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  1. Thread bump. Never flown Space-A and wanting to try it to get to ETAR. Which east coast base would be my best bet to catch a ride out there? What's the latest system/app for checking itineraries?
  2. Mine has been at DP2ORM7 for 14 days. Escalated the case yesterday.
  3. That seems lightning quick compared to what I've seen recently. Mine has been at AFPC for almost 2 months with a long way to go.
  4. Question from someone hopefully transitioning to the reserves soon regarding this swap out and dwell protection issue: I think I'm tracking that if you volunteer to swap out half way through a deployment, then you're not given dwell protection. Does this mean you're not given ANY dwell protection, or you're just not given the usual 5:1? Does it get bumped down to 2:1/1:1/something else? Also, let's say your KC-135/C-130/whatever unit deploys for 120 days with several 60-day swap outs. Even though you might lose that dwell protection, your unit as a whole would still be afforded the 5:1 dwell and therefore wouldn't be asked to deploy for 2 years, correct? So even though the individuals may not be protected, odds are your unit wouldn't get asked to deploy for a while anyways. Am I applying this correctly? Would you then just be vulnerable for a onesie/twosie staff deployment somewhere?
  5. Mine left the Wing and arrived at the PC office on 3 April. Finally moved from PC to the Assignments team on 17 May. How long from this point were you guys getting a tentative yay or nay?
  6. This is in CMS. Are you guys just calling the Total Force Center for a status check?
  7. Mine left the Wing on 3 Apr and has been sitting with the PC office ever since with no movement. Did the initial PC review usually take this long? I had a buddy submit in Nov, got approval last month, and he showed me his transmittal sheet which showed movement from the initial PC office look within 2 HOURS of getting there.
  8. In my community, staying in the cockpit as an O-5 is very doable, but they're constantly getting blasted with AMD deployments. Our wing gets a handful of O-5 billeted staff deployments every year and our leadership refuses to send any O-5 that's a CC or DO, so the few O-5s in the wing that are not on the command path get them every time.
  9. Good stuff Marc. Read your book cover to cover a few months ago. It helped out a lot and answered a shit ton of questions.
  10. Good luck getting someone to pick up the phone. I did, however, get a response to an email I sent them, albeit 3 days later. But I'll take any human interaction with that office I can get. They're in the global under Randolph>AFPC/DP2XXX (I forgot their 6-digit code but it's in the Palace Chase guide on MyPers.)
  11. I think another factor is today's "everyone's equal" culture propagated through the AF. How is Amn Bagodicks down at Finance going to feel when he finds out pilots are getting $100K a year on top of their normal salaries?
  12. Where does it spell out the correct routing for the PC app? We were just guessing that it should go to the PC office after Wg/CC, but you guys are saying AFPC Separations? @Pretty_Darn_Good @Kitten Mittens
  13. Yep, I check that link daily. For some reason it doesn't match what my vMPF Separations Application status says.
  14. Just get a separate credit card that the wife doesn't know about like the rest of us
  15. I called the Total Force Center but they'll never route me to the PC office. They just write down my questions and put me on hold to ask them. Have a secret code to get through? I specifically asked the "no Sq/CC" question to them a few weeks ago before I submitted, and after putting me on hold she came back and said it shouldn't be a problem, but I don't trust the middle man in this situation.
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