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  1. This guy sounds promising...
  2. Kuma

    Major Board Upgrade

    Last night with Windows 7, I had a heart. Today (after installing Windows 10) I have a thumbs up.
  3. Damn, Huggy, I forgot about the Charleston witch. Cheers to Govs (RIP) and that entire trip to honor him. I propose a toast to all those who have given all....
  4. The gotcha here is that YOU are the one that set the autopilot and computer. If you set it up wrong, then it will do whatever you set regardless of your intent. In this case, you must handfly the aircraft until you put it in the right spot. Let there be no doubt though, the FD does exactly what you told it to do and the computer does not go out to lunch. You simply programed it wrong. Everytime the aircraft does something I don't expect, I retrace my steps from 30 sec to 5 hours ago and I always find what I did wrong in the first place. So, in the end, autopilot or handfly, you are the boss. Make sure the jet does what you want it to do, and if it does not, correct it in a timely manner.
  5. If I'm remembering the right picture, I thought it was 0,1,0,1
  6. So, intentional gear up due to malfunction, or baffoonery gear up due to pilot...well...baffoonery?
  7. Spoo, you obviously don't know the whole story. That letter was published on May 22 and didn't come over the teletype until May 24. On May 25, Huggy was flying night solo cross country to go have a counseling session with Hap. Letter was rescinded on May 26. That's how Huggy rolls!
  8. I'm sure there is more to this story. Circa 1999, Corpus Christi lost an instructor whose seatbelt had been unlatched during the control check. The buckle was susceptible to this and there were numerous Read and Initials (FCIFs) covering this problem. While unaware of his unlatched seatbelt, the doomed IP watched/instructed as the student departed the field, entered the working area, did checklists and clearing turns and prepared for the first maneuver...spin recovery. T-34 spin recovery was full opposite rudder, stick slightly forward of neutral. This student put the stick to the forward stop and as the aircraft exited the spin, the negative Gs literally launched the IP through the plexiglass canopy. He opened his parachute appropriately, but unfortunately, then released the buckles too early and ended up falling an estimated 300 feet to the water. They believe that he thought he was much lower and was doing the procedure properly. Anyway back to this mishap. You never know when something unexpected will happen and your seatbelt will make all the difference. Wear it, check it and double check it. It is not the routine things that kill you, it is the surprise things that take you down.
  9. Sorry all, I was in Manila this past weekend. Life is good on the outside!
  10. Back when we had squadron T-shirts for Friday wear, our shirt had the moto "In God we trust...all others we monitor" on the front and "1st Aero...we're old" on the back. That pretty much sums it up for me. After all my time in the 1 RS, I just learned today why we have 13 Maltese crosses on our patch. Thanks Spoo.
  11. And by "enemy" I'm pretty sure Huggy is thinking of the mishap investigation board. Why would anyone have a problem going over their credit card statements with their wife?
  12. Sorry gentlemen, those are already at the Smithsonian...
  13. I wish I had thought of it. Not me. Chive on.
  14. Our Craniums are 100% legit. Spoo is not pictured ( on staff ), Huggy is UA (WTF?), I am the good looking one...
  15. Kuma

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    If I weren't in the HST zone, I would have seen this post before you and would have written: "I mean, we hired Huggy and Spoo anyways, and Spoo is actually an ok guy." Timing is everything in life...
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