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  1. budderbar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You assume the new selection process will eliminate the described scenario. However they haven't laid out what the new process will look like, I think it will end up being the same.
  2. budderbar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I agree, they jumped too quick to correct a problem with out having the new rules of the game (I assume they are trying to figure it out now). And at the very least communicate changes with an organized milestone plan allowing personnel to digest the changes.
  3. budderbar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Thanks, mine was a sub folder under the name of board. Thanks for confirming.
  4. budderbar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    When does your "as met" record pop up on PRDA? Does it actually say "as met"? I just had a folder pop up today labeled "P0417B" on PRDA and was wondering if that was my as met record for my Majors board.
  5. budderbar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I did, met with boss today; he said it wasn't a hidden negative message at all. He said he and our 0-6 debated whether to put a percentage like "top 5% capts I have ever lead" or the number strat "3/6". They both decided to go with the number strat because a percentage strat is second tier. They are hoping the number strat show the promotion board or whom ever is looking at it that they took the time to strat me because my performance merited it. He also took the time to explaine why I was stratified #3. I had 3 contributing factors that lead to there decision: 1. "to much focus on just what was on my plate" I needed to reach out and look for opportunities outside my assigned duties that would of affected our organization. I can see that point of view to a certain degree. I should have volunteered to run the organizations picnic or flag officer visits. 2. I had a surgical procedure that put me on convalescent leave for almost 3 months. Prior to that procedure I was deployed and while deployed we had a complete leadership change out both O5/CC and O6/CC. So basically they didn't know me and were not going to strat me just based on my previous OPRs. 3. Timing. By the time I had returned back to work and gave them a solid three months of work they were impressed but they had already racked and stacked everyone and OPRs were already being processed. So basically it doesn't matter if I would have laid solid gold eggs our O6/CC's policy is he will only stratify the top 3 and they only do the rack and stack twice a year. I don't like the whole rack and stack process where it leads to someone being stratified 6 months before there rating period is over. But I get it people's OPRs close out at different times. Considering my challenges I faired alright compared to some of my other peers. And I really appreciated the boss sitting down with me to talk and being honest about it; even though I had to request it. Hard pill to swallow especially being that I only have one more OPR before my O-4 board and I am pcsing in a couple weeks.
  6. budderbar

    Promotion and PRF Information

    How is a #3 of 6 stratification from first line rater/O-5 CC interpreted by promotion boards? Is my rater trying to send a negative message with a strat like this? I immediately took it as a negative as I interpret it to be "this guy is average at best". My senior rater/O-6 CC stratified me #3 of 10. Not sure what to make of it.
  7. budderbar

    USAF RAS program

    Has anyone received any info on selections for CY15 on the RAS program? FYI... They didn't release a PSDM calling for volunteers instead they sent out robot emails asking for volunteers this past November 2014.
  8. budderbar

    Supervising GS Personnel

    I work primarily with civilians and have never in 13 years seen a GS 14 report to anyone under 05. Essentially a GS 14 in the DOD is equivalent to an 05 and a GS15 is equivalent to an 06. A GS 14/15 can either be functional lead, deputy CC, deputy director, director or commander. A GS 14 non supervisory ( usually field experts aka engineers, scientist etc...) usually report to 05 or higher. A GS 12 /13 generally equivalent to Maj dependent on position (I.e. Team lead, Flt CC etc...) Although I have never seen it that doesn't mean your 06 can't mandate it, mission need! Just be ready for her to file a compliant with the IG. And if she isnt doing her job now just have the 06 put her on a performance improvement plan.
  9. budderbar

