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  1. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Perhaps they were practicing negative g push overs, you know, "You were in a 4G inverted dive with a MiG-28." Out
  2. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    ATC vectors with a TCAS RA. Yep. That'd be my story. Out
  3. Electronic flight bags could boost operational safety, effectiveness

    My fully charged ipad can usually last the entire day, sometimes 3 legs (depending on the ios update and the battery drain changes they make each time). And that's with wifi on in the air where we can receive wx updates. If I need a charge, the 737 has a standard 115v AC outlet. However, the company has an approved panel they're adding in with USB power outlets on both sides of the cockpit. Out
  4. Electronic flight bags could boost operational safety, effectiveness

    You know, here's an area the AF could borrow a page from the airline playbook. UAL, company issued ipad with Jepp, WX, Go/No-go (their version), crew papers, all pubs, and any other app needed to fly a plane. It snaps into a holder on the plane so its secure in flight. Updates are pushed (pubs) or hit update (Jepp) to ensure the latest data. Ipad is wifi and cellular. I can update it at home on my own wifi, on the way to the airport, in a hotel room off free wifi, or at Starbucks getting the morning coffee. So, an easy solution exists. The cost of fear is what's stopping them. Out
  5. Airline hiring prep, gouge, advice

    At United, 737, been there over a year, mostly on reserve. Chose UAL as its closest to home, easy commute, looking at decent growth, has both domestic and international ops, and appears to have a good leadership team. Did ECIC x2. Interviewed with Endeavor, Atlas, SWA, and Delta. Even though I didn't want to fly regionals or 2nd tier cargo, I took those interviews and I don't regret the experience one bit. It all counts. Even after ECIC prep in person and via phone, there's nothing like doing the real deal. Interview stories. There's a short list of general topic areas to develop your stories and often our stories can fulfill multiple areas. In one interview, I was asked a question I hadn't really thought about nor had a well fitted story for. But I took their question and somewhat morphed it into a story I did have. Of course I shortly explained the theme and asked if they'd like to hear that one and they said sure. Oh, one other quick thing as I read Toro's post. If they say you're the Capt, sometimes it really helps you answer by understanding Capt's stuff at airline X. "Well sir, as a Capt at AA, I should have x years experience and fully understand SOPs regarding this kind if issue." Ask questions and go. Funny Toro. Interview life vs real life. Oh can't forget, pay (why I edited). 1st year with retirement and 90 days leave sell back, broke even and that was awesome (doesn't include company 17% 401k contributions). 2nd year I estimate about 20K more plus about 20K in 401k.
  6. Texas Church Shooting

    I read somewhere that the UCMJ charge the asshole was convicted under didn't translate exactly over to the civil laws that help prevent abusers from passing background checks for a gun. So you may see a change to the UCMJ to help fix the glitch. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, thousands of billable hours are being spent reporting crimes to civil databases. I can't wait to see MyIDcare ping a bunch of nearby sex offenders. Out
  7. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    That 10,000 gallon douche! Just to make sure he sees this when he google gargles his own name, john venable. Hell, was probably pointing at his patches as he made up numbers for how much it cost to make himself in that article. This line is so good, it's an instant classic: " and enticing some of these “graybeards” to return will be relatively easy. " I'll make it easy, just follow my list. 1. I pick where to serve. Easy. 2. I fly. And I pick when. Easy. 3. I will have an office and beer will be in the fridge at all times. So Easy. 4. No PT test, ever! Insanely Easy! 5. No deployment, ever! Easy. 6. I keep 100% of my retirement pay. I'm sure there's a way. 7. My salary will be 100% tax free and will be based on my monthly base pay at my airline at my seniority number. Act of Congress, if well motivated, is possible. 8. I can leave whenever I want. Easy. 9. No OPRs, 1206s, CBTs, etc (code for anything else/qweepy I don't want to do). Easy. 10. 36-2903 is waived. I get to wear whatever uniform items I have in my closet in whatever combination I come up with. I'm thinking the old white "blues" service coat with all, some, or no medals, V-neck t-shirt in brown, 1st generation PT shorts in my regular size (alright, XXXL will keep the creeper sweepers away), and black boots with white socks. Hat will be an "operator" cap! If I decide to wear one. Easy, just close your eyes when I walk by the front office. 11. On wingman day, I will hold council in my office where we will talk about beer, gambling, flying, airlines, airline apps, what's hot, guns, beer and guns, tell stories and other fun shit. Easiest thing in the world. 12. Once a month, I will lead a formation low level to some place cool. Jan - St Croix. Feb - Wherever they grow cheap roses. Mar - any NCAA tournament city, but just for 1 night; don't want to get it too much trouble. Apr - A Florida Spring Break hot spot. May - Cali. Jun - Vancouver. Jul - Anchorage. Aug - St Johns. Sep - Dealers choice. Oct - the best Octoberfest in America. Nov - Vegas. Dec - Hawaii (I'm sure there's a JAATT that needs filling out there). Easy. So in summary, compensation scale tipped towards AF, all bullshit removed, and AF QOL improved. Easy. Out
  8. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    For me and a few of my pals, it wasn't presenting the hours during the interview, but rather filling out the apps. Airline Apps was easier as it was the same for all, but SWA wanted different things than AA or FEDEX in Pilot Credentials. So getting our mil records in those formats was the hard part along with making fair assumptions on PIC/SIC. There is no rule when it comes to estimating that time from ARMS. The airline I ended up at didn't even ask about my hours or how I converted them. I presented my ARMs summary and civilian logbook with my private time. But, SWA does/did a sitdown with a person that goes over hours; mind games probably. That said, if someone out there had a service that took mil time and properly converted to FAA time with fair assumptions, that would have made the initial app entries easy. However, with monthly or even weekly updates of hours on the apps, having my nice excel spreadsheet made the task easy. Out
  9. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Funny, but we're now in this situation because lots have left, but nobody came to replace us.
  10. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    MILDEC has many other good uses, especially in this game of "cards." Hell, it can even be a little fun. Out
  11. Promotion and PRF Information

    OK, but now the promo game has changed for the next few years. The man (or woman) to impress is the CC, not a board, at least til O-5. We may see unit/aircraft performance become the leading indicator of leadership and promotion. Records will still need good (enough) paper for O-5 and on, and for PSCing to that new boss. I think it'll be an interesting period and a process that may stick around for more than 4 years/boards. What will be interesting is the outside pressures to keep people instead of letting them go. Out
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    So making O-4 is like making O-3. Seems so easy. Place all the DNPs in a pile, review for justice or injustice and make the call. Everyone else moves along. Wow, I just saved hundreds of hundreds of man-person hours on a promotion process. Next... Out
  13. Security clearance questions

    Then Secret is all you need. If you are ever assigned into a billet or deployment role that requires one (say WIC or a lengthy trip to the Deid AOC), then you'd start the process. However, they do take time, but the fall back for that is an interim TS that can be granted, if you're worthy. Out
  14. Aviation Continuation Pay (ACP - The Bonus)

    How about making all military pay tax free? That would probably have an effect on retention and recruiting. Oh, and the only people that would deploy would be those that really need to. Wait, scratch that. I propose all military pay be tax free after the first $100. That way we'd still be considered "tax payers" and not merely mercs. Symbology, you know. Out
  15. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    The 1 guy I know that fits this category had plenty of time initially in helos, but more recent was his few thou in a ANG Army C-12. He was hired by UAL in 2012. If I remember his resume correctly, he had about a 50/50 split in time, but he had lots. He's probably in his late 40s by now.