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  1. More Uniform Changes!

    Can I get a talk on to where to buy (reg would be helpful too!)...I want the couple of AFSOC guys at my shitty staff job to post up one more F U to the dumpster fire that is our command. We’re also having to wear ABUs due to some additional shenanigary... Cooter...dying on staff
  2. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Endurance, observation, and loiter speed (130 kts). Purpose built. Cooter
  3. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    SHACK! We were on the cusp of going up to KS to get some backseat time as well. Two things that hindered it at the time (2014/15) was lack of data and human-machine interface. You can actually pack more into it than two people could realistically handle. The modular bay can (20x3x3 if I remember) hold weapons, sensors, fuel in a mix if need be. BLOS being what is and the potential opens even more doors, think dudes in a JOC controlling sensors, etc. plus the log chain exists, something like 80%+ parts commonality around the world. NOT my personal choice but it has a lot going for it. Multi-sensor/SIGINT/capably armed...F3EAD in one package. Sells itself...in theory. Whatever the baseline package is add $10M+ for kit...EASILY. Regardless, somebody warm a seat for me... cooter
  4. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    True true true, very fine line. I'm personally butt hurt due to my "staff" time not counting for jack and shit. SO post school I get told it didn't count and get sent to, what I can only equate to an insane asylum. I know what the right person on a staff can do for a community but at the same time, can ID when there's a grosse oversight. Again fine balance...but my current predicament is leaning to the side of lunacy! cooter
  5. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Shame on me....what on earth was I thinking!
  6. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I was hired help at AFSOC A5 ("duties at"...which is another point of contention) but now me and 4 of my recent school grad buddies are all doing BS jobs at a "staff" (quotes intentional). GFM, force disposition, regional country plans, GSOS, general horse buggery, etc...great way to utilize the talent of a group of dudes with 20K+ flight hours (half or more combat I'm sure). We've done maybe a few things that have required any air expertise let alone SOF air expertise. "Is this thing on????" tap tap tap, "hello USAF, you're sending a mixed message!" How bout give us a few LAAR at staff and we'll shop them around to partners of choice (godammit, hate that term) while moving about our AOR. Plus it has the added benefit of me not wanting to swerve my car into oncoming traffic every morning...just sayin'! cooter
  7. Just realize you might be MORE than excited after a dozen deployments, a year of school and two years of staff that you'd do anything to get back to that...literally anything. Be careful what you wish for down the line, those three years combined are enough to make anybody want to suck start a 12-gauge...unless you're ONE of those people. AND yes I do mean YOU people. "Counting down my 13 months to go" Cooter
  8. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Not sure if the delegation of authorities discussion going on right now is support or hinderance to this type of cape. GCCs could clench harder at actually having to make decisions or man up an accept responsibilities for their decisions. Cooter
  9. U-28 reported down IVO CVS

  10. AF Stuck on Denial?

    Preach brother. Just wrote a brief paper on this for CGSC, albeit SOF focused, and even a dummy like me can see the benifits. If only we could convince those above that flying a $100M+ aircraft at $30K+ an hour to kill two dudes in a $20K Hilux is not the best way to do business. Cheaper, persistent, flexible and responsive...not sure where the rub is (check sarcasm detector) Cooter
  11. Homestead ARB/SOCSOUTH Info

    Forgot about him moving down there, yeah would appreciate it. Cooter
  12. Looks like I may be heading to SOCSOUTH post CGSC and was wondering if anyone has current info on where to live and any other pertinent info. Crime I see as the big issue around Homstead and the Miami area in general. Kendall (south Miami) seems to be one area but most stuff points towards gated/patrolled neighborhoods. Thanks for any info. Cooter
  13. Not So Stealthy Son of A-10

    Agree 100%. My fight was the MC-12 vs U-28...handing off to a good dude in 30 days. His fight will be ISR next and light strike (hopefully). No more Staff for this guy! Cooter
  14. Bentleys for Bombing

    I like how I have to justify my existence every week...and then see it not even get sent up because it wasn't "top level material." THEN STOP ASKING! T - 32 days of staff remaining... Cooter