    History Friday

    Why A German Pilot Escorted An American Bomber To Safety During World War II http://jalopnik.com/...ng-world-war-ii ...Things went from bad to worse for Brown and his crew. Falling behind the formation, Ye Olde Pub weathered merciless attacks from 15 German fighters. The bomber's machine guns got one of them, but the damage they sustained was immense. The tail gunner was killed and four were injured, including Brown, who caught a bullet fragment in his right shoulder. The only defensive guns left in service were the top turret and the nose gun, and the bomber's hydraulics and oxygen systems had also been knocked out. The plane went into a spiral, plummeting earthward. What happened next is according to the memory of Brown, who told interviewers years later that his mind was a bit hazy at the time; his shoulder was bleeding and he needed oxygen. "I either spiraled or spun and came out of the spin just above the ground. My only conscience memory was of dodging trees but I had nightmares for years and years about dodging buildings and then trees. I think the Germans thought that we had spun in and crashed." Ye Olde Pub was spared further harassment by enemy fighters. Somehow, he and the co-pilot managed to get the plane flying level again at about 1,000 feet of elevation. On the way out to the sea, Ye Olde Pub passed a German airfield. Lt. Franz Stigler, a Luftwaffe fighter pilot just in from shooting down two B-17s, saw Ye Olde Pub limp by. Naturally, he scrambled to give chase. But what he saw arrested any aggression he may have had. As he told interviewers in 1991, he was aghast at the amount of damage the bomber had sustained. Its nose cone was missing, it had several gaping holes in the fuselage. He could see crew members giving first aid to the wounded, and most of the plane's guns hung limp, unmanned as they were. "I saw his gunner lying in the back profusely bleeding….. so, I couldn't shoot. I tried to get him to land in Germany and he didn't react at all. So, I figured, well, turn him to Sweden, because his airplane was so shot up; I never saw anything flying so shot up." Stigler kept his distance, always staying out of the line of fire of the two guns still in service, but managed to fly within 20 feet of the bullet riddled B-17. He tried to contact Brown with hand signals. His message was simple: Land your plane in Germany and surrender or fly to Sweden. That heap will never make it back to England. A bewildered Brown stared back through his side window, not believing what he was seeing. He had already counted himself as a casualty numerous times. But this strange German pilot kept gesturing at him. There was no way he was going to land the plane, but the pilot stayed with him, keeping other attackers off until they reached the North Sea. When it was clear that Brown wasn't staying in Germany, Stigler saluted, peeled off, and flew out of Ye Olde Pub's nightmarish day.
  10. budderbar

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Care to expand?
  11. budderbar

    "chemtrails" ...WTF

    They have a conference! Believers in chemtrails gather at L.A. conference Believers in chemtrails - and there appear to be thousands of them - assert that visible vapor trails left by aircraft are intentionally filled with chemicals designed to either poison the atmosphere, delay global warming, control population growth, experiment with military weapons, and/or manipulate the weather. It may sound like something out of the "The X-Files," and it's been dubbed a fringe conspiracy theory by most scientists, but, thanks to the Internet, it's gotten popular enough that it attracted more than 1,000 followers to Los Angeles this weekend for a three-day conference... http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_21344909/believers-chemtrails-gather-at-l-conference
  12. budderbar

    Collings Foundation

    Go talk to your Contracting Squadron. But basically what you need to do is: 1. Find three other companies that can provide the same or similar service and get "pricing info". 2. Then formulate a government estimate of what you think it's going to cost and provide that info to your Resource Advisor (RA) so they can process a Purchase Request (PR) to the Contracting squadron.(Your WG/CC has to agree to provide the funds for it obviously.) 3. The Contracting Squadron will then help you write up a Statement of work (SOW) or Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the service you want provided for your event. 4. Once the PWS or SOW is written and approved and Contracting has a certified PR from finance (meaning funds) then they will issue out a solicitation via Fed Biz ops requesting quotes from Collins and other companies like it. FYI Contracting should know this but make sure you and them both read through the Air Show AFI 10-1004 specifically about the War-bird status of the Aircraft. And the process will take usually 3 to 8 weeks to get someone contracted.
  13. budderbar

    Pope wing commander removed from duty

    It would be hilarious if the Air Force times is using your RUMINT in their story.
  14. budderbar

    Pope wing commander removed from duty

    From today's Air Force Times. "POPE WING COMMANDER REMOVED A wing commander lost his job June 12. Col. John W. McDonald, commander of the 43rd Airlift Wing at Pope Air Force Base, N.C., was removed because he no longer had the confidence of his chain of command, according to a spokesman for Air Mobility Command. Taking over the 43rd is Col. James C. Johnson, who had been serving as vice commander of the 19th Airlift Wing at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. The 19th, like the 43rd, flies C-130s. McDonald does not face additional disci­plinary action, the AMC spokesman said. He was reassigned as a special assistant to the commander of the 18th Air Force at Scott Air Force Base, Ill. An AMC statement did not explain what led to McDonald’s dismissal. A person familiar with the case said McDonald and an Army wife got into an argument in a parking lot that was witnessed by several people. The incident prompted an Army investigation; the results were turned over to the Air Force." So basically he pissed in the wrong spouses club member's cheerios! but I'm sure there were other small insignificant issues that would have normally gone un-punished and this incident just broke the "camels back". EDITED: I added the bold in the story above, and there is no link because it's from the electronic copy of the actual paper. The article is on page 7 of the times.
  15. budderbar

    Lackland Buffoonery

    Holy crap aren't promotions to Major like at 94% (even back in 2000)? Damn, did the guy write the OPR in crayon, WTF!