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  1. The new airline thread

  2. Gun Talk

    It's a complete new process under a separate CMP entity, and its a bit involved. Look at the CMP website for news and links. Start jumping Out
  3. The new airline thread

    I know a guy at our company that finished indoc/training/100 hrs (consolidation) and the took mil leave (deployment, I think) while in the probationary year. It just pushed back the end date of probation (need to have a year of work with us), which he later met. So if you did mil leave after training, you could be on probation the entire time on mil leave. When you return years later, there are risks such as requal and check, relearning the airline ways, etc. Get through probation and then take mil leave is safest. Now any airline worth their profits will adjust aimpoint when a dude drops mil leave (since they know the duration) and hire appropriately. Out
  4. Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    But sarcasm is so much fun. Low-lifer, Out
  5. Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    And stop breathing on me. You're passing germs and contributing to increasing CO2 levels and raising the Earth's temperature. Sheesh. Out
  6. VA Loans

    Ok, I'll follow up with calls, but I'm seeking a little clarification from our experts. I plan on building a customized home, (local builder, make the plan, build it). I planned on getting the construction loan. I understood the process of a construction loan to VA loan as not costing anything more than a regular VA loan (with VA disability rating). However, reading above it looks like there may be a refinance cost by doing it this way. If so, I'm definitely going to look for VA financing off the bat for construction. Out
  7. Latest Movies

    If you're refering to Luke, as I recall he used to bullseye swamprats in his T-16. He was playing with a model of it while lamenting his lame farm life to a pair of desert find robots. So yeah, in our world, if you can drive a 4 wheeler, you can pilot an F-22 in no time.
  8. Help with a Divorce

    You will be much better off with a solid resolution before UPT. Maybe help, therapy, intervention, and the such can get you there. You probably know the outcome in your heart regardless of what advice you get. UPT is hard. My class had a lot of older folks. Those with good marriages did well, even the guys with kids. A few that had rocky personal relationships struggled; one almost failed out, one dropped out. The spouses do a lot to help with success. Good luck, I hope you find a solution
  9. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Easy fix. 1. Gather those Es that want to pilot 2. Put em in the pipeline (good luck, I hear its full) 3. Upon completion of UPT, they commission as 2d Lt, start a 10yr ADSC, and begin their journey towards the airlines. Welcome to the party, folks. 4. Oh, and to qualify they need a 4yr degree. In the end they look just like any other pilot. Out
  10. But in standard AF CYA, dog piling events is right out of the Management 3-1. "You're fired for what we think you did, what they think you did, for what we think your inside thoughts think you did, and what the media thinks anyone ever did." Out
  11. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Perhaps they were practicing negative g push overs, you know, "You were in a 4G inverted dive with a MiG-28." Out
  12. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    ATC vectors with a TCAS RA. Yep. That'd be my story. Out
  13. Electronic flight bags could boost operational safety, effectiveness

    My fully charged ipad can usually last the entire day, sometimes 3 legs (depending on the ios update and the battery drain changes they make each time). And that's with wifi on in the air where we can receive wx updates. If I need a charge, the 737 has a standard 115v AC outlet. However, the company has an approved panel they're adding in with USB power outlets on both sides of the cockpit. Out
  14. Electronic flight bags could boost operational safety, effectiveness

    You know, here's an area the AF could borrow a page from the airline playbook. UAL, company issued ipad with Jepp, WX, Go/No-go (their version), crew papers, all pubs, and any other app needed to fly a plane. It snaps into a holder on the plane so its secure in flight. Updates are pushed (pubs) or hit update (Jepp) to ensure the latest data. Ipad is wifi and cellular. I can update it at home on my own wifi, on the way to the airport, in a hotel room off free wifi, or at Starbucks getting the morning coffee. So, an easy solution exists. The cost of fear is what's stopping them. Out