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  1. Nice effort, cheesy execution. Excellent job, good overall.

    Flat Rate Per Deim - Gone

    Full rate per diem.
  3. I don't care who's razor it is, just give it to me so I can slit my wrists and be done with this.

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    Of the 10 or so Majors in my sq, two are planning on staying past their commitment, and one of those is a late-rate.
  5. Anything new on this? I'm sure Big Blue would love for the pitchfork crowd to let this fade from their memory.
  6. If a Q3-led in-house requal leads to an ADSC, this will put a huge pressure on pilots, CCs, and evaluators alike. Can you imagine being the evaluator with your hands tied, knowing your decision could potentially affect a pilot's life for years and cost him millions of dollars? I've seen Big Blue do some stupid shit, but this is next level.

    C-47 Crash in Burnet, Texas

    I have about 2 hours of C-47 time logged at cruise (in other words, my expertise is zero), but of the 100+ C-47/DC-3 takeoffs I've seen, I've never seen a takeoff from a 3-point stance. It actually goes to a 2-point fairly early

    The new airline thread

    The thing that I constantly hear about Fed Ex/UPS is the schedule being heavy on night lines and it takes a toll on your body/life. For you cargo dudes, what percentage of lines are overnight?

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    "Hey baby, I could really go for a BJ right now." "Sure thing sweetie. But if I give you a BJ, you have to wash the dishes for the next 10 years." "No thanks." "You're always ranting about wanting a BJ but then you complain when I try to give you a BJ!"
  10. BADFNZ

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    Why the ADSC to 20 years? Big Blue has such a hard on for keeping guys to retirement. How about you open this up and make it a normal 3 year ADSC like most training/career type moves? What if guys want to try this out but don't want to be grasped by the balls for another 6-9 years? If you make it a 3 year ADSC, you may get some takers to stick their toe in the water to see how it feels. If they like it, they may stay to 20 on their own. If they don't, hey at least you got an experienced dude to fly the line for an extra 3 years. I imagine you'll have as many takers for this as you do the return to AD. It was a good idea on paper, but of course the AF has to come in and fuck it up.
  11. BADFNZ

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    WTF is the difference between the OCP and the A2CU?
  12. BADFNZ

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    Interesting. I heard the -130 functional PCS'd to Italy as well.
  13. BADFNZ

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    You mean dudette, right?
  14. BADFNZ

    “Red is the new Green”

    I have no problem adding new requirements...as long as some go away. If they don't, then leadership has to know that crews will go NMR and it's just a cost of doing business. If you have a good DO/CC, they won't be afraid to show red on the slides and hopefully senior leadership has their back and can echo up the chain that these new requirements will have ripple down effects in readiness.
  15. BADFNZ

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Throw in a TAMI22 and you about hit the nail on the head.