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  1. disgruntledemployee

    OCPs Arrive Oct 1st, 2018

    The first thing I did was remove all that velco from the pockets. I probably removed more from other areas. Overall, for a hot, dirty place, the 2-piece worked well. As for boots, at the time greenies were mandatory, but after a few weeks of desert dust and mud, they were semi-permanently tan. I did enjoy my boonie cap though, even flattened it to look like this guy hat! Out
  2. disgruntledemployee

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    I could have sworn I just heard the many Horses of the Apocalypse. And even better than AMD going stateside, it'd be a fine job for a gaggle of civilians. They love inflexible processes. Out
  3. disgruntledemployee

    Gun Talk

    I have a mix of regular aluminum and Magpuls. I then wanted something that will stand the test of time (i.e., if anyone ever banned future sales, they'd last forever) and picked up a few stainless steel mags. Out
  4. disgruntledemployee

    Queep Contractors, we got some, do you?

    And that was my last point. If the AF sees the money it has to pay to lick itself, maybe they'll stop doing it. Nah, they'll just make the sq do it again (free labor). Out
  5. disgruntledemployee

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    But the chineses already have the keys, ruskies too. Oh well, probably makes it easier for them to catalog and index. They must go ape shit trying to figure out Operation Donut Friday. Out
  6. disgruntledemployee

    Queep Contractors, we got some, do you?

    Spend the time fixing the glitch, take care of them well until then, and hopefully they'll take even better care than you. Show them what it means to bend over backwards to take care of things. Push feedback to CCs and up. I've had the pleasure and displeasure of working with non-mil and contractors are a mixed bag. Nice thing is that a contractor can be easily replaced and saw it happen (very quickly too). But a civ/cntr in training as the backbone, day to day guy... priceless. A civ in scheduling, nice. A civ doing all that other bullshit, like those dumbass 6-mo inspection checklists, that'll pay for itself. My idea, make all execs in all levels civs and you'll have mind numbing, glass breaking, career shattering, OMFG the world is ending, reactions!!!! But who knows, if the AF sees itself paying more for queep, maybe they'll get rid of it. HA! There's my joke for the year, had you all going, huh. Out
  7. disgruntledemployee

    Gun Talk

    Yep, I too like to shoot in "Full semi-auto." Out
  8. disgruntledemployee

    AFSOC Leadership Drain

    Yep, I worked with an spec ops O-6 and he tried to stay in the game. But he too saw the effort was futile and now flies something that Boeing makes and crewed with flight attendants. He probably would have been a decent general. Out
  9. disgruntledemployee

    Gun Talk

    The average age for school mass shooters is likely much younger. I can envision states, even a Congress and President, enacting an age 21 rule. We already age restrict alcohol, which occurred because parents and communities were tired of their teenage kids dying in drunk driving accidents. It won't stop school shootings, but it may reduce them. That's why they'll try. However, how many kids break into the parents' liquor cabinet? Out
  10. disgruntledemployee

    The new airline thread

  11. disgruntledemployee

    Gun Talk

    It's a complete new process under a separate CMP entity, and its a bit involved. Look at the CMP website for news and links. Start jumping Out
  12. disgruntledemployee

    The new airline thread

    I know a guy at our company that finished indoc/training/100 hrs (consolidation) and the took mil leave (deployment, I think) while in the probationary year. It just pushed back the end date of probation (need to have a year of work with us), which he later met. So if you did mil leave after training, you could be on probation the entire time on mil leave. When you return years later, there are risks such as requal and check, relearning the airline ways, etc. Get through probation and then take mil leave is safest. Now any airline worth their profits will adjust aimpoint when a dude drops mil leave (since they know the duration) and hire appropriately. Out
  13. disgruntledemployee

    Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    But sarcasm is so much fun. Low-lifer, Out
  14. disgruntledemployee

    Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    And stop breathing on me. You're passing germs and contributing to increasing CO2 levels and raising the Earth's temperature. Sheesh. Out
  15. disgruntledemployee

    VA Loans

    Ok, I'll follow up with calls, but I'm seeking a little clarification from our experts. I plan on building a customized home, (local builder, make the plan, build it). I planned on getting the construction loan. I understood the process of a construction loan to VA loan as not costing anything more than a regular VA loan (with VA disability rating). However, reading above it looks like there may be a refinance cost by doing it this way. If so, I'm definitely going to look for VA financing off the bat for construction. Out