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  1. Personal experience or just what some talking head said? 99% of SSD claims are denied on initial application. These days, just about anyone that gets SSD gets it after the claim is taken to court. Takes over a year to years. VA disability claims don't usually take a lawyer to get.
  2. If all the animals on the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Halloween would fall on the same date. Is that worth it?
  3. What are you trying to do, specifically? Lay it out. And if you're not assigned to a unit on that base in that airframe, it's probably a low chance of happening. Maybe Christmas time, when students are pushed on leave, perhaps the sim contractor has a program in place, and you have a buddy that signs up his family to take a sim ride, and you ask that buddy to take you too. Out
  4. 1. I'm not a doc or nutritionist, but I have schooling in chemistry/biochemistry. 2. If you have a medical condition that affects vit D absorption, that will be the bigger issue. If that is not diagnosed in records, then there isn't a known issue. But if you think there is an underlying condition, it's in your best interest to get that figured out, you know, because of living. Also, knowing the root cause will help with the right version of supplements. Or you could be a vegan vampire and thus don't really get enough sunlight or food-based vit D. However, do you really have a deficiency? 3. WebMd says, "A level of 20 nanograms/milliliter to 50 ng/mL is considered adequate for healthy people. A level less than 12 ng/mL indicates vitamin D deficiency." This is a quote from Harvard, "In 2010, the venerable Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued a report based on lengthy examination of data by a group of experts. To sum up, they estimated that a vitamin D level of 20 ng/mL or higher was adequate for good bone health, and subsequently a level below 20 was considered a vitamin D deficiency." So is your level really deficient? I don't think MEPS does a nutrient level blood test. If they do, beef up (pun intended). 4. Lastly, and it's been a long time since I visited a MEPs, but do they get access to your civilian medical records? Or are these military medical records? When I went, no civ records, just a lengthy questionnaire. So if there isn't a specific question regarding vit D (and WebMD/Harvard says yours is in the normal range) and the docs don't ask that question, then there's nothing to bring up. But seriously, refer to point #2 if you think there is something going on. Lastly, no doc here, just been around the block a time or so. Out
  5. I think that BODN is a place where views are "confronted." Just look at this topic. I've never lived in a socialist state, so I don't know what that is like, nor have I visited a socialist paradise. I do live in a state that has fewer restrictions than others and lets me live the way I want. So that's pretty cool (except for the no beer sales on Sunday, that's just un-American!) 2. My military job was secure, except for the RIFs, non-continuations for not promoting, medical discharges, or taking a mortar while sleeping in Iraq. I think 26 years is mandatory retirement for Os unless you make general? Who goes to 40? Anyway, I could spend all afternoon trying to counter all you're echo chambered points, but I got garage work to do and beer to drink, paid for my that ridiculous retirement package, all while wondering what my next job will be as I get laid off soon. Out
  6. Minneapolis - a crazy experiment, Wild West style. With no police, those that can afford it will hire private police, like gated communities and corporations. Lots will move away, tanking its local real estate and economy. Crime will go unchecked. Shootings will increase as folks defend themselves. Crime lords will come out and take over. Eventually, after the mayor learns his lesson, the Gov will have to send in the Guard. Companies located there will decide they must leave to survive. Here's top the top 50 employers of MN in the MSP area. If I were a CEO of Target, Best Buy, Ameriprise, Wells Fargo, hell, even the USPS (they should band together), they should tell the mayor if the police go, they go, and take tens of thousands of jobs with them. 1 Mayo Clinic Rochester 26,308 2 3M Co St Paul 12,000 4 Thomson Reuters Legal Sltns St Paul 6,700 5 Mayo Clinic Hosp St Mary's Rochester 5,167 6 Ameriprise Financial Inc Minneapolis 5,065 7 Andersen Corp Bayport 5,000 8 Best Buy Co Inc Minneapolis 5,000 9 Target Corp Minneapolis 5,000 10 Hennepin County Med Ctr Red Minneapolis 4,900 11 IBM Rochester 4,800 12 Park Nicollet Methodist Hosp St Louis Park 4,650 13 Abbott Northwestern Hospital Minneapolis 4,573 14 Carlson Inc Minnetonka 4,500 15 SMSC Gaming Enterprise Prior Lake 4,500 16 North Memorial Health Care Robbinsdale 4,300 17 Health Partners Minneapolis 4,000 18 Little Six Casino Prior Lake 4,000 19 M Health Fairview Clinic Minneapolis 4,000 20 US Post Office Minneapolis 4,000 24 SMSC Gaming Enterprise Prior Lake 3,750 25 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Minneapolis 3,750 26 Children's Minnesota Minneapolis 3,710 27 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MN St Paul 3,500 28 Boston Scientific Corp St Paul 3,500 29 Seagate Technology Bloomington 3,500 30 St Paul Board of Education St Paul 3,401 31 Mayo Clinic Hosp-Mthdst Campus Rochester 3,304 32 General Mills Inc Minneapolis 3,100 35 Fairview Health Svc Minneapolis 3,000 36 Medtronic Inc Minneapolis 3,000 37 Prudential Financial Minneapolis 3,000 38 Stanke Supply Co St Paul 3,000 39 Travlers Insurance St Paul 3,000 40 U.S. Bank Branch St Paul 3,000 41 Regions Hospital St Paul 2,918 42 Star Tribune Media Co LLC Minneapolis 2,814 43 M Health Fairview Univ-Mn Med Minneapolis 2,788 44 CHS Inc Inver Grove Hts 2,500 45 Marsden Bldg Maintenance LLC St Paul 2,500 46 Wells Fargo East Corporate Minneapolis 2,500 47 United Hospital St Paul 2,265 48 Human Services Dept St Paul 2,200
