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  1. R-Dub

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    WTF? Same thing here. Urgent Care visit last week, just got the bill yesterday after a Tricare failure to pay.
  2. R-Dub

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Are the TEFs tied to the gear handle in Raptor?
  3. R-Dub

    Latest Movies

    Pics or it didn’t happen!
  4. In short, no. I want to see what my next assignment is first. I'm working on the best interpretations of the AFI that I can, hence the question. I think talking with the MPF is probably a good idea. Herein lies the problem. My UDM, CC, and my WG/CCE buddy all have a slightly different interpretation to the AFI. Seems like there's more confusion on this topic than I had thought.
  5. Quick question to the masses. My ADSC ends in mid-December. I'm being notified that I may be hot for a deployment with an in-place date in October. The deployment extends past the end of my ADSC. I have not submitted a DOS. If I do get tagged with the deployment, can I then submit a DOS as the deployment would extend past my current ADSC? I can find a reference for retirement processing (AFI 36-3203, Table 2.1), but I'm not having any luck with separations. Thoughts?
  6. R-Dub

    Single Seat or Strike Eagle?

    Compelling argument... Don't get me wrong. If the choice was proceed with or without SEAD with a Blk 50 squadron ready to fight, the choice is easy. I always wanted the support. Libya circa 2011 illustrated very effective F-16/F-15E SEAD/DEAD integration. Like I said, the bros flying the jet are doing great work. I have no doubt they will continue to do great work in the Viper. With that said, if the Blk 50s aren't there, aren't able to support, or are not in enough quantity to be effective, the war goes on. It can't be a surprise to you that platforms perform deep interdiction/MEZ pen routinely without SEAD support (both in training and with a significant amount of recent historical precendence). Even with it, the F-16 is not the only asset in the inventory to provide that capability. But this thread isn't about how great the F-16 and F-15E were in the past. I'm confident the F-16 will be the next fighter on the chopping block to sacrifice for F-35 production, just like the A-10. The F-15E will not (at least in the near term). I know what I would put on my dream sheet if I was concerned about the next twenty years.
  7. R-Dub

    Single Seat or Strike Eagle?

    I'm currently in the single best job in the USAF where I'm current/qualified in the Eagle and the Viper. Complete disclosure, I was a Strike Eagle baby growing up. I agree completely with a lot of this sentiment. There are some sorties, both training and combat, that I'll never forget because of the leathality present with a formation of F-15Es with sound crew coord. However, having a bad day with a bad WSO/poor crew coord is miserable. The crew construct really is a force multiplier; for the good and the bad. A good crew is way better than the equivalent effort of two people. Having a bad crew day makes me feel like I need more than double the effort just to make ends meet. I wish I could articulate how obvious it is to immediately distinguish the difference between the designed mission set of these two aircraft on your first Viper sortie. The Viper with a GE motor on a cold day truly is a rocket ship. I've taken a single-bag jet on a sub-freezing morning with a GE-100 to FL300 on an unrestricted climb. It's a ton of fun! I've never taken the Viper to combat. Having said that, I'm not sure I would ever want to. The jet is a nightmare from a human factors or avionics perspective. The RADAR is a joke. The ability to utilize sensors is still a slave to a 1970s construct that has been completely debunked and remains a complete liability to the airframe. Many of the current DT efforts are an attempt to bring the jet to a level that is, in many ways, equivalent with F-15E Suite 5, let alone Suite 9. Except for Auto ICAS. I wish the F-15C/D/E could get that, if only for risk reduction. In many ways, the Viper jet is a true testament to the dudes flying the jet. There's a ton of compensation required to employ it effectively, and the bros have done an amazing job over the last 25 years making that jet as lethal as it has been. Having said that, there's a reason the USAF is spending $10B to maintain the F-15 fleet through 2050 and replacing the Viper. Pick the jet you would take to war. That's a pretty easy choice for the current COCOMs. Good luck on your decision.
  8. Mind sending that to one more person?
  9. R-Dub

    CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) info

    Have you executed this renewal method? I haven't had much luck getting the right answers at my local FSDO. Is there any paperwork involved? Did you bring any other flight records besides your Form 8?
  10. R-Dub

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You're correct in your assessment of only a few jets. http://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/monographs/2010/RAND_MG797.pdf Exactly right. The 2010 RAND analysis estimated $20B (FY08) to get 75 F-22s. This already ignores the current $1.2B software development and other developmental efforts currently on-going with the aircraft. Not sure where CNN gets $12B for the F-15 efforts (the last I was aware was $10B was approved in FY15 for EPAWSS, common OFP, SLEP, and others), but you get ~450 aircraft (F-15C/D/E) good through 2048. I personally agreed with this decision when it came out due to the cost/benefit and return for the US tax payer, IMHBAO. Edit: I don't spell so good...
  11. Do you guys get the updated numbers off of mypers?
  12. R-Dub

    ADS-B in Military Aircraft

    What in the preliminary report makes you say that ADS-B would have made a difference in this instance? As you've heard, there isn't a push for fighter ADS-B yet. Maybe Congress gets involved and SAF/AQ and the SPOs have to change their tune, but if it was 1 Jan 2020, this accident could have still happened. That Cessna is not that likely to get ADS-B out because there's simply no need for it on the shear overwhelming preponderance of flights for your typical Cessna-150 sortie. I've been hearing this for years now! Those estimates are always incredibly over-inflated! I'm willing to bet a large percentage of GA don't convert to ADS-B out for years after the mandate because they simply won't have a dire need. Just like this incident, the airspace/aircraft utility won't require it. There's plenty of people who will wait to see how the roll-out of the reg change works and waits for the cost/"swamped avionics shops" to normalize. I know I'm in no particular rush. Only my $0.02. Take it for what it's worth.
  13. R-Dub

    ADS-B in Military Aircraft

    Not sure ADS-B is going to solve all of the potential terminal area accidents like this midair. This accident happened in airspace that won't mandate ADS-B in 2020, and most Cessna 150s probably won't have ADS-B upgrades more often than those that do. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but more technology isn't going to make flying low/near congested airspace fail safe or without some inherent risk (although the risk is significantly less). Keep your nuggets on a swivel, all!