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  1. Ruh Roh...looks like the start of a git down purse fight....no bricks in purses...pub bags acceptable...(does that date me?)
  2. When half the peeps in a survey are going to refuse a vaccine..think that wearing a mask invades their rights...and won't give up visiting crowded gin mills..I think that the gig is up. It's not gonna be herd immunity or vaccines or masks or 9-11 or the Holocaust..It's gonna be Mother Nature who will examine your genetics and those genetics will either save you or they won't..won't be any different than 1917 and AIDS... It's gonna be a self induced disaster...A "free to be me" progression ...and Mother Nature swings a mean bat..good luck..
  3. I've been wondering about how (if) Gamma Globulin might fit in...I've had it two..maybe three times as a preventative for nasty third world bugz. Any medics want to opine on it as a preventative for Covid?
  4. I worked the election processing ballots.... keeping an eye on a voting machine..making sure that initials were in the right spot, paper jams got cleared... In a high school gym full of tables, workers, machines etc. Nine hour shift which was a bit sporting for the older folks..but they pressed on.. NOW, the highest levels of the Republican party (starting with Donald Trump) and many party members are all but accusing me and co-workers of fraud, mis-handling paperwork, forgery and in general just being a herd of mopes. BTW..we had an official election observer..spent most of his time perche
  5. Ok ..I will take over for a minute....If you have watched The Donald lo these four years or longer..and have yet to realize that the boy is goofy as a pet coon...well..give me the keys to your airplane... " I too shall go airborne" or is it timeout? Funniest thing I ever heard CINCSAC jabber..
  6. Here's a quote from about 2oo years ago...Afghanistan "the veritable home of murder, battle and sudden death". Here's a more recent one..."No promotion this side of the ocean"......add billions of dollars...deploy...
  7. Police Chiefs to wear business casual attire with a concealed pistol. Ditch the four star collar rank unless you happen to be a retired general..Detectives as usual..business casual with concealed pistols...LT's....ditch the military rank for the word Lieutenant..Sgt's can keep chevrons..Patrol staff to ditch the battle rattle motif except for body armour under the shirt. Sergeants may patrol with rifles. All other patrol personnel patrol with shotguns..Pistols limited to 10 round magazines....Expending a 10 round magazine to be carefully evaluated...
  8. Lease the capes from the Brits (and French?) as needed ...Like Once a year? Incredible expense to guard airspace the size of Minnesota?
  9. Keep an eye on the Coast Guard if needed...almost totally operational...management has eyeballs on what's important...Generally not condemned to some sandy pesthole...You could be a cutter Captain if for some reason aviation doesn't work....
  10. I've been asking around..sort of a back of the envelope survey. Any of the medics have an opinion on whether Gamma Globulin might be protective long term against the Cov-19 virus? Those I have asked "seem" to have avoided it so far. Strictly anecdotal.
  11. For what it's worth. The draft pulled a lot of people into the guard who never would have been exposed to any military. There were your regular guys but also professional sports figures, millionaires or the sons of other such heavy hitters politically. It wasn't unheard of for a boom operator to be "quite wealthy" and connected personally to Senators and Congressmen. The commanders grew up with those same politicos and knew them personally. USAF management types were quite respectful when they showed up, if they showed up. Now they tell me that the zoomies have taken over the commanders
  12. Actually, the whole idea sort of frumps me out. But that's progress I guess. What this brave new world is going to do to morale I can only speculate. Meanwhile ..................................Don't bother me. I'm wandering across an approach corridor comm out................. ..................You know, that reminds me of nearly hitting a glider on approach to March field one fine smoggy evening........ ....The second funniest, goofiest story I was ever involved in. Probably still be in lock-up if a full col ...... ......hadn't
  13. The F-35 is going to need a backseater to be Mission Commander and manage those multiple drones you all are going to be launching "quite aways" from the battlespace. .........Enemy Seriously Counseled in Action.........
  14. I saw a left seater touch down nose gear first. No one caught fire. What's your point? ...Regarding "points" What is the point of nomex?............
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