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  1. osulax05

    What is right with the Air Force

    This was true for a while but not anymore. I was offered and received a DLA advance for my PCS in June. YMMV though as each CPTS seems to make up their own rules.
  2. osulax05

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    That’s 3 Wg/CCs from 18AF in the last 6 months. We (The MAF) need to make some serious changes to how we pick our future leaders. Hint, professional execs turned Phoenix Horizon or even worse Torch ain’t working.
  3. osulax05

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    I received the AFPC spam bot today trying to sell the ATT. The last sentence said that selectees will go TDY to Scott for a signing in “ceremony.” The Bobs just can’t wait to congratulate themselves on this one.
  4. Checks... by my herc driver math I’m owed ~$1.1k.
  5. Also to “us” in 08/09. Z flight!
  6. Checks.... both chambers passed their version in early July.
  7. osulax05

    Flight Pay increases

    My assumption is that if rated folks split from the LAF, only rated officers would sit on their promotion board. No guarantee that all rated officers would value "the right things" but it sure couldn't hurt.
  8. osulax05

    Flight Pay increases

    Splitting rated officers from the LAF below O-6 would probably negate the need for two tracks. It would alsokeep random MSG clowns from passing over WOs, SEFEs, etc for not checking all the right boxes.
  9. osulax05

    1801 Handling Question

    Eielson is definitely less congested than Seattle but you'd have to deconflict with RF-A that consumes most of the summer time resources up there (airspace, threats, AGRS). I guess the point I was trying to make is that TCM can work, as long as you find fight airspace well outside the Class B and do some solid ATC coord in advance.
  10. osulax05

    1801 Handling Question

    I wasn't a part of this exercise but it sounds like a lot of lessons observed from other large scale exercises. ATC can withhold IFR release for congested airspace and controller manning. I don't think it is because they are unionized. They have to have a certain number of controllers on shift to handle the number of aircraft flying. Note I said aircraft. If you have a 20-ship formation, their manning has to account for those 20 as if they were single ship. Nellis isn't a suitable fix for next go either. The NTTR is always at max capacity with Red Flag/DOE/USAFWS. LFEs at Nellis require ATC coord ahead of time to get folks into and out of the airspace efficiently just like any other location. Planners need to simply solicit feedback from ATC and adjust their flow in/out of TCM accordingly. A telecon 2ish months out never hurts either.
  11. Data point: House version of the FY18 that passed today authorizes bonus increase to $50K. I imagine that will quickly get squashed in the Senate.
  12. osulax05

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Senior raters have been read in for a while.
  13. osulax05

    General assignments questions

    Your SURF only updates once a week, so don't waste time checking that. I've had luck clicking through initial assignment notification pages on vMPF. The last page had my assignment a few days before I got the email or CC notification (which is a huge foul).