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  1. I’m guessing Sept. Champ is right. Lack of PRFs and pushing guys for promotion with negative indicators bogged down the O-4 board. Don’t suspect that with the O-5 board.
  2. Yeah, I was one of like 14 APZ guys passed over. It’s been busy around here doing TAPs and interviews for jobs, etc... Thanks for all the support throughout the years bros!
  3. Duck

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    Just ask my bud who volunteered for a one year remote to Korea with the understanding he was to return to the Strike Eagle... functional changed out, the new guy sent him to T-6s and after his 3 years there, he is now flying for American... phenomenal guy, the AF really screwed themselves letting him go.
  4. Did they post the stats yet?
  5. I think that’s a good thing. I don’t either.
  6. Valid on all accounts and I appreciate Beerman and Helodudes points. I would have paid to get out of the AF. What threw me for a loop was when I called to sign my refusal of my continuation paperwork and was told I was not being continued. My Commander then talked to me about IVSP and I sought out opinions on here. Bad wording on my part and I found it funny when some people who were not even involved in the conversation started getting pissy. One day I would like to tell anyone on here who is interested my full story and how/why I did what I did. I am glad it worked out and I have 100% thanks to BO. People reached out to provide advice on talking to commanders to DNP letters, etc. This place is special and is an invaluable asset for people trying to get honest, unfiltered advice for their career. Thanks guys.
  7. Finally, we are done talking about IVSP on this thread. Thanks to those who clarified. You guys are awesome and make this place the go to for information.
  8. Oh my gay. Bro. Seriously lighten up Francis. You were totally baited into this because Broke kept posting passive aggressive attacks on me and deleting them, prompting other bros on here to smell blood in the water and start to swarm. Yes it is totally my intention to defraud the government. I plan on fcvking a bunch of enlisted chicks and stealing the snacko fund on my way out the door. My fridge needs some red bull so I’ll probably grab a case of that out of storage. For guys that have been around a while, y’all two don’t really understand what’s going on. Glad some guys on here get it. By letter of the law, I was involuntary separated. I was asking how to apply to see if I was eligible for compensation based off wording in the AFI. Someone else posted US CODE which contradicts and trumps our AFI and cleared things up for me. That’s what BO is awesome at. If I wanted a lecture, I would have just gone to my wife or mom. Seriously you two, just take a break from the site for a while. Come back when you have valuable inputs. I will say that I had poor wording and didn’t do a good job explaining what I was trying to do. So I take responsibility for that part. I also forgot we have shoe clerks on here who think they are “bros” and part of the squadron just because they flew some in the AF. These guys probably perpetuated a lot of the issues we complain about in the AF today. If you don’t know if that applies to you, it probably does.
  9. I’m sorry guys, I didn’t mean to start an argument or get anyone indicted in federal court. I was merely asking if I was eligible and if there was a way to press to test on that eligibility. From what it sounds, I will find out with ZERO interaction on my part. Furthermore, I expect to retire in the ANG so if somehow I do get $$$ I’m gonna end up paying it back. Thanks to those of you who helped.
  10. You caught me Space Ranger. Good work.
  11. That’s interesting. Directly contradicts our AFI. Thanks for the info.
  12. I was pretty good at Halo back in college.
  13. Yeah, except that’s not what the reg says. You can write a letter requesting to be passed over. The letter alone doesn’t do anything. The BOARD determines if the letter caused your non-selection or not or if your record was going to be a non-select anyways. If your letter caused it, then no you aren’t entitled. I don’t think it matters in my case anyway because I am assuming my second letter will be the “determining” factor in the second board. I don’t know why asking if I am eligible for involuntary separation pay through official AF channels is equivalent to trying to commit fraud... and if I could somehow trick the AF to give me $69,000 when they won’t even pay out my $200 travel voucher, then damn, I’m better than I thought.
  14. Nice. Going straight to fraud. I figured someone on here would go there eventually. Here's the deal, if you actually read the reg, it is 100% not up to me to decide what caused my non-selection. For my first board, it was the fact that my SR gave me a blank PRF and on my second board, I didn't decide to non-continue me... pretty sure that was the AFs doing. Its not my role to "file for Involuntary Separation Pay", I am simply asking how they determine who gets involuntary sep pay when THE AF DECIDES to non-continue someone. Wait, why in the hell am I arguing with a full grown man in a Buz Lightyear costume?
  15. Did you get this paperwork on the public release date? I went by our FSS and talked to Promotions and Separations. Both of them acted like they had no clue what I was talking about. It’s almost like no one had ever separated from my base... lol
  16. Yeah, that’s what I am wondering. Is it coded a certain way or whatever. If there isn’t a code or it’s not flagged then... worth a try.
  17. The caveat in the regs though is that if you caused your non-selection based on correspondence with the board, you aren’t eligible. My first board, I know that my PRF caused my non-selection, but this last board, it was obviously my letter. I don’t think I’m authorized, but figured since they non-continued me, I would at least try.
  18. Anyone know how to press to test to see if they are dumb enough to pay me Separation Pay for non-continuation?
  19. Sooooo... I just got off the phone with Officer Promotions at AFPC and I was not offered continuation. Now I don’t know what’s next. What does that mean other than a mandatory Separation on 30 Nov?
  20. Duck

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    As a guy who just went from AETC back to AMC, I can say that AETC is more big picture and common sense driven than AMC. It’s gotten worse in the 4.5 years I was gone.
  21. I know I have to be separated by the last day of the 6th month, but would that be Nov or Dec? Someone told me it would be Nov based off the board being approved by OSD in May, but I thought it was from Notification.
  22. Yeah I agree. Can’t wait to sign the paperwork Monday.
  23. The caveat is that if you caused your non-selection by correspondence to the board then you would not receive separation pay. The way they figure that out is by removing your letter and “re-boarding your PRF” to see if the outcome is different. For my first board I had a blank PRF so I am assuming that did more to cause my non-selection than my letter. For this board with no PRF, I don’t know how you would figure it out.
  24. I heard they didn’t even have a continuation board on this round because the rate was so high. Can anybody confirm?
  25. That sucks man. Thanks for the info though!