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  1. ViperStud

    Robins AFB August 4 IRR Muster Pay ?

    Am I the only one who is a guard guy and thinking this dude is a sycophant?
  2. ViperStud

    Flat Rate Per Deim - Gone

    YMMV. My last 3-monther overseas: 75% lodging was $167/NT and scored a furnished apartment for $70/NT. A little effort was worth $100/day. If applied properly it benefited both govt and member: govt by bypassing hotels that automatically set rate right at perdiem max and members willing to put in some small effort to find a (generally) larger place and pocket some cash Stateside, it didn’t work as well because hotels are smart and set govt rates right at perdiem This rule was great for overseas TDYs though, where hotels give zero fvcks about US military perdiem rates.
  3. ViperStud

    Flat Rate Per Deim - Gone

    This is a bad deal for folks who do long TDYs, especially overseas. I’ve done several OCONUS TDYs where I could procure furnished apartments for half of my 75% allotment - and pocket the rest. I never did understand why there was such uproar over this rule. If you actually understood it, and put in a little effort to find something beyond the Hilton/Marriott, you could really make some coin.
  4. Is this all rumor mill or is there a credible source on record?
  5. ViperStud

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    Meh, I applied for separation mid-July with a separation date of 30 Sep (2.5 months out) and it was approved. Only thing was the VMPF thingy said it needed WG/CC approval if within 6 months. He must have approved. Sep orders in-hand a week later.
  6. The latter happened first, so they turned to the former.
  7. They can't force you to do anything beyond your ADSC, but the choices you're left with may complicate your personal life since you chose to marry an AD chick. I was join spouse for two assignment cycles. The first time, her functional pulled a rabbit out of a hat and matched her to a ground job near me, flying her with a local guard unit (drug deal). The second time, our good deals fell apart due to manning in the Viper world and her lack of IP-ness so we ended up matched to white jets. If they can't get you a job in your MWS near her, they may offer you a white jet near her and try (seems like they've been successful lately) to stick you with the 3-yr ADSC for PIT. You don't HAVE TO take it, you could say no since PCS and/or training ADSC would take you past your UPT commitment. Overwhelmingly when I've seen dudes do this, the AF keeps them at their current assignment for the extra year, often with a 179 or 365 as a "thanks for your service" gift. I've seen a few rare cases where they PCS a dude anyway (to a location that doesn't require re-training/ADSC) and only get the ~1.5 years out of them there. For us Viper dudes, that means Korea. BL - you'd likely end up choosing between (A) staying at your current base and (unless they can delay her PCS) apart from her until you separate, or (B) taking the PIT job and getting stuck with the 3-year ADSC. Footnote - I was one of the lucky ones who got out of the PCS ADSC. When I PCS'd and went to PIT it was contentious but I signed the ADSC paperwork (adding 7 months to my ADSC) based on which battles I chose to fight. When I got to the UPT base, I called the ADSC office at AFPC and put it a magical trouble ticket based on the discussions above. Two weeks later, they whittled back my ADSC to UPT date. Looks like they are not doing that so much, coincidentally the shit has hit the fan with the pilot shortage...likely not a coincidence. Edited to add: ThreeHoler is right - AD was more than fair to me/us when working join spouse stuff. Matching KC-135 and Viper wasn't easy; sounds like your match isn't easy either. That was your choice, not AFPC's.
  8. Guard bonus is better than AD. First and foremost, it’s not an ADSC and can be curtailed if you change your mind. Second, you can sign multiple contracts (newsflash, dollar amounts have been going up, not down). Third, they’re even offering a bonus, albeit smaller, to DSGs who get a full year of MPA. The flexibility far outweighs the negative factor of annual amounts that lag a year behind AD.
  9. ViperStud

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    Incorrect. What, ~3 form rides in IFF? The only ones that get a dedicated form ride in the FTU are internationals. IFF/ FTU syllabi are built on the assumption that UPT taught them basics, like formation. I left Luke back in the day with almost 100 hrs. Punks now leave with <69 hrs. There is no room in the syllabus for re-visiting basics. When they suck at admin the end up on CAP and unable to do basic employment tasks like running FCR/TGP, using visual references to find a bomb wire or executing a valid threat reaction. There is only room on the iceberg for so many penguins. When students spend so many brain bytes on form/admin, they fvck up many other basic tasks. Worst case, they try to do everything, prioritize the wrong things and run jets together. This has happened and will continue to happen. Having an attitude of “these 20+ Dedicated form rides in UPT aren’t critical, they’ll fix that shit in IFF/FTU” shows that you don’t know what the hell you're talkingg about. Get over the butthurt. It’s not about IP ability/aptitude, it’s about IP skillset/experience.
  10. Blame leadership. The GS-13 positions you speak of ate Title 5 non-dual-status jobs. Every time this comes up, leadership shits on the idea because they have “no control” over a Title 5 guy. If he’s not also mil, what happens when he gets fat or acts like civilian who doesn’t give a shit about drill weekends. What happens to a guy you have to pay overtime rather than just put him on orders? BS reasons for sure, but that’s the rhetoric that gets pushed every time this comes up.
  11. ViperStud

