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  1. The definition of right and left seemed skewed in that graphic.
  2. So, there's an effort to remove a PPL from consideration for selection? Seems stupid. I didn't get a slot in college (selection rate went to shit), so I competed for a slot on AD. I knew a PPL was going to be huge, so I figured it out. If I can find a way to get for a PPL, anyone can. I just looked it up, but back in 95 a 2nd Lt made $1636.20 a month. BAH barely covered apt rent. I found a local flight school and paid for my PPL, $2250 at the time, by nearly maxing out a credit card. I paid what I could each month. I then bought a block of 50 hrs for $1250 (yes, $25/hr wet, a
  3. Like CH, I got mine at the VA and I've never used them for anything. Eligibility is receiving care or eligible to receive care. They had a car checkpoint just after the gate asking the symptoms questions. After that, they had a few folks directing traffic to the area doing the shots in the hospital. Got a clipboard and number (like the barber shop) and waited my turn. Our VA has been doing Moderna but they just got a shipment of Pfizer and that's what I got (and based on my own research, I preferred). They were giving 2nd doses of Moderna that morning as well. After the shot, I barely h
  4. Last time I checked, plenty of people suck at driving too. Lane keeping, collision avoidance braking, pacing cruise control, etc. techs have prevented accidents. I know you don't need those since you're so defensive, but someday you might. Or if you have kids, you may want your kids to have those techs. I want them for my kids. And it's companies like Tesla and others that are pushing the industry faster than it wanted. Interesting theory, any Tesla crash is news while the thousands of crashes by other cars is meh. It like if a pilot does a go around, so what. AF-1 does a go arou
  5. I hope/believe Rep Kinzenger will make it through these times, and remembered for his courage to take on the party. The rest are spineless or complicit. I remember a class in school where we learned about mass hysteria and some examples in history. These times sound a lot like a mass hysteria event/s. Its a psychology problem I guess. That so many are influenced is quite amazing. And our foreign adversaries are probably grinning and chuckling, giddy with joy. Out
  6. Show me in the leave AFI where it says leave is automatically approved when submitted. I know someone overseas and the quarantine/testing/zero leave actions make our military people almost prisoners. If "exposed" they quarantine you for 2 weeks in your room... can't leave at all. Which I hear is the runtime of watching every Simpsons episode. One finds the end of the internet pretty quick like that. If and when a mandatory vaccinate order comes, the order will be fully vetted by DoD/Executive level legal. And there is a waiver for anything, except physics. PS, the things people
  7. I had a few bucks in my 401K brokerage, so this early fall I bought a few shares each of Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax, thinking if any of these hits a homerun on a vaccine, I might earn a few. Well, thanks to the short squeezers, Novavax is about to double. Beer covered for the next few months. Oh wait, its in the 401K, shit. I'll stock up when I'm 65 then.
  8. That's a lot of "pistol" especially for an MSRP of $799.
  9. Mostly nothing. The billionaires (Bs) won't like the scrutiny, so they'll fund their politicians to play dumb. The SEC won't change rules on shorting other than slapping Robinhood for halting trading for certain customers. Plus the lawsuit against them should help stop that practice. Reddit may delete the club if the SEC says "insider or collusion", but they'll find another place. In summary, the Bs shorting game will slow considerably, but won't go away. They've got a target on their foreheads and the Joes are not going to let up. Maybe next time the Bs will keep their yaps shut on thei
  10. Anyone that thinks the elections were stolen, full of fraud, etc. has been gaslighted. Trump, his family, his apostles, his subjugates, and his followers, are all brainwashed. I used to be surprised by stuff, but not much these days. This one has me surprised again, that so many in our nation are convinced that the election was stolen. The actions of those fucktards yesterday has brought great shame upon our nation. Out
  11. CS, Go to the VARS site and read up on all the adverse reactions to all the vaccines you've ever taken, to include the yearly flu one. Once your head spins from all the reported reactions, you might realize this one is no different. If you've survived all the others, you will likely be fine. GFC, the crybaby mentality of people these days... grow a pair. If Pelosi can push though it.... Out
  12. Like PowerPoint? You're taking a weak sauce pass because of PowerPoint? Was it from scientists that understand biochemistry, how they manufacture mRNA, and how each vaccine mechanism works? As for duration, how long does you body keep antibody memory for tetanus? Or typhoid? Next, effectiveness in trials were in the 95% range, which puts it at the top of the vaccine list of effectiveness. So yes, in this instance, it is the silver bullet. All the other bullets are useless. My point here, do some of your own research. I did. For one, the mRNA approach is something that was talked
  13. Hi Jon and/or Amy, I did a refi this spring at 2.75%. Now I'm getting flooded with refi mail daily. Is 2.25% possible and can another refi be done so quickly after the one we did in early April? BTW, all those mail offers touted 2.25%, but the fine print said up to 2 points payable. Thanks
  14. Guardians. Yep, they went Marvel for the membership name, you know, to go along with the Star Trek emblem. Pence names Space Force members The commander of Space Force better be referred to as Star Lord. And Groot must be on the patches. And there better be some sweet tunes playing during any space op. Edit. From the article, The Space Force motto is “Sempa Supra,” or “Always Above” and, according to Pence, President Trump is its “founder.” So, if you are on the moon, are you above Earth, or is Earth above the moon? Is there an "up" side to the galaxy? If creatures fr
  15. America makes the best beer in the world. You can find any style just about anywhere. Some of my current favorites. For those of you in the WI area, check out O'so Brewing. Stuff sold in stores state-wide, tasting rooms in Madison and at the brewery in Plover, and for the FIBS, Woodmans in Kenosha of I-94 is your place to stop/beer shop. O'so "Beer" is an OUTSTANDING lager. Don't let the generic can fool you (its actually a cheeky joke). The Convenient Distraction has been wonderful in these times. And when it's made, Lupulin Maximus is a great West Coast
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