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  1. You never know when the opportunity will be there without checking it out. Rushing the unit, like MP said above is huge. Feel it out, see if it fits. They’ll tell you what to do if you have a specific spot in mind. Most places like locals as well. Financially speaking, I had debt, and paid for my PPL on credit cards. Not really advice, but I took a risk knowing I was investing in myself. You have to find a way to prove you’re different than everyone else. Separate your self and check the boxes. If you have to snag another job, borrow and adjust your schedule to chase the Dream, it might payoff in the end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Do you have your PPL? have you proven you aren’t a flight risk? Have you proven even though you haven’t met the qual, it’s the next direction you’re headed? It isn’t just can they look past you missing a requirement, but how could they overlook someone else who has that requirement just to pick you. Most units I interact with want to see a PPL and AFOQT accomplished. The age is workable.
  3. ...us too. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Woooosawwwww. You’re over analyzing. The thread went off on a tangent not applicable to 135 reservists. This thread will be referenced by tons of AD folks jumping ship. You, at some point in time, probably scoured these forums for valueable insight and probably cared about ops tempo. Simply put the forum needs redirection and he asked the mods to make it happen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I can’t see it getting any better. Those who are left are basically promoted by survival. I just sat through a UTA “sign out visit” while I watched a Command Chief talk about how other folks in the wing question we get away with everything. We were then berated after some pushback by our Vice Wg/CC for playing the victim. My understanding is the intent of the visit was to bridge the gap in relations. I’ve been confused ever since they walked into that room. The logic is gone and they want the lower ranks to fix leadership problems.
  6. GlassEmpty

    AERO app

    Funny... they just took Jepp Pro off our iPads. We were never told we could use It. I had a No-Notice from AFRC and they had told us other units had purchased the Stratus receivers. We asked and they had no details but they said they loved how they were using it. My question is if anyone has had a unit purchase... how many did you buy? Was it for a mission kits or for each A/C and or Crewmember? It'd be nice to step into the next level of technology and out of the dark ages.
  7. Settle down, chach. I don’t support mass punishment. In fact I’ve said twice, and now a third, I don’t agree with mass punishments such as these. I also said it won’t do anything but effect the level of morale. Please, since you’re on your soap box of what a perfect CC you’d be, enlighten all of us as to what the proper level of action is. I’m amped to actually get a lesson from something who so prophetically has it figured out.
  8. I see it. I understand how we got there, I was stationed there for a few years and understand our relations there. I'm simply saying. We had our guys kill a dude and we constantly have Americans doing stupid shit. I think the least we could do is show some actual attempt to fix it. This isn't really an isolated incident.
  9. What part of "I don't agree with this either" was unclear? I'm not rationalizing anything. An Okinawan died on Okinawan soil, by a drunk American troop at the wheel. Just because you're full of piss and vinegar towards the crap ways of our organization doesn't mean you can't look at the situation from all perspectives. We have nearly 100,000 personnel stationed in Japan. Is it really insane to believe our responses towards fixing our personal f*#k ups matter in international relations? So again, I ask what could actually be done, that would also appease the masses of internet keyboard warriors?
  10. It's all of Japan from what I read. Yea... happy thanksgiving my Misawa brothers! Let's be real here, a local Okinawan died because of this marines decision. I think this is more political to show what we're doing right. I get it, this won't change anything except the level of morale, but they have to send a message. What's the better move here to appease our host nation? I don't agree with this either, but not sure they have many options.
  11. Slightly blown out of proportion and passive aggressive. Nice touch. It's a waste of god damn time that benefits only the giver of the certificate to say "look at me, I'm acknowledging something". It's weak dick and lazy.
  12. Exactly. And then two, we need to stop being f'in whiny assholes. An O-5 losing a career because he took this stance? Closed door invite, get a complete ass chewing and handled at the lowest level. But instead we blow it all out of proportion... we need to get over feelings.
  13. The bonus is only listed for a GS-12 position. And for the prior E statement, is that because of apples and oranges? Would you think it would help for a step? It's all about compensation to me. If I got put in scheduling and put someone in an incompatible event, would I get the same freedom as the newb from off the street that didn't know any better? Probably not. The level of work performed could be substantially different. I know you aren't looking for a justification but just sharing your thoughts. I value the inputs.
  14. I agree, very inconsistent. I haven't sought the programs of the ANG but even Reserve Wing to a Reserve Wing has major differences and it's frustrating. It leads to "grass is greener" mentality and doesn't seem best for retention. I'm a pilot and Reservist to answer your question. Great minds think alike, but I've always wanted to stay humble and say I don't know the whole picture. Doesn't mean I am humble though... From the General himself. While it is just a memo and it'll probably take a while to actually get the HR/CivPers office a will to get it together, they seem to agree. "TDART Program We are currently seeing the program move is a positive direction. The first of the year there were initial delays but the program is now in full swing. We have ~16 TDARTs hired and 15 RPAs currently being worked. One of the sticking points with the program was how the position initially graded out as a GS-9. With the recently updated Aircrew Qualification Standards, those desiring to become TDARTs should be able to enter to program as a GS-11 in very quick order. ART Aircrew Qual Standards The Office of Personnel Management recently approved a long overdue update to the aircrew positions ART Qualification Standards. The flying hour requirement was the main qualification standard that was changed, which now better aligns with current AFI guidance. Below is a brief summary of the major changes: Pilots: GS-2181: GS-09 - UPT Graduate; GS-11 - 300 total hours in MDS; GS-12 - 750 total hours in MDS; GS-13 - 1000 total hours in MDS. Navigator GS-2183: GS-09 - UNT Graduate; GS-11 - 300 total hours in MDS; GS-12/13 - 1000 total hours in MDS and instructor qualified in unit aircraft. Airborne Command & Control GS-2101: GS-11 - 500 total hours in MDS; GS-12 - 750 total hours in MDS and instructor qualified in unit aircraft; GS-13 -1000 total hours in MDS and instructor qualified in unit aircraft. "Total Military Flight Time" is the cumulative sum of all flying time to include Primary, Secondary, Instructor, Evaluator, Student, Simulator and Other US Military and Foreign Military Time. Additionally, the recentcy requirement to qualify for an ART flying position has changed and is now defined as having actively flown a military aircraft within the past eight (8) years. These changes are effective immediately and individuals that now qualify to upgrade to a higher GS grade can begin the process through their base civilian personnel offices."
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