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  1. I am a new TR with a full-time position at SWA, using SWA health insurance soley, no Tricare. If I need to see Flight Medicine or some other on-base doctor for something that is AF related, how does the insurance work? For instance, I need to be seen for my annual contact lens program examination. Since this is AF specific, do I just book with the on-base optometrist and it is treated as if I am on AD? What about if I needed to get put on a profile for a PFT? I'm just looking for AF specific issues, not a common cold or something where I could go anywhere.
  2. DYS/LR being under the AMC/TACC umbrella is the same as ETAR being under USAFE/603 AMD. It's the same shit with a different name. Do you want to live in Europe and fly airland missions around Europe and Africa while never deploying? Choose ETAR. Do you want to live CONUS and fly airland missions around North, Central, and South America and deploy to Bagram or HDAM? Choose DYS/LR. I can't speak much to Yokota because I've never been stationed there, but insert "airland missions around Asia while never deploying" and there you go.
  3. Actually, I think these numbers have more to do with the airlines than anything. Most former RPA dudes in my community don't have the TT or PIC time required to be competitive at a major, so a lot of them are planning on sticking around for that reason alone. I also know a couple Bone dudes that are in the same boat due to them getting something like 2 hours a month for the past year. I don't know how the Buff and B-2 dudes do with respect to flying hours, but I bet the Bone dudes alone are enough to skew the numbers. Or I could be completely wrong on all this.
  4. You just described my last 2 years of AD. No ragrets.
  5. All I did was tell my ISR what I wanted my new date to be and he updated the 1288 and sent it to AFPC. Didn't seem too cosmic.
  6. Wills was the DLF WG/CC back in 2008ish (years run together since I was there for 5). He seemed like a good dude then and it's good to see he's trying to make it right. I don't necessarily have an issue with his policy, I have a problem with the execution. If this is the new norm, however, where will these extra 11F/Bs come from to fill the cockpits?
  7. So where do you draw the line? If something is responsible for 3000 deaths then it should be a mandatory 1-year sentence? What about 2000? 1000? Since your only piece of evidence is pointing at death statistics, then you have to have some figure in mind. Your mandatory sentence is stupid because you're putting way too much weight/confidence in a breathalyzer or in a cop's judgement to whether or not you're impaired. A lot of crimes are black and white. If you steal something, you're a thief. If you kill someone, you're a murderer. Those are clear cut. But if I have a beer and drive, I am at the mercy at the technology of a breathalyzer or a cop's judgement as to whether or not I will automatically spend a year in prison. Fuck that. If you want to put a mandatory sentence on something, make it black and white.
  8. Driving while tired is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Might as well lock up those tired fucks for a year too. A year for drunk driving? GTFO.
  9. Go fuck your face. The author of that "sob story" is one of my buddies and one of the most patriotic, humble, well-liked dudes I've known in my years in the AF. Not many people here have had assignments cancelled after: signing papers for a house, wife finding a GOOD job, and enrolling kids in school mere days before it starts. I don't care what you've been through, that's tough on anyone. Now, because one GO thinks heavy drivers aren't capable of teaching tac form, he has to do it all over again, but now he gets to pull his kids out of school mid-year and enroll them somewhere else. His post should be something we can all rally around as another feather in the "Big Blue gives zero fucks about us" cap. Most of us in his situation would punch at the soonest opportunity, middle fingers in the air. But knowing the author, he will take the kick in the junk and keep moving forward because he cares about Mother Blue and legitimately wants to fix this cluster fuck and leave it in a better place.
  10. Doesn't matter. With the amount of people turning down school, every alternate and even some not on the alternates list will be going. If you're not punching, and you're not a total shit bag, you're going to school.
  11. Is having a beard worth not getting this position? The people on the board might not give a fuck, but they also might. Why not just remove the doubt and shave for one day?
  12. Impossible. We're either deployed, TDY, or separated. OG/CC would be the only person there.
  13. I know a handful of 11M's that got orders cancelled to T-38 assignments last week because of the previously discussed 2-star's decision. [obligatory]"And they wonder why people are bailing at record rates"[/obligatory]
  14. I'm talking about a week just to in-process and do whatever else I may need to do.
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