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  1. But perfectly acceptable to sell at the BX.
  2. Given where these things will be based (AFGSC missile bases), do you necessarily need high DA training? Asking out of ignorance.
  3. This is making the rounds on social media. 93d and 28th Bomb Squadrons can just kiss their patches goodbye.
  4. Because Texas is so lacking for other Air Force bases...
  5. Pure speculation...any ARC unit will be under the 131st at SZL or the 489th at DYS.
  6. I do find it damned peculiar that Burgum issued the state wide mask mandate...right after he got re-elected. Something is rotten in Denmark.
  7. Can y’all not get a Business Effort tanker at some points during your syllabus?
  8. Hitting a TOT is good training for a Buff crew, especially since our turn radius takes us into the next zip code.
  9. Call me weird but I prefer the coyote boots and tshirt over the sand shirt and green boots. I thought we’d look like a bunch of Marines running around, but I think it actually looks good. Plus, Nike makes some stupid comfortable boots.
  10. ATC audio has the Herc crew reporting #3 and 4 out.
  11. Bros have been saying it’s like cramming a masters class into five weeks. Fun like a toothache...
  12. Unscientifically determined, but the mini displays approach plates the same size as a real, paper one. I use a RAM mount suctioned to the window. Works great in a 172 if you mount it on the little side window, where it does not block too much of your view. RE: the A20, yeah they’re pricey, but worth it. I can’t fly with anything else now. Periodically, Bose will run deals. I got mine on a $90/month for 10 months, no interest financing.
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