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  1. Good luck getting someone to pick up the phone. I did, however, get a response to an email I sent them, albeit 3 days later. But I'll take any human interaction with that office I can get. They're in the global under Randolph>AFPC/DP2XXX (I forgot their 6-digit code but it's in the Palace Chase guide on MyPers.)
  2. I think another factor is today's "everyone's equal" culture propagated through the AF. How is Amn Bagodicks down at Finance going to feel when he finds out pilots are getting $100K a year on top of their normal salaries?
  3. Where does it spell out the correct routing for the PC app? We were just guessing that it should go to the PC office after Wg/CC, but you guys are saying AFPC Separations? @Pretty_Darn_Good @Kitten Mittens
  4. Yep, I check that link daily. For some reason it doesn't match what my vMPF Separations Application status says.
  5. Just get a separate credit card that the wife doesn't know about like the rest of us
  6. I called the Total Force Center but they'll never route me to the PC office. They just write down my questions and put me on hold to ask them. Have a secret code to get through? I specifically asked the "no Sq/CC" question to them a few weeks ago before I submitted, and after putting me on hold she came back and said it shouldn't be a problem, but I don't trust the middle man in this situation.
  7. I have a non-standard situation. I work directly for the Wing/CC so when I submitted the electronic application, I put my Wing/CC as my supervisor. After I clicked submit, I checked the status and it said "Referred to Sq Commander". I emailed my Wing/CC to see if it's with him, but haven't gotten a response. No one at MPF, AFPC, etc can tell me who it is with right now. So is "Referred to Sq Commander" just the generic name of the first step, or is it sitting in the internet abyss right now? What kind of notification will my Wing/CC get when it gets to him?
  8. That sounds great in theory but we all know this is not how it will go down. The DA will go to his #1 to ensure that his shiny penny goes to IDE and not leave it up to a board where it is out of his hands.
  9. If only anything else in the government worked at the speed at which that video was taken down. To whoever found and deleted that video, if you're reading this, I'd like to double your salary and hire you as full time DTS approver for my Sq. PM me.
  10. So the star of that vid is the O-6 that fired this chick? Trying to put the pieces together here.
  11. I realize I'm justifying this to the wrong audience, but here's what I've found that tells me this might be legal: 1. JTR 020209.A says "a traveler must obtain a rental vehicle through an electronic system when it is available or through the TMC when it is not available". Turo is 100% an electronic system. 2. JTR 020209.B says "a traveler is reimbursed the cost of the authorized or approved rental vehicle". So if I'm authorized a $50 Kia, I should be reimbursed for a $50 Kia, regardless of what I car I get if it is more expensive. 3. JTR Table 2-8 says "If a traveler does not obtain the rental vehicle through a TMC (basically CTO) then reimbursement is limited to what the rental vehicle would have cost if it had been obtained through a TMC". So I should be reimbursed the rate of a compact if I would have gone through CTO. So if I lawyer my way through the JTR, it looks like as long as I: -Get a rental authorized through DTS -Book through the Turo ap separately -Don't exceed the cost of the authorized compact (if I do, I'll be on the hook for the difference) Then I should be able to justify the Turo rental. Leeeeerrrooyyyyyyyyy Jenkkkkiiinnnnsssssssss
  12. I'm basically trying to work it like declining on-base lodging. If Hertz is going to charge me $50/day for a Kia, I'd rather find something with some balls for a little more money and I'll pay the overage. Insurance won't be an issue because Turo covers that, so I'm not sure which AirBnB "fire code" excuse they can pull. The only hangup I can see here is it's different and new, which frightens DTS Nazis.
  13. I thought there was a general TDY thread but I can't find it (if it exists). Has anyone used Turo on a TDY instead of going through a traditional rental car company? If so, have you gotten reimbursed? If I can find a nice car on Turo for the same price as the shitbox Hertz is going to give me, why can't I use Turo instead? For those of you unfamiliar with Turo, it's basically AirBnB for cars.
  14. I'm so glad I'm separating and DGAF about promotion stats anymore. Reading this thread makes me want to kick a puppy. Good luck fellas.
  15. Dumb question after reading this article: If I have a Roth IRA, contribute the max, file jointly with my wife who doesn't work, am I limited to $120K or $189K? It says individuals are limited to $120K but is that individuals filing by themselves, or would it apply to me since the IRA is in my name and I'm the only one earning an income?
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