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  1. waltopfor

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    OSS/ADO in C-130 wing. We are exploring other options due to the AFE AFI change. Part of that was checking up on other MAF AFE processes. Looks like Herks on the minority that still use AFE to arm. Follow on options include SF or self arm. Honestly the last thing I want to do on an early alert is have to go drive somewhere else on base for “support” we are qualified on the weapons and they trust us to fly a multi million $ aircraft. We should all be able to handle a $500 pistol.
  2. waltopfor

    New BAH rates are out.

    LR down $71 for O-4 w/ dependents. Only 18 months left on UPT ADSC.
  3. Would you not then get paid ivolontary sep to walk out the door even earlier than your UPT ADSC? Almost sounds like a golden ticket.
  4. waltopfor

    SOS/ACSC information

    Just finished up a few weeks ago. You're correct in the statements you made. The 1st week was 0800-1700 after that we routine were finished by 1500. Plenty of time to drink and chill, assignments are easy... Require maybe 2 hrs of prep. Reading is a lot if you do it all. Skim it to have something to say so you're not just staring at each other. I had a good flight so made it tolerable. Honestly it was a nice break from the day o day. Plus at 5 weeks I was able to come home current and pick right back up flying the line.
  5. Good read. A much more articulate way of saying many things that are discussed on BODN.
  6. waltopfor

    Base gyms to be open 24/7

    Fair enough. We were only there for a few days, and there were still plenty of sidewalks to run on. Plus we didn't know where to go to get access. That's really the only downside of this that I could see.
  7. waltopfor

    Base gyms to be open 24/7

    Saw a gym like this at KADW the other week. Only problem is if you're TDY you could not get in. I am guessing there is some sort of restriction to home station personnel.
  8. Having a PPL and going through IFS was beneficial. IFS introduces you to the military way of flying. I learned the more about the environment of military flying compared to actual flying skills. However as its been noted in this thread before IFS was the end of the road for many people. If you apply yourself and don't slack in UPT you will be fine.
  9. waltopfor

    RSU comments

    IAEBG= It aint easy being green, a dude in our flight sounded like kermit on the radio.
  10. waltopfor

    Little Rock info

    Yes all J PIQ students go to LRAFB on PCS orders. No per diem but you have all your stuff with you, it works out to being basically a normal assignment as a student, similar to your PCS to Randolph or Pcola.
  11. waltopfor

    Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

    I went through as a cadet from about 7th grade up until I turned 18. I then made the switch to the senior member program, which I havent been too involved with due to college UPT etc. That said I think it is a good program. You have a chance to mentor the next generation, I was amazed by the stories, and knowlege of the leadership in my squadron (mostly vietnam vets) hearing these stories at a younger age definatly pushed me more towards the military. I worked in a ground team squadron so my CAP flying experience is only a couple of cadet orientation flights back in the day. Im glad Im a member and will become more active again now that Im done with the FTU. As far as it being the AF Aux believe it, yearly ORM training, MEO, and other queep all brought to you in an exiting computer lesson, so dont be too suprised. Overall Its been a good experience and helped me get where I am now, and I dont mind having the ability to expose the next generation to aerospace and the military.
  12. waltopfor

    T-44s for Phase III

    No GPS approaches yet for the J. As a T-44a guy in JPIQ I really wish our autopilot had a better operating rate than about 30%, ditto for the FMS. However the skills learned in Corpus really stressed the fundamentals, any aircraft those don't really change its a new set of data entry. I wouldent trade my time at Corpus at all.
  13. waltopfor

    Gun Talk

    Has anyone gone the NFA route while on active duty? With PCS and the form to move an NFA item out of state it seems like it would be pretty hard to do. Or could you just sell your NFA item before a PCS. Talking about title II SBR AOW etc
  14. waltopfor

    C130J (Herc) info

    2 people per class. With us they had another class of two start on the same day. We basically have the same schedule and are moving through the program the same but they are a different class number than ours.
  15. waltopfor

    I Hate Reflective Belts

    19th Airlift Wing AMC unit.