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  1. PM sent
  2. Just finished ACIQ in the -17(requal but no requal class available so I jumped on an ACIQ course). Finished 3 days behind on Friday. 4 month course. I was the exception and like FUZZ said most classes are about a month + behind due to the reasons he stated.
  3. I was an 11M and 11U that was medically DQ'd (trying to come back, very LONG road). Crossed over to Logistics and now owned by Logistics functional. I've been in Logistics for just under a year now.
  4. HA, glad I just sold my house there!
  5. 2 on Elton! Glad I left Clovistan when I did.
  6. I still had 3 years left. My Sq/CC told me that even though I'm medically unqualified to fly anymore, AFPC says I'm able to fill other positions. I read that as Staff.
  7. I just heard back from the guard unit I was going to. They want me to reapply again after the 120 day period. Not sure I'll get a different answer though.
  8. A little more complicated than fogging the mirror. Its the meds I have to take that have me permanently DQ'd.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm DQ'd from RPA's. Currently in an RPA Sq.
  10. Wow, Palace Chase denied. Permanently Dq'd from flying and still denied.
  11. I applied Jan 4th. Mines at SAF as well. It's been there for past week.
  12. Overseas gig. One of those right place right time situations. Not a long term job but a perfect for right this moment deal. Still very much up in the air as my application is now at the SAF level and I don't have any definitive dates yet.
  13. Thanks Huey for the timeline and flow input. Mine just left DPAOC3 actions and back to DPAOC actions so hopefully that means its on its way to the SAF soon.
  14. Gotcha. Thanks. Well hopefully they don't take 12 weeks on mine. That will kill my job offer (training start dates are before that and not adjustable).