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  1. Out of genuine curiosity, why would you ask this, and what would be a "good," reason for this dude to give you? He's absolutely crushing it in every other aspect, at age 19 nonetheless. I submit that the AFOQT verbal score is potentially the weakest possible metric to predict success at UPT and general officership. For the record, my verbal score was 27 and I DG'd UPT.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/KORE-AVIATION-P1-Aviation-Headset/dp/B01CBJ29C4/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1523414589&sr=1-4&keywords=aviation+headset https://www.amazon.com/KORE-AVIATION-Silicone-Replacement-Aviation/dp/B017ZMU20I/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1523415547&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=ORE+AVIATION+Ultra+Plush+Silicone+Gel+Ear+Seal+Replacement+for+Pilot+Aviation+Headset If you'd like to minimize what you spend on a headset that will easily get you through your PPL and beyond, consider this one from Kore. I have two of these for when I take passengers and have never had any complaints, and the price is hard to beat given the quality and reputation Kore continues to build. The Amazon reviews speak for themselves. The ear cups that come with them are okay, but I'd recommend the gel cups in the link above. With that said, I've worn the same set of DC H10-20s since 2003 and probably do about 30-40 hrs of GA flying each year and they're still going strong. They're comfortable and for GA flying, I actually prefer NOT having noise cancelling due to the fact I can hear subtle changes in power better. In my opinion, spending money on something along the lines of the A20 is overkill, unless you can afford it/think you'll use this headset for a long time or professionally down the road. I don't know what Herk guys fly with, but I believe KC-135 guys are issued A20s. C-17s still fly with DCs but hopefully they'll eventually get A20s down the road, so depending on if/when you get hired with a unit, you may get a pair anyway that you can buy the civilian adapter for.
  3. That's crap! I'd just call your UPT base's student squadron and explain your situation. Not sure what they'll swing... I guess they'll have to mail you flight suits from their base, or coordinate with the supply peeps at WPAFB. The C-17 AFRES squadron at WPAFB has to have some sort of access to flight suits for you to try on, instead of ordering your size in the blind. Even if you can't walk out with a few, you'll at least know what size to report back to your UPT base with. Where are you headed?
  4. Are USAF T-6 IPs at Whiting, as well as the USAF T-6 IPs teaching CSOs at Pensacola eligible to teach at PIT as an assignment later on? Thanks.
  5. Alright, here's a question about B-2 aerodynamics. If you watch the above video, you'll notice that on takeoff (and in landing videos, too) the B-2's extreme outboard control surfaces are deployed to some extent - both the upper and lower segments... sort of like an A-10's aileron/speed brake system. Does anyone know why? It seems like it would just be adding drag. My only guess would be that this could provide some sort of yaw stability at lower airspeeds by creating an equal amount of drag at the tips of each wing. I did come across this Popular Science article from 1989 which says that the said control surfaces ("drag rudders," labeled 1 in the article) are indeed deployed on approach and takeoff, but it doesn't seem to explain why. Thanks!
  6. Coming to an Iranian Air Force near you... in Blue Angels colors.
  7. One more bump, and a question: For the PPP on active duty, do they pay for medical school, and do you still keep your rank and pay/allowances/time in service? Or are you actually separated from the Air Force while at medical school, with the intent to return? Thanks.
  8. Agreed - probably just like the 727 that landed at Meigs Field.
  9. Bump - Does anyone have experience or knowledge if the Pilot Physician Program is possible for guard flyers and how it would work, if an option? Thanks.
  10. Ultimate Tourist, Do you have any airline guys that fly for your unit part time? I'm curious how a full time airline job would work with being on active duty flying status for 6 months/year, even if you're just a traditional reservist. I'm looking to eventually fly for Continental out of Cleveland (if/when they start hiring again), and applying to the 445th AW which flies C-5s out of WPAFB. Thanks in advance.
  11. Anyone from Maxwell 2 on here want to comment on how things went? I heard there were going to be a few changes/lessons learned from M1... and something about PT getting harder. How'd it go?
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