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  1. Anyone that thinks the elections were stolen, full of fraud, etc. has been gaslighted. Trump, his family, his apostles, his subjugates, and his followers, are all brainwashed. I used to be surprised by stuff, but not much these days. This one has me surprised again, that so many in our nation are convinced that the election was stolen. The actions of those fucktards yesterday has brought great shame upon our nation. Out
  2. CS, Go to the VARS site and read up on all the adverse reactions to all the vaccines you've ever taken, to include the yearly flu one. Once your head spins from all the reported reactions, you might realize this one is no different. If you've survived all the others, you will likely be fine. GFC, the crybaby mentality of people these days... grow a pair. If Pelosi can push though it.... Out
  3. Like PowerPoint? You're taking a weak sauce pass because of PowerPoint? Was it from scientists that understand biochemistry, how they manufacture mRNA, and how each vaccine mechanism works? As for duration, how long does you body keep antibody memory for tetanus? Or typhoid? Next, effectiveness in trials were in the 95% range, which puts it at the top of the vaccine list of effectiveness. So yes, in this instance, it is the silver bullet. All the other bullets are useless. My point here, do some of your own research. I did. For one, the mRNA approach is something that was talked
  4. Hi Jon and/or Amy, I did a refi this spring at 2.75%. Now I'm getting flooded with refi mail daily. Is 2.25% possible and can another refi be done so quickly after the one we did in early April? BTW, all those mail offers touted 2.25%, but the fine print said up to 2 points payable. Thanks
  5. Guardians. Yep, they went Marvel for the membership name, you know, to go along with the Star Trek emblem. Pence names Space Force members The commander of Space Force better be referred to as Star Lord. And Groot must be on the patches. And there better be some sweet tunes playing during any space op. Edit. From the article, The Space Force motto is “Sempa Supra,” or “Always Above” and, according to Pence, President Trump is its “founder.” So, if you are on the moon, are you above Earth, or is Earth above the moon? Is there an "up" side to the galaxy? If creatures fr
  6. America makes the best beer in the world. You can find any style just about anywhere. Some of my current favorites. For those of you in the WI area, check out O'so Brewing. Stuff sold in stores state-wide, tasting rooms in Madison and at the brewery in Plover, and for the FIBS, Woodmans in Kenosha of I-94 is your place to stop/beer shop. O'so "Beer" is an OUTSTANDING lager. Don't let the generic can fool you (its actually a cheeky joke). The Convenient Distraction has been wonderful in these times. And when it's made, Lupulin Maximus is a great West Coast
  7. Pilot 1st, Dr 2nd is my advice and its been done before. I've known two guys that went to med school after becoming a pilot. The first guy I met was an active duty, USAF Lt Col Flight Surgeon and I don't recall how he did med school or how long he stayed a pilot. The other was an active duty pilot, got out, went to med school, now doing Dr stuff. If you join a Guard or Reserve unit while doing the degree work, you can get a feel for the military stuff and build connections for a pilot slot. If you change your mind, back to the med path you go. If it works out, and probably after som
  8. Personal experience or just what some talking head said? 99% of SSD claims are denied on initial application. These days, just about anyone that gets SSD gets it after the claim is taken to court. Takes over a year to years. VA disability claims don't usually take a lawyer to get.
  9. If all the animals on the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Halloween would fall on the same date. Is that worth it?
  10. What are you trying to do, specifically? Lay it out. And if you're not assigned to a unit on that base in that airframe, it's probably a low chance of happening. Maybe Christmas time, when students are pushed on leave, perhaps the sim contractor has a program in place, and you have a buddy that signs up his family to take a sim ride, and you ask that buddy to take you too. Out
  11. 1. I'm not a doc or nutritionist, but I have schooling in chemistry/biochemistry. 2. If you have a medical condition that affects vit D absorption, that will be the bigger issue. If that is not diagnosed in records, then there isn't a known issue. But if you think there is an underlying condition, it's in your best interest to get that figured out, you know, because of living. Also, knowing the root cause will help with the right version of supplements. Or you could be a vegan vampire and thus don't really get enough sunlight or food-based vit D. However, do you really have a def
  12. I think that BODN is a place where views are "confronted." Just look at this topic. I've never lived in a socialist state, so I don't know what that is like, nor have I visited a socialist paradise. I do live in a state that has fewer restrictions than others and lets me live the way I want. So that's pretty cool (except for the no beer sales on Sunday, that's just un-American!) 2. My military job was secure, except for the RIFs, non-continuations for not promoting, medical discharges, or taking a mortar while sleeping in Iraq. I think 26 years is mandatory retirement for Os un
  13. Minneapolis - a crazy experiment, Wild West style. With no police, those that can afford it will hire private police, like gated communities and corporations. Lots will move away, tanking its local real estate and economy. Crime will go unchecked. Shootings will increase as folks defend themselves. Crime lords will come out and take over. Eventually, after the mayor learns his lesson, the Gov will have to send in the Guard. Companies located there will decide they must leave to survive. Here's top the top 50 employers of MN in the MSP area. If I were a CEO of Target, Best Buy, Ame
  14. A. When you get a new one-sie (yep, just like a baby), store it until wintery times. It's newness will keep you cozier when its cold outside. Wash it enough to go thinned-threaded by the time it gets warm out. B. Any pen/pencil flap is removable with a sharp Infidel. Also, all that extra pocket velco in the 2-piecers is removable in the same manner. Sheesh, it's like teaching problem-solving 101 here. Out
  15. Thanks for posting this. I think they're right regarding PPE/prophylaxis. Just like after 9/11 we got new security measures, the TSA, and bombed a few other countries, the public started flying more; some from feeling safer and some from an improved economy. Maybe that Optimus Prime face cloth will do the trick. I'm not gonna argue effectiveness of masks, but it will be like commanders and reflective belts. They think they work, just like Jungle says. The other part is states relegating closure requirements to local levels. I was in WI last week when the WI Supremes invalidated the
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