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  1. Steve C

    The Next President is...

    Weird, I brought all the required paperwork listed on their website and walked out with a new drivers license in about 35 min.
  2. Steve C

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You got the silver bullet...you'll get promoted.
  3. Steve C

    Sanity check - Should we buy our dream home?

    I agree with matmacwc's sentiment above. However, we did buy our "dream home" in the city we want to retire (while on AD) almost a decade ago and it turned out to be one of the best financial decisions we've made. It's brought in a stead rental income with good tenants and has almost doubled in value. It would be difficult for us to afford a house in the same neighborhood now. YMMV.
  4. Steve C

    I need some advice

    I was willing to trade my mom to the taliban for a chance to fly fighters.
  5. Steve C

    The Next President is...

    The entire Russia collusion narrative has shown itself to be another corrupt clinton political operation. Not surprised that die-hard statist are still all in, it's all they have.
  6. Steve C

    The Next President is...

    We have 10s of millions of unassimilated 3rd world immigrants here now. Do you think there should be any limits?
  7. Steve C

    The Next President is...

    The inscription predates our modern welfare state and 20T national debt.
  8. Steve C

    Promotion and PRF Information

    What's an all others kinda career?
  9. Steve C

    Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Shack. And as has been stated, the AF already has several E to pilot programs. I ops tested the two-year ROTC program 17 years ago and it worked great, I've been flying fighters ever since. If you're an E who thinks he's got what it takes GO DO IT!
  10. Apparently they are shut down due to an issue w/ the IRS. We received a base wide email a couple weeks back that said to pick up any outstanding orders ASAP. They have been closed for the past week or so.
  11. Steve C

    Flight Pay increases

    As a >12 <14 yr guy i'm not upset about earning an extra $350/mo, $4,200/yr. Add that to O5 promo next year and the bonus and I'll be right about $150k/yr. It's not airline bucks but it's definitely enough to have plenty of extracurricular activities and keep the family comfortable. And with the 11F shortage making O5 and flying an entire career is now a thing. Get rid of meaningless 365s/179s and staying to 20 looks pretty good from my vantage point. YMMV.
  12. Steve C

    Promotion and PRF Information

    You buried the lead, NAV.
  13. Steve C

    More SARC briefings soon.

    I'm good with no "forward thinking millennials."
  14. 100% valid. And just to be clear, life is good in my corner of the AF and I fully intend to serve out my ADSC, possibly even longer. The issue is aging parents and in-laws. They are holding up ok now, but it's clear that they will need additional assistance before too long. I suppose that's pretty standard for most folks at this point.
  15. Asking for a friend... Let's say you're an O5 with 20 years of service and you'd like to retire but you have another 18 months ADSC for the bonus. Can you drop paperwork, pay back the unused portion of the bonus and retire? I know a couple bros got out of about 6 months of a PCS ADSC but I haven't seen anyone press-to-test the bonus ADSC yet. Just thought I'd ask all you barracks lawyers out there if there are any special considerations once you are retirement eligible that I'm not aware of.