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  1. Ha! Must be what's financing the airline grants. WRT homeowners/car insurance, who out there is doing good service and value? My car rates just went vertical. Out
  2. Make sure he tells DFAS - Retired (Indy) that the date has changed. That didn't happen automatically for me and they started my retired pay too early. DFAS AD and DFAS Retired don't really talk to each other. Took a full year to unfuck the whole thing.
  3. To Mr OP Penguin, Here's some fatherly advice. It starts with a question. What the fuck do you want? The solution, figure out how to get there. There are hundreds of folks on this forum that made their way to that answer. If you feel unsatisfied in UAVs, seek out what you want. Or enjoy exploding terrorists. Few manned craft pilots can say they took out bad guys these days. So get to it, whatever you decide. And stop crying to the internet. Its a heartless bitch. Out
  4. Sounds like a good time for a "Real Men of Genius" ad. Out
  5. Ah, I see the solution. All TSAs at DCA, IAD, and BWI no show and effectively shut down air travel in the DC area. Extreme, sure. Likely, no. Watching it actually happen and the reactions, priceless. Out
  6. Just a made up example. That would be a neat story tho. Out
  7. Caveats. 1. The path that worked for me will not work for you. I started writing my own PRFs. A, it was the times, B, thats what folks did that were a bit out of the core AF (Joint), C, that was the advice I was given as a new Lt from the OG, (3x overall BTZ back when they did Maj BTZ). I made Lt Col with a P while on a joint (other) staff and only a few DPs available. I put all strats on the 1st line, command roles on the 2nd, all awards on the 3rd, and big ticket items in the middle. I understood the game of those times and put the words on PRFs to match. Key point: Included were combat hrs and a combat story of leadership. And thats what combat will do, provide opportunities for the shit to hit the fan (it will, guaranteed) and you to roll in and LEAD. So, if any of you ever get the North Koreans to grant clearance to land US Mil cargo in Pyongyang to deliver humanitarian air after thay have a natural disaster, you get O-5 automatically. Out (3x 10% -OH IPAs this eve)
  8. Marines LOVE the knife hand. Love it. Sorry to all those Hands screwed over. You all get free beers. Out
  9. Having been in Hot, Africa Hot (realz Africa), the 2-piece is the bikini of uniforms. Back home, bag all the way. It was a defiance at one point in time (Blues Monday) and is my rebel uniform. Want to thow a subtle F.U. at the man, sport that verboten patch. That and pull and zip and I'm off to work. So, occasions dictate the clothes, wear accordingly. Out
  10. I vote Bergstrom, err, I mean Austin. The dive bar scene on 6th is outstanding. Out
  11. Damn. One of the biggest personalities of the 198th. I can hear his voice as he talks at a debrief, one of his grand stories of killin snakes in his duck blinds, pearls o' wisdom while riding the crew bus, or how the Shirt was riding his ass about his sideburns (Whit was the DO then). A toast to the dude of 130s Out
  12. I selected the topic and front/center was the 2nd quote, so I added the OPs 1st post on top, you know, for chronology. Irony? Foreshadowing? Bad Karma? Out
  13. Yeah, but were they really pilots? I sat in the back of the plane one day while McDew subjected the earth to his soul crushing landings. I closed my eyes, braced for impact, and let out a Jesus! as I expected the gear to collapse each time. Tr'ble, just tr'ble. PS: No idea on the others, so flame elsewhere. On topic tho, who better to implement the programs on pilot assignments and retention than those most hurting, a fighter pilot. Question is, is he still a fighter pilot? I think it would be a more interesting experiment to take an 18yr Lt Col pilot, one about to get out, and make him/her the chief of AFPC. Out
  14. If the names are on the orders, doesnt matter how many milkmen are involved. One more thing and I didnt think much of at at the time, but a doc we were seeing (military) handed us our kids medical records. Not the "hey, turn these in" kind of give, but here, these belong to you and your kids, use them as you see fit. Puzzling at the time, but helped later on with leaving EFMP. BTW, all kid issues were overcome and nobody would ever know what we had to work through if you met them today. Side short story. Wife made lots of contacts regarding local specialty treatment services while kid was getting help. She talked with EFMP about all these resources as we were about to PCS and was quite agitated that they had no clue on what existed in their own area. Out
  15. Na, the Rebels will game the system 1st by trying to take their test on the moon. Starfleet will reply by requiring everyone to return to earth every 6 months, but will see that as too costly, and will try to institute gravity regs. The Italian foreign exchange dude will mock his fellow spacemen as he sips Space Chianti on Mars... the red wine for the red planet. Out
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