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  1. Drinking in uniform/on duty

    Code one Coronas on a Friday used to be a thing, regardless of the 0800 takeoffs. Night go being in the bar when the AM go showed for rally was also a common occurrence. Shit, was this really that long ago?
  2. 'Got Nukes' Patch

    Why don't you guys just get a high res picture and zap it to someone in Korea? Lots patchy patchy real quick.
  3. Classic thread - Good puke stories

    Worth it.
  4. SECDEF Ashton Carter

    The only name and affiliation not (inaudible) is the guy asking the transsexual question? Who's apparently a noted LGBT advocate? WTFO? I know the secretary is a political post, but for shit's sake. "I came here to say thank you". Bullshit.
  5. Latest Movies

    Fix it.
  6. Satellites?

    Holy crap HiFlyer. Tell me you're writing this down somewhere, or at least just rolling around to different squadrons telling stories for beers.
  7. POV Shipping woes

    So we've got 2 POVs we're going to ship back to CONUS here in a few months. Suffice to say all the people moving right now have put me off of using the company the gubment's contracted with. I've dug through the JFTR, but just looking to see if I can double up with a personally contracted company and be reimbursed for the cost of the single car. Similar to personal procurement of tickets. Thanks.
  8. Booze Talk

    Speaking of Speyside scotch, Aberlour's A'bunadh is spectacular. Not sure what it's bringing in the states, but in the UK it's £35. If you can find it, Glenmorrangie has a run called Quinta Ruban that's also reasonable and great. An Irish and more expensive but should be under $100: Yellow Spot. The Green Spot was mentioned earlier in the thread. Google it and go find it. You're welcome.
  9. Flyover/flyby Q&A

    Thanking you, Huggy
  10. Flyover/flyby Q&A

    Do you have a source? Pm me if required for a .mil address.
  11. I think that's the first correct, concise, SA enhancing comm you've added to the forum in a while. -And since you're not rated, SA = situational awareness.
  12. Promotion and PRF Information

    Hush. Line of the AF would do with at least a look to who is included in that definition. Edited to add, I can only speak from my experience and outlook, but if senior leadership can: 1. Quantify combat capability (for purposes of measurement, we can discuss the extent of said capability later..I get that some points could go past unclass but still) and 2. Prove the manning (personning? Did a kitten just get assaulted?) and culture decisions improved that capability, we'll all shut up and either color or get out.
  13. Promotion and PRF Information

    Don't shit on him for that. While it may be an anomaly, it exists. You can't blame a man for appreciating what he has/had and trying to show others that hope is still alive. I've never written my own OPR and my flight at SOS couldn't believe it. But I wasn't ball walking.
  14. National Air Cargo 747 Crash at Bagram

    Easy. My bad for not being clear, I had no intention of recommending running to public health/mental health/ MFLAC/resiliency coordinator/whatever they're calling it now. I meant next time you're in the bar with the bros, mention it. Shit dude, watching the tape a few times has helped folks so if YouTube is it, do that. Just hug your kids and don't let it ###### you up is what I meant. What the ######? I can't say ######? I'm going to talk to someone.
  15. National Air Cargo 747 Crash at Bagram

    Welcome home. Talk to somebody about it. Seriously.