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  1. I wonder how many people on this forum own transgender cats...especially in this thread.
  2. LTC Vindman. Just another lefty hating America
  3. FYI: For those wondering WTF is going with ukraine/ spygate and impeachment..and given that journalism is dead... listen to this guy - Dan Bongino.
  4. And we threat Boeing that LM will be making KC-46?
  5. Look into GIPay (spelling?) service next to USO. This agency will pay all of japanese utility bills. Extremely useful.
  6. Sim

    KC-46A Info

    It was part of initial operational testing and eval...to get crew to off station location and then Q3'em all.
  7. Every Soviet male had to serve...so you can find plenty of ?experienced? personal in this world.
  8. Sounds like you're all taking about this thing. 5th Gen Target. https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/pentagon-orders-second-stealth-target-drone-to-be-bu-456793/
  9. And "it" continues with thought patrol. Left support it.
  10. Didn't you know, according to the regressive left following laws is racist.
  11. Message delivered to hypocrites as they were heading to the airport.
  12. Need a hand. I'm stationed OS. Extended TDY to OCONUS. For how long does COLA stay? Where in JTR can I find the answer? Thanks.
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