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  1. The AvB changes year to year based on retention requirements. Who knows what the specifics will be 10 years from now.
  2. osulax05

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Check RAW via AFPC secure, but I think it just breaks it down by IDE/no IDE.
  3. osulax05

    Promotion and PRF Information

    BPZ DP allocation was 15%. Last year, BPZ pilots with IDE had a ~44% select rate if I recall correctly.
  4. osulax05

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Chuck nailed it as usual (sts). My observation as a MAF black border is that anyone who believes the non-CAF bros don’t belong at the USAFWS or somehow are less deserving of the patch have not spent time at Nellis truly integrating across the WPS’.
  5. osulax05

    Hawaii (Hickam) info

    You must get your vehicle to one of the stateside VPC locations. Dallas, St Louis, and Atlanta are your non-coastal options. Days spent getting your car to and retrieving from a VPC are permissive TDY but sadly at your own cost. More info at: https://pcsmypov.com/
  6. So on the AvIP front we have the AF electing to pay less than the max allowable by law (Gen Grosso memo from last summer)[edited based on three holer’s comment below]
  7. osulax05

    Promotion and PRF Information

    17D, I agree that if we end up with SCODs for officers we will have to change the strat system and recalibrate our eyes to not expect everybody to be #1 of something.
  8. osulax05

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You’re preaching to the choir on the work the WS cadre put in. A static close out would take away a SR’s room to maneuver for strats and pushes which will make the tough situation you and I both described worse.
  9. osulax05

    Promotion and PRF Information

    This. The 57 Wg/CC and the WS/CO do their best to push folks, but you can only do so much. If the AF adopts a static close out for Officers as is rumored, that problem will only get worse. We’re going to have to recalibrate our eyes when looking at records and not expect everyone to be #1.
  10. osulax05

    Promotion and PRF Information

    NO push lines should read exactly like they would if the SR was able to give an overall recommendation. They absolutely can/should put whatever strat or remarks that are appropriate for your record. The only difference in the NO PRF is that the SR uses the drop down menu to say no overall recommendation.
  11. osulax05

    What is right with the Air Force

    This was true for a while but not anymore. I was offered and received a DLA advance for my PCS in June. YMMV though as each CPTS seems to make up their own rules.
  12. osulax05

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    That’s 3 Wg/CCs from 18AF in the last 6 months. We (The MAF) need to make some serious changes to how we pick our future leaders. Hint, professional execs turned Phoenix Horizon or even worse Torch ain’t working.
  13. osulax05

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    I received the AFPC spam bot today trying to sell the ATT. The last sentence said that selectees will go TDY to Scott for a signing in “ceremony.” The Bobs just can’t wait to congratulate themselves on this one.
  14. Checks... by my herc driver math I’m owed ~$1.1k.