishy.
  14. Won’t release your guys to staff when that is an assignment that is still a heavy discriminator on the promotion board.
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