  7. A. When you get a new one-sie (yep, just like a baby), store it until wintery times. It's newness will keep you cozier when its cold outside. Wash it enough to go thinned-threaded by the time it gets warm out. B. Any pen/pencil flap is removable with a sharp Infidel. Also, all that extra pocket velco in the 2-piecers is removable in the same manner. Sheesh, it's like teaching problem-solving 101 here. Out
  8. Thanks for posting this. I think they're right regarding PPE/prophylaxis. Just like after 9/11 we got new security measures, the TSA, and bombed a few other countries, the public started flying more; some from feeling safer and some from an improved economy. Maybe that Optimus Prime face cloth will do the trick. I'm not gonna argue effectiveness of masks, but it will be like commanders and reflective belts. They think they work, just like Jungle says. The other part is states relegating closure requirements to local levels. I was in WI last week when the WI Supremes invalidated the "Safer at Home" orders. Sure a few bars made the Utube with silliness, but what I saw were businesses trying to do the right thing and folks trying to do the same. I'm hoping that continues and WI shows the rest of the nation that reopening can be done. And I got my 1st haircut in 10 weeks; I wore a mask, barber lady wore a mask, it was all cool. Out
  9. Jon and crew recently took care of us on a VA IRRRL at 2.75%. I must have called on the right day. Once we had the process going, the current mortgage company called and offered to refinance with them at 2.75%. So I agree with Jon that your current servicers want to keep your loan and might be creative with eating costs on a refi. A nice thing for us was by doing the refi with Jon, the new loan has escrow waived (we don't need a nanny to pay our bills) and the escrow with the old servicer was overfunded (the 3mo buffer from last years closing , taxes based on a high estimate).
  10. Complaining Checklist So I've been keeping up with my airline's pilot forum, doing what any newb should do, stay quiet and listen. But I'm getting quite tired of the "us vs union vs them vs us," "pay me," and etc. attitudes. And tired of the "gross mismanagement" talk like anyone would ever fathom that air traffic would fall 95% for months to come. I've already concluded that there will be displacements and furloughs this fall, barring any further gov't assistance (but now they want to change this latest deal to 70% grant/30% loan). I'd love to see a 3 Musketeer attitude, but way too much hate/distrust/anger/negativity. I think I'll look into that truck driving school... oh wait, no schools open. Day trading? Nope, I'll lose the rest of it trying that. Instagram Influencer, screw that, I can't pout my face that much and not enough photoshop skillz. Sport bitching? Nah, season was cancelled. Beer light has been on the last 2 weeks solid, which is nice. Oh well. Venting - Complete ⬛⬛⬛⬛
  11. I'm driving with the daughter not too long ago, she states that she's in charge of music for the ride, and tries to plug in her device, but hits the CD/XM button. I have 5x "mix tape" CDs in there from eons ago and we start hearing some ZZ Top. What starts out as "What's this?" finally ends with me trying to explain what a 10-12 song mix tape is/was. When we got got home, I had to show her the clip from High Fidelity on rules for making a mix tape. PS, for the next song, The Cranberries "Zombie" she goes, ooooh, I know this one, its by (some unknown name), but why is a girl singing it? Tried to explain why too many artists these days take a song, slow it down, and sing it all raspy and moody. Then gave her the Cranberries CD to listen, but she wondered how she was going to listen to them on her device. MP3s I answered. I tried to explain those. In the end, I concluded I'm a dinosaur, but when the XM satellite blows up, and Spotify and Pandora go offline, I have thousands of MP3s, CDs, and old cassettes to keep me company. "Like that'll ever happen" she says. I asked when was the last time she had coffee in a Starbucks!
  12. Early 90's, it was that more scholarships were offered for enginerding, so that became my major. Ended up with a degree in potions (chemistry), which is actual witchcraft. Small irony, way too many of my classmates that started in enginerding became meteorology grads. The seniors would even shout, "pre-met!" when any frosh would mention that they were majoring in EE/ME/Etc. Out
  13. Well, our Navy, the best Navy in the world, deserves a better Secretary. I wager a case of Pliney IPAs that CAPT Crozier drafted that message, read it 50 more times, sipping a scotch or whatever hooch he has squirreled away in his office, gazed out the window at the sea reminiscing of good times, and knew once he hit send, his career was over, but his folks might get the help he wanted them to get, and that was worth it. It's a shame shit like this has to happen, but it will keep happening because we will always have piss poor people in important jobs above us. And I just guessing here, but a few more heads will roll, probably starting with the "Adm down the hall." Out
  14. Ha! Must be what's financing the airline grants. WRT homeowners/car insurance, who out there is doing good service and value? My car rates just went vertical. Out
  15. Make sure he tells DFAS - Retired (Indy) that the date has changed. That didn't happen automatically for me and they started my retired pay too early. DFAS AD and DFAS Retired don't really talk to each other. Took a full year to unfuck the whole thing.
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