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  1. Did anyone else catch this little tidbit in Stripes?: "the aircraft hit a ground object as it was ascending" I'm curious how many here have done go arounds/aborts/early rotations in the AOR for uncontrolled vehicles/people/troop formations/etc using the runway at all hours? I can think of a dozen-plus incidents I've seen or heard of. Right up there with that sucking feeling after that RPA flashes past you. http://www.stripes.com/news/us/victims-of-c-130-crash-in-afghanistan-identified-1.371654
  2. C'mon, no one here would be irresponsible enough to post the unit, wing, base and perhaps even a photo of the exact tail number, would they?! I'm hoping the families receive notification before seeing it on social media, where it's spreading like wildfire. Sincerest condolences.
  3. Face it - everybody wants a Herk ride! (too soon?)
  4. ....and that was exactly what made my mind up. Watched my OG/CC at his retirement apologize to his family for placing them far down the list for the sake of his career. Talked about trying to make up for lost time. Never forget the dismissive, half-pissed, half-asleep scowl his punkish looking teenage son wore.
  5. Shocked. Had no idea. Great guy with a great sense of humor. Would also appreciate a PM
  6. Looking at their latest newsletter, the good news is that it's unlikely any of them will end up in the military. The repainted rock in question made page 4.... https://www.kappasigmaepsilon.com/attachments/article/48/Spring%202012%20Newsletter.pdf
  7. Never say never or impossible. A check of any random AFRC unit would prove you both wrong. No branch is immune from this kind of crime.
  8. The point is you have no data to support your claim, besides your opinion or impression - meaning "not familiar or not objective". AFRC's structure might have helped to prevent this particular case, but there are lots of senior folks in the AFRC system who never move (just like the ANG), and, in my opinion, as bad if not worse than what you attribute to the ANG. By the way, a quick Google of "Air Force Sex Scandal" is rife with AD cases. Wow, an nonobjective look might attribute that to all the PCS'ing!
  9. Really? Supporting data? C'mon, it's all about metrics, and I'm calling you out on this one!
  10. Not always, though he may have a disadvantage over this one currently flying for UPS. Linky
  11. Agreed. I'm not saying there aren't good flags out there who play by the rules, or a culture where these relatives are afforded lots of slack because someone whispers "Do you know who Lt XXXX is?!" without the flag having any idea. Unfortunately, in several of the cases where "mere mortals" would have been hammered/denied, but a pass was miraculously given, I've seen the fingerprint of a flag. In the service academy example, the furthest this Firstie honor hit ever got to the door was CS-41. Once his Dad realized the Comm wasn't going to "fix this" without intervention, the phone in CW rang. Thusly, the prodigal son arose from the bowels of Sijan, to graduate, on time. Unrelated story - 1995: Squadron going on a phenomenal overseas deployment to a choice location. Borderline back-stabbing to go, since we cant take everyone. Roster is set 2 weeks prior when a brand new 2Lt shows up in squadron, who's Dad is a well-known 3-star at the deployed base. SQ/CC tells me we need to make room for new 2Lt. See, he got a call from Daddy saying how nice it would be to have the new Lt around for a while. We punt good guy/hard worker to make room for 2Lt. Daddy meets 2Lt at airplane, which was great, except 2Lt can't even give a tour because 2Lt is completely unqualified/not on mob status/kind of useless. 2Lt gets in Daddy's car, and we occasionally see 2Lt at the BX, the O'Club, etc... but at work, not so much, since 2Lt isn't qualified to do anything. And the 2Lt could never understand why they got treated like an outsider in the squadron!
  12. Wow! A senior officer used his influence to give a son/daughter an unfair advantage?! Say it isn't so! In the 5 minutes it took to read the article I thought of no less than 4 instances where I have seen a flag officer "influence" the course of a relative's future.... In no particular order: reverse a service academy expulsion for cheating, influence a UPT assignment (x2), influence selection for UPT. I can probably think of about a half-dozen more that were relayed to me by others. I guess they were serious when they said "We need to run this place like a business"!
  13. Got to check out his myspace photos at Air Force Italian. Hopefully that title will help him as he applies for next season of the "Jersey Shore" The only thing I can tell for sure is that he was a maintainer at Langley, did a Kadena deployment with the 27th FS in 07, and probably a RF. Somehow he still had time to crosstrain! Man, one thing pose as a fighter pilot, but a Combat Controller?! That's a pretty dramatic increase in the personal harm risk index!....
  14. 1. ANG is GS. Federal employees that converted to NSPS banding are now converting back. 2. Yes, I believe that's standard across the ANG. 3. You start step 1, and if you're not a complete douchenozzle, a step a year until step 4, then one every 2 yrs until....then one every 3 yrs...until you reach step 10 just before 20. Don't have the exact increments, but you get the picture. 4. No. Civil Service steps are not influenced by your "buy back"
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