    1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    How is it you are burning your mil leave? We have many GS-13s in Userra right now serving as AGRs. As of 1 Jan 2017, we were told that the use of the 120 hrs of mil leave is no longer allowed each year, so our AGRs lost the ability (which had been standard up to that point) to earn a few weeks of GS pay each year by filling out time cards with LM. That’s all been taken away as of last year. What state are you in if you don’t mind my asking?
  12. ViperStud

    1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Are they strictly talking retirees or separated pilots, too? This could be a really attractive option to dudes who get a line number and are within X years of 20 yrs TAFMS, and with it the AD pension. Lets say a dude separates and accrues 16 years TAFMS un the Guard. Maybe they get hired by an airline, finish probation (or not) and volunteer to go back on AD for 4 years to finish up. They’re stupid to limit the target audience to retirees only.
  13. ViperStud

    Moody and the A-29

    Nah, I think it’s definitely a Spec Ops Fighter Pilot thing. Can we even talk about that here?
  14. ViperStud

    Iran Lied . . . No One Is Surprised

    Problem is, we can plan for this all you want but Allah only knows who our president will be then. Get another apologist with weak foreign policy into office and the good old Wrath of God ain’t getting delivered on anyone. If there’s not a solution that can be put into place relatively quickly, expect more of the same BS that got us here in the first place.
  15. ViperStud

    Nellis F-16 Thunderbird Crash

    Him him
  16. ViperStud

    Help with a Divorce

    My bad that was Tank. I always mix you guys up!
  17. From what I can tell a bunch of army dudes call it home and I think some OSW assets were there back in the day. I may be calling it home for a while, anyone have some gouge on what is out there or what to expect?
  18. ViperStud

    Help with a Divorce

    Yeah but I tell stories better. Crawl back into your hole before I share the one about you getting hit by a taxicab in front of the Venetian and limping around the Red Flag building for the next week.
  19. ViperStud

    Help with a Divorce

    Dude in my unit got divorced many years ago and signed away rights to half of his “AD military retirement” in the process. Immediately after the divorce went final, he separated and joined the ANG. He retired as a technician with something like 7298/7300 pts. Ex-box is getting zero. Well played.
  20. ViperStud

    Help with a Divorce

    This. DO NOT fall into the trap of thinking everyone is happy and everything will be all puppies and ice cream, even if you agree on terms. With my ex, we agreed on it all - both worked, left each others' pensions alone, split assets and walked away. That being said, the few grand I spent on a lawyer was one of the best investments I've ever made. Making sure I's are dotted and T's crossed is essential, and a good lawyer is worth his/her weight in gold. They think of assets, liabilities and contingencies you'd never think of. Find one who is ethical, experienced and a bit of a dick. You won't regret it.
  21. This. Sorry Wheels up, but 1M at 42.69 years into the future isn’t the same as 1M now. NPV is real difference. Think I’m full of shit? How about lending me 500K now with the understanding that I’ll give you a cool mil in 42.69 years?
  22. So are they screwing all the DSGs and TRs by forcing a situation where they’ll need to update W-2s after the fact? Will the pay be fixed and updated W-2s sent out in a timely enough manner to file? I had this happen for a pay screw—up by finance and had to refile my return two years after the fact. Way to go, govt.
  23. ViperStud

    F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Challenge accepted. Where’d you hear this? Tucson guys heard the rumor it’s a Kelly thing. I think we may all be getting ahead of ourselves here.
  24. ViperStud

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The dude being referenced was a strike eagle dude, not a tanker guy. He is a full-up retard too. You’re probably thinking about someone else. Fortunately, this asshat was chased into retirement with a few valid IG complaints in tow.
  25. Saw my modest bump first paycheck. ANG dude. I have to admit, with all the (non) support agencies we rightfully bitch about, our finance shop isn’t one of them. They’ve generally been spot-on and I’ve heard very few peeps have pay issues. Now if only some of them would cross-train to Comm...