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  1. ATC audio has the Herc crew reporting #3 and 4 out.
  2. Bros have been saying it’s like cramming a masters class into five weeks. Fun like a toothache...
  3. SIB final message is out. Hard to read...
  4. Unscientifically determined, but the mini displays approach plates the same size as a real, paper one. I use a RAM mount suctioned to the window. Works great in a 172 if you mount it on the little side window, where it does not block too much of your view. RE: the A20, yeah they’re pricey, but worth it. I can’t fly with anything else now. Periodically, Bose will run deals. I got mine on a $90/month for 10 months, no interest financing.
  5. I use a iPad mini4. Great size for the the standard GA airplane without blocking too much view. For the headset, A20, no question.
  6. Self defense ROEs apply right, right??
  7. In the Buff community, bars, those evil things, were replaced with Buff Appreciation Rooms.
  8. Re: your original post, no, they are certainly not mandatory downrange. Any ejection seat equipped platform is still wearing the desert bag.
  9. Looking into some options for the future and wondering if anybody on here has any insight into the 133d vs 934th in Minneapolis. Things like either one going Js, future of both units, culture in either unit. Anything would be helpful.
  10. Standing by for another “aircrew discipline” video...
  11. Or, half a dozen law suits challenging the legality of her royal decrees.
  12. Very hard to read. To them 🍻
  13. Speak the Devil’s name...Ramstein is worried about the important things
  14. And where are all these masks coming from??
  15. Yeah, I think we can all agree about the obligation piece. My thought is that a) our readiness is better served by a healthy force that has been shielded from this crap by as much isolation or minimum contact as possible and b) that if our readiness is in such a critical state that it can’t take the shock of a three week tactical pause, we’re in an even worse way state than perhaps we suspected previously. I’d be more worried about an adversary’s advancing if this outbreak was largely affecting just the US, but everybody has it. No other country is in much better shape than we are. We need to aggressively confront this thing. A two or three week hard stop now IMHO is better than dragging this on for months and months by not taking drastic steps.
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