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  1. Got to do a pretty cool thing in March. Flew the first flight of a four leg journey for a retiring military working dog through Pilots n Paws. His former handler adopted him, but the dog was in ND (two minutes from my office incidentally) and the family lives in Missouri. Had to wait two months for a break in the shitty winter weather, but it was very special to help an AF dog and his former AF handler reunite. If you want to find a mission or purpose for your recreational flying, Pilots n Paws is a great one to get into.
  2. Ditto for the Buff bros/broettes
  3. I got one when I pinned on O-4, but I kinda geek out on stuff like that.
  4. Thought it was interesting they lumped special tactics and combat rescue with rated.
  5. Knowing Global Strike Command, it will only be a matter of time
  6. That’s exactly why we’re using spice brown. God forbid we get mistaken for being the Army....ya know, after we shamelessly stole their uniform
  7. But hey, at least a little common sense broke out and they did the patch reverse on the OCPs rather than the bag!
  8. The Navy has been hanging all kinds of pods off the P-8. Seems like a logical alternative for us too.
  9. I really hate the age categories. The current Army test changes the age standards every four years, ie 18-21, 22-25, etc. It also counts push ups, sit-ups and the run equally.
  10. Buddy going up for his 1APZ board showed it to a couple of us. Didn’t see where it came from. My sq/cc said he’d seen the same thing, too.
  11. Saw an email that said for the upcoming O-5 board, it’s an 85% promotion opportunity.
  12. A step in the right direction! The CSO concept was good on paper, but the career field is far too diverse for a jack of all trades, master of none approach.
  13. "...some particularly outraged folks online said made them feel "unsafe." Yeah, welcome to the real world, there are bad guys out there. Geezus...Heaven forbid we ever have to fight WWIII, because with this PC, thin skinned, hipster latte swigging generation, we might as well just throw in the towel now.
  14. If I had any ambition to be a commander (which I did not) after the last couple of months it would be well and truly dead.
  15. We have to make it different, just for the sake of making it different.
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